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Round 2 Feature Match: James Crews Versus Jeremiah Mason

October 20th, 2012

This round we’d see two New York Duelists go head-to-head with Decks that are fast becoming classic picks of the current format!  James Crews traveled here this weekend from Staten Island, piloting Wind-Ups.  Jeremiah Mason hails from Synechdoche, and is playing Chaos Dragons.  Both of these strategies put together big combos that can sweep the Duel in a single turn, so for both Duelists this was a race against time, and eachother.


Mason opened the Match with Card Trooper, activating its effect and sending Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Forbidden Lance to his Graveyard. 



Crews had a hand of Solemn Warning; Wind-Up Factory; Dark Hole; Compulsory Evacuation Device; Pot of Avarice; and Thunder King Rai-Oh.  He Summoned Thunder King and attacked, destroying Trooper: Mason drew a card for Trooper’s effect.  Crews Set Compulsory.


Mason Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld and Special Summoned Tour Bus From The Underworld with her effect.  He Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, then played Mystical Space Typhoon: Crews Chained Compulsory, sending Number 17: Leviathan Dragon back to his opponent’s deck!  Tour Bus sent Tour Guide back to Mason’s Deck, and he banished Lyla and Tour Bus to try and Special Summon Darkflare Dragon from his hand!  Crews negated the attempt with Thunder King Rai-Oh.


Crews drew Solemn Judgment, Setting it and Warning.


Mason tried to Summon a Lyla next turn, but lost her to Solemn Warning.  He banished her and Darkflare to press on, Special Summoning Lightpulsar Dragon and attacking to drop Crews to 3500 Life Points.


Crews drew another Solemn Warning.  He destroyed Lightpulsar Dragon with Dark Hole, then Set Warning.


Mason tried to Summon another Tour Guide, but lost it to Crew’s second Warning!  He had three cards left in hand, and discarded Plaguespreader Zombie and Lightpulsar Dragon to try and Special Summon back his first Lightpulsar: Crews dropped to 750 Life Points to negate the Summon with Solemn Judgment!  Mason ended his turn with one card left.


Crews drew Wind-Up Rat and Set it.  He Set his Avarice and Factory as well.


Mason passed.


Crews topdecked Tour Guide from the Underworld and Summoned her: when he activated her effect, Mason Chained the ability of Maxx “C”.  He drew a card when Crews Special Summoned Sangan.


Mason Summoned another Card Trooper, sending Solar Recharge, Darkflare Dragon, and Effect Veiler to his Graveyard to boost Trooper to 1900 ATK.  That let him Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon!  He banished Tour Guide to destroy Wind-Up Factory, then banished Plaguespreader Zombie to destroy Crew’s Set Pot of Avarice!  Mason then sent Dark Armed Dragon to attack over Crew’s Tour Guide, finishing the first Duel!



Jeremiah Mason presses through Solemn Judgment and not one, but two Solemn Warnings to take the first Duel with Dark Armed Dragon and a lucky Card Trooper to load his Graveyard just right!  Would his luck hold out, or could Crews mount a comeback?  Crews would need to draw a few more monsters to have a fighting chance in the second Duel.


Crews started off with Solemn Judgment; Bottomless Trap Hole; Wind-Up Factory; Dark hole; Wind-Up Rabbit; and Wind-Up Magician.  He activated Factory and Summoned Rabbit, activating its effect to search his Deck for Wind-Up Shark.  He Set Solemn and Bottomless.


Mason tried to Summon Thunder King Rai-Oh, but Crews banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole.


Crews drew another Wind-Up Shark!  He Summoned Wind-Up Magician and revealed Wind-Up Shark: Mason Chained Maxx “C” to draw a card as the Shark was Special Summoned.  When Crews attacked with Wind-Up Magician, Mason Special Summoned Tragoedia.  “I’ll pass my turn,” decided Crews.




Mason debated his moves for a while, before deciding to Special Summon Tour Guide from the Underworld.  He Special Summoned Tour Bus from his Deck, then stacked them to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines. 


Mason turned Tragoedia to Attack Position, and attacked Wind-Up Rabbit.  Crews responded by banishing the Rabbit, getting a Wind-Up Rat with Wind-Up Factory’s effect.  Tragoedia attacked Wind-Up Magician instead, destroying it, and Zenmaines attacked to destroy Shark.  Mason detached an Xyz Material to keep Zenmaines alive, then destroyed Wind-Up Factory in the End Phase.



Crews drew Wind-Up Rat and brought back his Rabbit.  He Summoned Rat to Special Summon back Shark, then banished Rat with Rabbit and used Shark and Rabbit to Xyz Summon Temtempo the Percussion Djinn.  Crews detached Rabbit to detach Zenmaines’ Materials, leaving Mason to use his Tour Bus to return Maxx “C” from his Graveyard to his Deck.  Temtempo attacked to destroy Tragoedia.


Mason turned Zenmaines to Defense Position and Set a monster.


Crews drew Monster Reborn.  He brought back his banished Wind-Up Rat, then used it to Special Summon Wind-Up Rabbit.  Temtempo attacked over Zenmaines.


Mason thought over his moves for a bit, then grudgingly passed.  Crews banished his Wind-Up Rat in the End Phase so he could use its effect next turn.


Crews drew Wind-Up Factory next turn, then brought back the Rat.  He used it to Special Summon Wind-Up Magician, then stacked Rat and Rabbit to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity.  Zenmaity’s ability let him detach the Rat to Special Summon a second Magician, triggering the effect of the first and getting Crews a Wind-Up Shark from his Deck to the field.  He stacked the two Magicians with the Shark to Xyz Summon Number 16: Shock Master, then activated its ability to prevent monster effects from being activated.  Zenmaity attacked to destroy Mason’s face-down Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, leaving Temtempo and Shock Master to make direct attacks.  Mason was down to 2500 Life Points.  Crews Set a card to his back row.



Charge of the Light Brigade got Mason Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, which he discarded for Solar Recharge.  He looked at his five-card hand and shook his head, looking for a way out.  He banished Tour Bus and Lyla to Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer, then Normal Summoned Eclipse Wyvern.  Two attacks let him destroy Zenmaity and Shock Master.


Crews drew Mystical Space Typhoon.  He Special Summoned Mason’s Chaos Sorcerer with Monster Reborn; banished Wyvern with the Sorcerer’s ability; and Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat to Special Summon Wind-Up Rabbit.  A direct attack from Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction finished the Duel!


James Crews evens up the Match score to one a piece, pressing this Match to one more Duel!


Mason started things off with a Set monster.  “Your move.”


Crews had Thunder King Rai-Oh; Wind-Up Shark; Monster Reborn; Nobleman of Crossout; Dimensional Fissure; and Bottomless Trap Hole.  Nobleman let him banish Mason’s Ryko from the field, plus one more copy from his Deck.  He Summoned Thunder King and attacked for 1900 Battle Damage, finishing out his turn by Setting Bottomless Trap Hole and activating Fissure.


Mason destroyed Fissure with Mystical Space Typhoon next turn, and Normal Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld to Special Summon Tour Bus from the Underworld.  He tried to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines, and Crews negated the Summon with Thunder King’s ability, leaving Mason to shuffle back his Tour Guide with Tour Bus’ effect. 


Crews drew Tragoedia and Special Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh with Monster Reborn: Mason Chained Maxx “C” to draw a card, and Crews attacked with Thunder King to drop him to 4200 Life Points.



Mason activated Allure of Darkness to draw two cards, banishing Dark Armed Dragon to complete Allure’s effect.  Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Crews’ Bottomless Trap Hole, and Special Summoned his Tour Bus with Monster Reborn.  He Normal Summoned Plaguespreader Zombie and Tuned it to Bus, trying for Ally of Justice Catastor, but losing out to Thunder King again.  Tour Bus returned his Maxx “C” to his Deck. 


Crews drew Solemn Warning and Set it.  He had Tragoedia and Shark in hand.


Mason passed with three cards in hand.


Crews drew a second Warning, and Normal Summoned Shark to make a direct attack with it.  Mason dropped to 2700 Life Points.  Crews Set his second Warning.


Mason sent Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Chaos Sorcerer, and Forbidden Lance to his Graveyard for Charge of the Light Brigade, getting a Lyla to his hand.  He tried to Summon her, and Crews blasted her with Warning.  Mason then banished Lyla and Catastor for Lightpulsar Dragon, losing out to the second Warning.  He then banished Lyla and Tour Bus for Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, and attacked Wind-Up Shark!  Crews had to Special Summon Tragoedia in Defense Position, feeding it to Black Luster Soldier!


Crews drew Wind-Up Rat!  He Normal Summoned it; Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark; and reduced its Level to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity!  That got him another Wind-Up Rat, and he used it to Special Summon back his Shark.  He Xyz Summoned Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction to attack Luster Soldier, destroying both monsters, and attacked with Zenmaity to drop Mason to 1200 Life Points!



Mason drew for his next turn and riffled through his Graveyard, searching for an escape.  Shaking his head, he quickly conceded, revealing Maxx “C” and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon as his last two cards.  “Very good games, man” offered Crews, shaking Mason’s hand.


James Crews fights back from a loss in the first Duel to take two more back-to-back, moving on with a 2-0 record!