Pegasus Ultimate Challenge – The Rules

October 21st, 2012

One of the coolest events of the weekend is the Pegasus Ultimate Challenge.  Voice actor Darren Dunstan – the voice of Maximillion Pegasus – presided over this four-round Swiss Advanced Format competition, bringing Pegasus’ unique brand of devious meddling to over a hundred competitors!  Duelists who could run the gauntlet and complete all four Swiss Rounds undefeated had the chance to walk away with awesome Pegasus Challenge swag and a whopping forty Turbo Packs: five from each Turbo Pack series!  How hard could four rounds be?


…Well remember, the Pegasus Ultimate Challenge was no ordinary tournament.  Every few minutes, the voice of Pegasus would issue a new rule that would affect every Duel in the competition!  Monsters could be destroyed without warning or reason; face-downs could be flipped, and cards revealed; and your entire hand could become useless at the drop of a hat!  Of course, Pegasus’ unique sense of humor was a big factor: sometimes the rules were just there to amuse the tournament’s host. 



Curious?  Check out the complete list of Pegasus’ decrees!  This is what Duelists had to overcome to win the Ultimate Challenge!


-All players reveal the top card of their deck.  You may play that card immediately, starting with the turn player.


-Both players play with their hands revealed.


-Destroy all monsters with five or more stars.


-Everyone discard a random card from their hand.


-Everyone stop and introduce yourself to the person sitting on your right.


-Lose 500 LP for each Spell and Trap Card you control.


-Shuffle your hand into your deck and then draw that many cards.


-Swap LP with your opponent.


-Destroy all monsters with 1500 or less ATK.


-If you had a card destroyed this turn, you may destroy one of your opponent’s cards.


-Players cannot activate Spell Cards.  (They could activate their effects.)


-Remove all cards in all graveyard from the game.


-Switch the ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field.


-Turn your deck over and then draw from the new top of the deck.


-You cannot attack unless you say “Yu-Gi-Oh!”


-All monsters become Normal Monsters with no effects.


-Destroy all cards on the field.


-Destroy all monsters.


-Destroy all Spell and Trap Cards.


-Destroy all face-up Xyz Monsters.


-Discard your hand and then draw that many cards.


-Everyone draw the bottom card of their Deck.


-If you have less LP than your opponent, Special Summon one monster from your hand to the field, ignore all Summoning conditions.


pegasus observing


-Players cannot activate Trap Cards.  (They could activate their effects.)


-Shuffle your Graveyard into your Deck and then put the top 15 cards of your Deck into the Graveyard.


-You must sing your Battle Phase.


-Destroy all Continuous Spell and Trap Cards.


-Destroy all monsters with 1500 or more ATK.


-Destroy all monsters with 4 or less Levels.


-No monsters can be face-down, flip all face-down monsters to face up and their flip effects are negated.


-Shuffle your Side Deck and then draw from that instead of your Main Deck.


-Swap monsters with your opponent.  All of them.


-Turn all monsters face-down.


-You can only activate cards on your turn.


-You can only play monsters with an ATK of 1600 or higher.


pegasus again


With more than thirty special rules, the entire shape of the tournament was transformed over and over at the whims of Pegasus himself!  There’s never been an event like this before, and who knows when – or if – Pegasus will ever emerge from the shadows like this again.  One thing’s clear: you don’t need a Millennium Eye to see that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Nobody here at YCS Providence will ever forget it!