Prepare to Duel!

October 20th, 2012

It’s still early in the morning, but the Duelists can’t wait to compete! The tournament hall is virtually empty, but the excitement and anticipation of the tournament are widespread throughout the entire convention center!


The Duelists haven't entered the room yet 

Once the Duelists are here, they’ll see all sorts of exciting new features for the weekend.


For example, any Duelist who visits the Token booth will be able to get a Token of himself or herself.


Go here to make a Token 

There are lots of different backgrounds to choose from for each Token.


Choose your Token 

The tournament hasn’t started, but once it does, the Duelists will be sure to crowd the pairings board to find out who they’re Dueling against.


It's too early for pairings


And at the start of each round, spectators will want to watch our Featured Matches at the Feature Match stage.


Feature Match Stage 

Notice those seven microphones? They’ll come in handy when the voice actors Duel later on.

Duelists will be able to watch each Featured Duel on the Feature Match Screen, too.


Feature Match Screen 

But for now, the Duelists who haven’t pre-registered still need to register.


It's time to register! 

Take a look at the line, and prepare to Duel!