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Dragon Duel Day 2 Final: Benton Qiu vs. Giovanna Calderon

October 21st, 2012

We’ve got more up-and-coming Duelists for Day 2’s Dragon Duel today! Benton took third place in yesterday’s Dragon Duel tournament, while Giovanna took fourth place in a Dragon Duel tournament during YCS Indianapolis! This is going to be a great match!

Qiu began by discarding Gravekeeper’s Commandant! He added Necrovalley to his hand, Set a monster, Set a back row card, then played Royal Tribute! Calderon lost Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Benton lost Maxx “C” while revealing a Torrential Tribute. He Set that too.

Calderon started with Dark Bribe, Torrential Tribute, Gemini Spark, Super Polymerization, and Mystical Space Typhoon. She Set Torrential Tribute and Bribe, then destroyed Necrovalley with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Qiu played another Necrovalley, and Calderon negated it with Dark Bribe! Qiu Set the monster he drew from Bribe.

Calderon drew and Set Dimensional Prison.

Qiu Flip Summoned Gravekeeper’s Spy, Special Summoning Gravekeeper’s Recruiter from his Deck. Calderon responded to that with Torrential Tribute! Recruiter added another Recruiter to Qiu’s hand.

Calderon drew and Set Starlight Road.

Qiu played Pot of Duality, revealing Fiendish Chain, Malefic Stardust Dragon, and Maxx “C”. He chose to keep Chain. He Set a third back row and passed.

Calderon drew Mystical Space Typhoon. She Set it.

Qiu played his third Necrovalley, losing it to Calderon’s Mystical Space Typhoon! Qiu Flip Summoned Spy, Summoning Gravekeeper’s Descendant from his Deck. He Normal Summoned Recruiter, then Descendant Tributed Recruiter to destroy Dimensional Prison. Recruiter gave him Commandant. Spy attacked directly, then Descendant did the same. In Main Phase 2, he stacked them for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn!

Calderon drew Compulsory Evacuation Device and Set it.

Qiu Normal Summoned Commandant. He turned Maestroke to attack position, but it was returned to the Extra Deck when it attacked, thanks to Calderon’s Evacuation Device. Commandant attacked directly.

Calderon drew Gemini Spark and Set it.

Qiu attacked directly with Commandant again.

Calderon finally drew a HERO: Elemental HERO Neos Alius! She Normal Summoned it, but Qiu negated its Summon with Solemn Warning! She Set Super Polymerization.

Qiu activated Gravekeeper’s Stele, returning Spy and Descendant to his hand. He Normal Summoned Descendant and attacked with both of his monsters to claim the first Duel!

Benton Qiu controls the field despite losing all copies of Necrovalley, as Giovanna Calderon can’t get any monsters going!

Duel 2

Calderon started with Elemental HERO Bubbleman, Elemental HERO Neos Alius, Gemini Spark, Mystical Space Typhoon, Royal Decree, and Starlight Road. She Set Decree, Spark, and Road, then Normal Summoned Neos Alius.

Qiu discarded Commandant to add Necrovalley to his hand. He activated it, and Calderon destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon. Qiu Set a monster and two back row cards.

Calderon drew Super Polymerization. She Set it, then Special Summoned Bubbleman. She flipped over Royal Decree, then Xyz Summoned Blade Armor Ninja! She detached Neos Alius to allow her Ninja to attack twice. It destroyed Qiu’s Recruiter in battle, which gave him Commandant in his hand. The Ninja attacked directly after that.

Qiu activated Necrovalley. He Set a monster and passed.

Calderon drew Miracle Fusion. She detached Bubbleman so Blade Armor Ninja could attack twice, and it destroyed Commandant in battle. It attacked directly as well, dropping Qiu to 3600 Life Points. Calderon still had her full 8000. (She could not activate Miracle Fusion due to Necrovalley)

Qiu Set a monster.

Calderon drew Bottomless Trap Hole. She Set it, then attacked into Qiu’s face-down Spy with Blade Armor Ninja. Spy Special Summoned Recruiter from his Deck. Spy survived thanks to Necrovalley’s 500 DEF boost.

Qiu Normal Summoned Descendant and had it destroy Blade Armor Ninja by Tributing Recruiter. Recruiter searched out another Recruiter. Spy switched to attack position, then Spy and Descendant attacked directly. He stacked them in Main Phase 2 for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn.

Calderon drew Dark Hole. She passed.

Qiu switched Maestroke to attack position, then Normal Summoned Recruiter. Both monsters attacked directly, dropping Calderon down to 500 Life Points!

Calderon drew… Neos Alius! She Normal Summoned it, then Tributed it with Gemini Spark to destroy Necrovalley! Spark gave her E – Emergency Call. She played Dark Hole next, destroying Recruiter and taking a material off of Maestroke. Recruiter put Descendant into Qiu’s hand. With Necrovalley gone now, Calderon was free to activate Miracle Fusion! She banished Bubbleman and Neos Alius to Summon Elemental HERO The Shining! The Shining attacked Maestroke for 1000 damage, taking away its last material.

Qiu activated his last Necrovalley and Set a monster.

Calderon drew another E – Emergency Call! She activated both, getting Bubbleman and Neos Alius to her hand. She Normal Summoned Neos Alius and Special Summoned Bubbleman, then stacked them for Photon Papilloperative! She detached Bubbleman from Papilloperative to turn Qiu’s Spy face-up, and it brought Commandant to the field. It didn’t matter though, as Calderon safely attacked Spy with The Shining, thanks to her Royal Decree!

Giovanna Calderon wins a heart-poundingly close Duel, despite having a bunch of Trap Cards along with Royal Decree!

Duel 3

Qiu played Necrovalley, Set three back row cards, and Set a monster.

Calderon began the final Duel with Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, Super Polymerization, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Royal Decree, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. She played Heavy Storm but Qiu had Starlight Road! He Special Summoned Stardust Dragon. Calderon Set Decree, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.

Qiu attacked with Stardust Dragon, losing it to Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Calderon drew and Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Qiu flipped up Recruiter and attacked directly. Calderon activated Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.

Calderon drew Miracle Fusion. 

Qiu attacked with Recruiter again.

Calderon drew Dimensional Prison. She Set it.

Qiu’s Recruiter attacked into the Prison next turn.

Calderon drew Thunder King Rai-Oh. She Summoned it, and Qiu bound it with Fiendish Chain. Calderon tried to negate Chain with Royal Decree, but Qiu destroyed that with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Qiu Set a back row card.

Calderon drew Gemini Spark. She Set Solemn Judgment.

Qiu Set a fourth face-down back row card, along with the Fiendish Chain still attached to Rai-Oh.

Calderon drew and Set Dark Bribe.

Qiu tried to destroy Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror with Mystical Space Typhoon, but Calderon negated it with Bribe. Qiu continued by Normal Summoning Recruiter, and Calderon banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole (Its ATK was boosted by Necrovalley). Qiu finished by playing Prohibition, declaring Elemental HERO Neos Alius.

Calderon drew… Neos Alius! She passed.

Qiu passed.

Calderon drew E – Emergency Call and used it to add Elemental HERO Stratos to her hand. She Normal Summoned it, and Qiu played Fiendish Chain on it. Since Stratos and Rai-Oh both were useless thanks to Fiendish Chains, Calderon continued by using them to Xyz Summon Heroic Champion – Excalibur! It detached its materials to go up to 4000 ATK! Excalibur attacked directly. When Qiu tried to play Mirror Force, and Calderon finally activated her Solemn Judgment! Qiu now had 4000 Life Points, Calderon had 2300.

Qiu played Pot of Duality. He chose to take Recruiter, shuffling Descendant and Necrovalley back into his Deck. He Set a monster and a back row card.

Calderon drew Solemn Warning. She Set it, then Excalibur attacked Recruiter. Recruiter survived since it had 2000 DEF, thanks to Necrovalley.

Qiu played another Recruiter, then stacked them for Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, and Calderon played Solemn Warning to negate its Summon. Qiu played Gravekeeper’s Stele to add both Recruiters back to his hand.

Calderon drew Reinforcement of the Army! She searched out Bubbleman, since she was still locked out of a Neos Alius by Prohibition. She Summoned it, and Qiu played Torrential Tribute. Calderon responded with Super Polymerization – she fused Excalibur with Bubbleman, bringing out The Shining, then it was destroyed by Torrential Tribute.

Qiu played Recruiter, and it attacked directly to end the Match!

Benton Qiu is today’s Dragon Duel Champion!