YCS First-Timers!

September 22nd, 2012

Welcome to another YCS tournament! 837 Duelists are competing this weekend, but not all of them are tournament veterans. Take a look at some of the Duelists in attendance who have never entered a YCS tournament before!

11-year-old Jordan Hamby is an Indianapolis local competing in his first-ever YCS tournament! He’s using a Dragon Deck that Summons some of his favorite Xyz Monsters: Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Grenosaurus, and Number 39: Utopia! When I asked Jordan what he thought about the size of the tournament, he answered, “I expected it to be a little bit smaller. I didn’t know there would be this much people in the tournament!” Jordan is looking forward to his first Duel of the YCS more than anything else this weekend. Take a look at Jordan holding up his favorite monster in his Dragon Deck: his Ghost Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which he’s hoping will bring him victory in his Duels!


First-Timer Jordan Hamby1 


Isaac Ullom is a 10-year-old local competing in his first ever tournament! He Duels against Jordan Hamby, his neighbor and friend, back at home; but he has never competed in a tournament of this size! Like Jordan, Isaac is looking forward to his first Duel of the tournament. Isaac’s favorite monster is Elemental HERO Neos, and he’s hoping it’ll help him throughout the weekend. Check out Isaac holding it up!


 First-Timer Isaac Ullom2


Ian McCandlish is 12 years old and is using a Dragunity Deck in this weekend’s tournament! He took a 3 hour drive from Ohio to get to his first YCS, and is excited for a weekend full of Dueling! When I asked him what he’s looking forward to most, he answered, “I’m looking forward to battling people! It’s fun!” Ian’s favorite monster in his Deck is Dragunity Arma Leyvaten. Here’s a picture of Ian holding it up!


 First-Timer Ian McCandlish3


11-year-old Dastan Haghnazari came here with Ian McCandlish, his friend from school. Dastan Duels against Ian back at home, and both of them helped one another practice for the tournament. Ian admits that Dastan usually beats him when they Duel. “But he’s pretty good with the Dragunity cards,” Dastan added.  Dastan in the main YCS tournament, but he’s looking forward to the Dragon Duel most of all. He’s using a Gladiator Beast Deck this weekend, featuring his favorite card, Gladiator Beast Heraklinos! Take a look at him holding it up!


 First-Timer Dastan Haghnazari4


Will the winner of YCS Indianapolis be a veteran Duelist, or a YCS first-timer? Find out as the tournament continues!