Quick Questions – Unleashing The Seal

October 20th, 2012

This is the first YCS tournament in Dueling history where The Seal of Orichalcos is legal for mortals to command!  Want to know where Duelists are playing it?  We did!  So we took to the tournament floor to ask, where’s your favorite place to play The Seal of Orichalcos?


“Malefics!” -TJ Hiles, Millville NJ


“Stun.”  -Robbie Kohl, Anburn IN


“A Yami Yugi or a Dartz Deck?”  -Christine Tsin, Pittsburgh CA


“Probably a Yugi-themed Deck.”  -Malinda Mathis, Chicago IL


“Anti-Meta, my friend is using The Seal in his version of the Deck.”  -Earl Allen, Tewksbury MA


“T.G. Stun, combined with Horn of the Phantom Beast you have huge monsters.”  -Eric Solomon, Cleveland OH


“Malefics.”  -Jesse Kotton, Toronto Ontario


“Six Samurai.”  -Anthony Borkonsi, Jersey City NJ


“The ‘hunder family from Return of the Duelist!”  -Joseph Molton, Fairfax VA


“Gadgets.”  -Adam Ginsberg, Philadelphia PA


“There’s a Deck my friend Sean McCabe built, with nine monsters and many traps.  It’s Wind-Up Rabbit, Elemental HERO Wildheart, and Tenkabito Shien.”  -Frazier Smith, Philadelphia PA