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Quick Questions – Voice Actor Autographs!

October 20th, 2012

One of the coolest attractions at this weekend’s charity event are a series of autograph sessions, where fans can get cards, playmats, and more signed by the voices of some of their all-time favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters.  With long lines wrapping through the Rhode Island Convention Center this weekend, we hit the hallways to ask, which voice actor do you most want an autograph from?


“Erica Shroeder.”  -TJ Hiles, Millville NJ


“Dan Green!”  -Christine Tsin, Pittsburgh CA


“Wayne Grayson.”  -Anthony Borkonsi, Jersey City NJ


“Darren Dunstan.”  -Jesse Kotton, Toronto Ontario


“Erica Shroeder.”  -Robbie Kohl, Anburn IN


“Dan Green.  He needs to come to more events!”  -Malinda Mathis, Chicago IL


“Erica Shroeder.  I’d have her autograph my entire Amazon Deck if I could!”  -Earl Allen, Tewksbury MA


“Greg Abbey.” -Eric Solomon, Cleveland OH


“Dan Green.”  -Adam Ginsberg, Philadelphia PA


“Wayne Grayson.”  -Joseph Molton, Fairfax VA


“Dan Green.”  -Frazier Smith, Philadelphia PA


“All of them!”  -John Masclko, Philadelphia PA