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We’re in Round 7, so let’s take a look at some of our top Duelists!

September 23rd, 2012

Round 7 Round-Up!

We’re in Round 7, so let’s take a look at who’s near the top!

At Table 3, Anthony Eckroth defeated Daniel Carton in a Wind-Up mirror match

Anthony started off with a first turn Number 16: Shock Master! Daniel was able to take it down right away, but Anthony’s Wind-Up Factory kept giving him enough free cards to let him take the Duel from there.

Daniel paid him back in the next Duel by starting with his own first turn Shock Master! Shock Master locked Anthony down right away, and he couldn’t get out from under its influence.

The third Duel was defined by a perfectly timed Tragoedia. Anthony used it to steal Daniel’s Thunder King Rai-Oh! Daniel was ready to fight back with Tour Guide From the Underworld, but Anthony used Effect Veiler! Daniel played Torrential Tribute to get Tour Guide away from Veiler’s influence and also clear the field, but Anthony stopped Torrential with My Body as a Shield!

At Table 4, Billy Brake’s Inzektors defeated Matthew Wright’s Wind-Ups

Matthew was simply setting back row cards and passing, with no real plays. Billy summoned an Inzektor Centipede, and it was hit by Solemn Warning. He followed that with an Inzektor Ladybug equipped with Inzektor Giga-Mantis, and spent the next few turns just attacking with Ladybug repeatedly! When Matthew finally drew into a Wind-Up Rat to make a move, Billy used his Effect Veiler to shut Matthew down.

At Table 7, William Erker’s Psychics defeated Joseph Presnell’s Wind-Ups

Joseph started off with a pair of Wind-Up Rabbits. William used a Card Trooper multiple times thanks to Call of the Haunted, but he wasn’t getting anything to put together his Synchro or Xyz plays. William was able to counter a Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity play with Compulsory Evacuation Device, but Joseph pushed through again next turn.

Duel 2 gave Joseph an opening hand of 3 Maxx “C”! He also had Mind Control and Dark Hole, but William gave him no opportunities to use any of his Maxx “C”, and Joseph simply couldn’t make any sort of offense.

For Duel 3, each Duelist was stuck behind the other’s lockdown cards. William was safe behind a Gozen Match, preventing all of Joseeph’s usual tricks. Joseph had Messenger of Peace, keeping William from doing any damage. William was able to attack directly many times with Card Trooper though, by only using its effect to put it to 1400 ATK. When Joseph finally got a Mystical Space Typhoon to take care of Gozen Match, William actually had a second copy. He was able to bluff that he didn’t have it by using a Needle Ceiling first, and the bluff worked. Joseph chose not to pay for his Messenger of Peace, and when he attempted to explode with his Wind-Ups, William blocked him with the second Gozen Match! With Messenger of Peace out of the way now, William was finally able to finish him off.

At Table 15, Jeremy Gosnell’s Chaos Dragons defeat Matthew Chasteen’s Wind-Ups

Jeremy’s Deck was favoring him this Duel! He started with Solar Recharge, which gave him Allure of Darkness, which then gave him Pot of Duality, which in turn gave him Gold Sarcophagus, which finally let him search out Heavy Storm! He then Set a monster, a secret tech choice for today’s tournament.

Matt started with Tour Guide From the Underworld. Jeremy had an Effect Veiler in his hand, but he chose to wait to use it. Matt summoned another Tour Guide, then Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, which got Jeremy to play the Veiler (Normally it’d be nice to leave a weak Tour Guide on the field with Veiler, but thanks to the new Forbidden & Limited List, Wind-Up Duelists only have one copy of Zenmaity. Jeremy knew he wanted to get it out of the way, so he let Matt continue his play a bit further). Matt continued, attacking with Zenmaity into the super secret card Jeremy had Set before: Gravekeeper’s Spy! It summoned a Gravekeeper’s Guard from his Deck. Next turn he used them to Xyz Summon Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, which crashed into Zenmaity and survived thanks to its effect.  A turn later Jeremy got his Heavy Storm back from Gold Sarcophagus, and despite a Solemn Judgment, pushed through Matt’s back row cards to take the win.