Quick Questions – The New Atlanteans!

October 20th, 2012

With the Rise of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck legal for this tournament, a surprising number of Duelists are playing Atlanteans here this weekend – even without the new Atlantean power cards from next month’s Abyss Rising.  With so much undersea enthusiasm this weekend, we asked a spread of competitors…  What’s your favorite new Atlantean monster from the Rise of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck?


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -TJ Hiles, Millville NJ


“Atlantean Dragoons.”  -Robbie Kohl, Anburn IN


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -Christine Tsin, Pittsburgh CA


“Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon.”  -Malinda Mathis, Chicago IL


“Atlantean Marksman.” -Eric Solomon, Cleveland OH


“Atlantean Dragoons.”  -Jesse Kotton, Toronto Ontario


“Atlantean Dragoons.”  -Anthony Borkonsi, Jersey City NJ


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -Joseph Molton, Fairfax VA


“Everything but Poseidra!  Brionac was Forbidden for a reason!”  -Earl Allen, Tewksbury MA


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -John Masclko, Philadelphia PA


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -Adam Ginsberg, Philadelphia PA


“Atlantean Marksman.”  -Frazier Smith, Philadelphia PA