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Quick Questions – Who Will Win The 3-on-2?

October 20th, 2012

 We just saw a huge Scripted Duel play out today between voice actors Erica Shroeder and Greg Abbey, as Akiza and Yusei Fudo.  But tomorrow will be even bigger!  Sunday’s 3-on-2 Duel will feature Pegasus and Bakura up against Yugi, Joey, and Mai Valentine.  Which begs the question… Who do YOU think will win the 3-on-2 Scripted Duel?!?


“Pegasus and Bakura.”  -TJ Hiles, Millville NJ


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai.”  -Robbie Kohl, Anburn IN


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai.  I mean, they have Yugi on their side!  They can’t possibly lose!”  -Earl Allen, Tewksbury MA


“Pegasus and Bakura.”  -Anthony Borkonsi, Jersey City NJ


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai.”  -Christine Tsin, Pittsburgh CA


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai.”  -Malinda Mathis, Chicago IL


“Pegasus and Bakura.”  -Eric Solomon, Cleveland OH


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai!”  -Jesse Kotton, Toronto Ontario


“Team Yugi, handsdown!”  -Karl Milton, Fairfax VA


“Yugi, Joey, and Mai.”  -John Masclko, Philadelphia PA


“Definitely Yugi, Joey, and Mai.”  -Adam Ginsberg, Philadelphia PA


“Pegasus and Bakura.”  -Frazier Smith, Philadelphia PA


Team Yugi are clearly the crowd-favorite, but could we be in for an evil upset?!  Check back with us tomorrow afternoon to find out!