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Round 1 Feature Match: Anthony Saurini vs. Hao Nguyen

October 20th, 2012

Welcome to Round 1 of YCS Providence! To start things off, we’re showing off some brand new strategies. Anthony Saurini came from with his innovative Atlantean HERO Deck! He’s facing off against Hao Nguyen from Philidelphia, using Wind-Ups!

Duel 1

Saurini began the tournament with an opening hand of Atlantean Heavy Infantry, Pot of Duality, Reinforcement of the Army, Genex Undine, Genex Controller, and Elemental HERO Ice Edge. He used Reinforcement to get Elemental HERO Stratos from his Deck and Normal Summoned it. Stratos added an Ice Edge from his Deck to his hand. He followed with Duality revealing another Duality, Atlantean Dragoons, and Genex Undine. He took Dragoons.

Nguyen began by Normal Summoning Wind-Up Magician. Then, he Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark, and Magician Special Summoned another Magician. Shark became Level 3, and the new Magician brought out Wind-Up Rat in defense position. He overlayed both Magicians for Photon Papilloperative, then detached a Magician to turn Rat to attack position. Rat revived Magician, and Rat and Shark were overlayed for Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, which Special Summoned another Rat. Magician Special Summoned Shark from his Deck. Shark and Magician were overlayed for Number 39: Utopia. Rat revived Shark, which in turn became Level 3. Shark and Rat were overlayed for Number 20: Giga-Brilliant. It detached Shark to boost all of Nguyen’s monsters. Nguyen played Monster Reborn to revive Shark, and finally entered his Battle Phase! Utopia destroyed Stratos, and Saurini picked up his cards when he realized he couldn’t survive the onslaught!

Hao Nguyen overcomes Anthony Saurini’s all-monster hand on his first turn! The Duelists quickly picked up their side decks.



Duel 2

Saurini started off the second Duel with Miracle Fusion, Deep Sea Diva, Genex Controller, Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, Atlantean Heavy Infantry, and Effect Veiler. He Set Infantry.

Nguyen Set a monster.

Saurini drew and played Allure of Darkness, drawing Salvage and another Diva. He banished Genex Controller to complete Allure’s effect. He summoned Diva, and it Special Summoned Atlantean Marksman from his Deck. He Flip Summoned his Infantry, which allowed him to Normal Summon his other Diva! It brought another Marksman to the field. He tuned Diva to Marksman and Infantry to Synchro Summon Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! Then, he played Salvage to return Diva and Marksman to his hand. He activated Gungnir, discarding Marksman to destroy Nguyen’s Set Wind-Up Magician. He entered his Battle Phase: Diva attacked directly, then Marksman. Marksman brought Atlantean Dragoons to the field. Dragoons attacked, then finally Gungnir. Nguyen had 2100 Life Points remaining. In Main Phase 2, he tuned Diva to Dragoons for Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier! Dewloren returned Marksman to Saurini’s hand.

Nguyen cleared the field with Dark Hole, then stole Gungnir with Monster Reborn! It attacked directly, and Nguyen Set one card to his back row. After some thought, he activated Prohibition, declaring Atlantean Marksman.

Saurini drew Ice Edge. He Normal Summoned Diva, and it Special Summoned Atlantean Attack Squad from his Deck. He used them to Synchro Summon Ally of Justice Catastor, but Nguyen banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole.

Nguyen summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Saurini negated its effect with his Effect Veiler. Tour Guide and Gungnir attacked directly, and Nguyen Set a back row card. Saurini only had 2000 Life Points left.

Saurini drew Spiritual Water Art – Aoi. He Normal Summoned Ice Edge, then played Miracle Fusion! He banished Ice Edge from his field and Dragoons from his Graveyard to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Absolute Zero! Absolute Zero destroyed Tour Guide, and he Set Aoi.

Nguyen thought for a long time, clearly troubled by Absolute Zero’s presence. He flipped up Heavy Storm, and Saurini Chained Aoi! He tribute Absolute Zero to look at Nguyen’s hand of Wind-Up Rat and Wind-Up Shark. He discarded Rat. Then, Absolute Zero destroyed Gungnir! Nguyen summoned Shark and attacked, dropping Saurini to 500.

Saurini drew Dark Hole and had it blow away Shark, then Marksman attacked directly to finish the Duel!

Anthony Saurini evens the score with a devastating Aoi-Zero combo! We’re moving to a third Duel!




Duel 3

Nguyen started by Normal Summoning Wind-Up Rabbit and setting a card to his back row.

Saurini began the last Duel with a hand of Effect Veiler, Undine, Ice Edge, Tragoedia, Aoi, and Reinforcement of the Army. He Normal Summoned Undine, sending Atlantean Dragoons to the Graveyard to get Genex Controller. Dragoons then put Deep Sea Diva into his hand. He Set Aoi, losing it to Nguyen’s Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

Nguyen Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh. It attacked Undine, and Saurini played Tragoedia! Nguyen Set a back row.

Saurini drew Pot of Avarice. He sent his 3000 ATK Tragoedia to destroy Rai-Oh.

Nguyen activated Dark Hole and banished his Rabbit to save it. He summoned another Rabbit and attacked directly.

Saurini drew Maxx “C”. He Normal Summoned Diva, which brought Marksman to the field. Marksman collided with Wind-Up Rabbit, and both monsters were destroyed. Diva attacked directly.

Nguyen returned his other Rabbit to play, then Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat. It activated its effect, targeting Rabbit, and Saurini Chained Maxx “C”! Rabbit was summoned in defense position, and Saurini drew Marksman. One of the Rabbits banished Rat, then attacked directly.

Saurini drew another Diva. He Summoned it, and brought Atlantean Heavy Infantry from his Deck. Infantry gave him another Summon, and Saurini used it to play Marksman. He played Pot of Avarice, returning everything but Tragoedia to his Deck to draw Maxx “C” and Genex Undine. Then, he tuned Diva to Infantry and Marksman to summon Gungnir, and Nguyen finally flipped his Solemn Judgment! Nguyen dropped to 3350, while Saurini had 4700.

Nguyen returned Rat to play. He activated Wind-Up Factory. He banished his Rat using his remaining Rabbit’s effect, then Factory searched out Wind-Up Shark. He overlayed both Rabbits to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity and detached a Rabbit, but Saurini negated it with Effect Veiler. Zenmaity attacked directly and Nguyen passed.

Saurini drew Diva! He Normal Summoned it to bring Atlantean Attack Squad to the field. It destroyed Zenmaity, then Diva attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, he Synchro Summoned Ally of Justice Catastor.

Nguyen returned Rat to play again, but when it activated its effect, Saurini Chained Maxx “C”! Rat still revived Rabbit, and Factory searched out Shark. Saurini drew Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning with Maxx “C”. Nguyen Set a monster and a back row.

Saurini drew Genex Undine. He Normal Summoned it, sending Marksman to the Graveyard to grab a copy of Genex Controller. Marksman destroyed Nguyen’s Set Heavy Storm! “What a bluff!” Saurini said, and Nguyen laughed. Saurini continued by banishing Effect Veiler and Tragoedia to summon his Black Luster Soldier! When he entered his Battle Phase, Nguyen knew he couldn’t survive all of Saurini’s monsters!

Anthony Saurini moves on with a 1-0 record, a true Atlantean HERO!