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Ultimate Pegasus Challenge Final: Anthony Figueroa vs. Rafael Torres

October 22nd, 2012

This is the final round of the Ultimate Pegasus Challenge! Anthony Figueroa is using a Machina Gadget Deck, and Rafael Torres has been successful with a Chaos Burn Deck. Both Duelists have managed to stay undefeated so far, despite not only having to battle their opponents, but Maximillion Pegasus himself!

If you missed our other Ultimate Pegasus Challenge feature, here’s how it works. Pegasus has decided that things are too boring for his refined tastes, and is throwing out new rule changes every five minutes! All Duelists must comply with any changes immediately. Any conditions Pegasus puts out will last until the next rule he administers. Let’s see how things went in the final round!

Duel 1

Anthony started with 3 back row cards.

Torres’s opening hand was Magic Cylinder , Ceasefire, Cardcar D, Giant Germ, Dark Bribe, and Tour Guide From the Underworld. He Normal Summoned Cardcar D. Anthony negated its Summon with Solemn Warning, so Torres Set Bribe, Ceasefire, and Cylinder. In the End Phase, he lost Bribe and Ceasefire to Anthony’s 2 Mystical Space Typhoons!

Anthony passed.

Torres drew Pot of Duality. He activated it, revealing Allure of Darkness, Effect Veiler, and Starlight Road. He thought over his options, finally settling on Effect Veiler.

“We’re going to speed up the rules here! It isn’t called a challenge for nothing! Destroy all monsters with 4 stars or less!”

Torres just barely dodged that one, as he was about to Summon his Giant Germ! He did so now, and attacked directly. Anthony Special Summoned Tragoedia when he took the damage!

Anthony activated Heavy Storm to destroy Torres’s Cylinder. Next, he discarded 2 copies of Machina Fortress in order to revive one of them! Tragoedia tried to copy the Level of Fortress in the Graveyard, but Torres used his Effect Veiler on it. Anthony attacked Germ with Fortress, and Germ dealt 500 damage, then Special Summoned 2 more copies. Anthony Set a back row card and turned Tragoedia to defense position.

Anthony Figueroa

Torres drew Pot of Duality. He stacked his Germs for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, then Normal Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld. It Special Summoned Dark Mimic LV3 from his Deck! He stacked Dark Mimic with Tour Guide to Xyz Summon Grenosaurus! He entered his Battle Phase… but then…

“Flip all monsters face-down. They cannot be flipped up this turn!”

Torres was disappointed he wasn’t able to show off Grenosaurus’s effect, and could do nothing but Set his Pot of Duality and pass.

Figueroa Normal Summoned Red Gadget and it added Yellow Gadget  to his hand. He Flip Summoned Fortress and Tragoedia, then changed Tragoedia to Level 7! He stacked Fortress and Tragoedia for Number 11: Big Eye, then had it steal Torres’s face-down Gachi Gachi Gantetsu! He Flip Summoned it and attacked with Red Gadget into Grenosaurus’s 1900 DEF! He couldn’t remember how big it was!

Torres drew Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

“As of right now, the ATK and DEF of all monsters switches! If you were in a battle, the switch is applied immediately!”

Figueroa now had a 2200 ATK Gachi Gachi Gantetsu! Torres banished a Giant Germ and Effect Veiler to Special Summon Black Luster Soldier in defense position, since it has 3000 DEF now. He had it banish Big Eye. He switched Grenosaurus to attack position and collided it into Red Gadget.

Figueroa Normal Summoned Yellow Gadget , adding Green Gadget to his hand. He entered his Battle Phase and attacked Black Luster Soldier with Yellow Gadget ! With Gachi’s boost, the Gadget had 1600 ATK, and Figueroa flipped Limiter Removal to double Yellow Gadget ’s ATK! Gachi attacked directly and Figueroa Set a back row card.

Torres drew Honest. He flipped up Duality to reveal Starlight Road, Sangan, and Magic Cylinder . He chose Sangan, Set it, and passed.

Figueroa Normal Summoned Green Gadget, but before he could search out another Gadget…

“As of now, until the next rule change, no Spell Cards can be activated!”

“Why couldn’t that happen before Limiter Removal?!” Torres cried.

Figueroa added Red Gadget to his hand with Green’s effect. Gachi Gachi destroyed Sangan in battle, and it added Metaion, the Timelord to Torres’s hand! Green Gadget attacked directly, then he Set a back row card.

Torres drew Starlight Road. He Set it and Honest.

“I thought about something. I love Toon World, so I probably shouldn’t have done that… From now on, nobody can activate Trap Cards!”

Figueroa Summoned Red Gadget and it searched out Yellow Gadget . He stacked Red and Green for Gear Gigant X! Its effect gave Figueroa a Machina Gearframe. He turned Gachi Gachi to defense position, then attacked and destroyed Honest with Gear Gigant X.

Torres drew Tour Guide From the Underworld. He Normal Summoned Metaion, and Figueroa negated its effect before the Battle Phase by using Effect Veiler.

Figueroa used Gear Gigant X once more, getting another Gearframe to his hand. He played a Gearframe, and it added Machina Cannon to his hand. He Set a third card to his back row, then equipped Gearframe to Gear Gigant X.

“This one’s going to be a bit tricky. Everyone shuffle their hand into their Decks, then draw the same number of cards!”

Torres lost his Tour Guide, and got Allure of Darkness now. “Nooo! I knew every card in your hand! Gearframe, Cannon, and Yellow Gadget ! Why?!” Torres lamented. For his turn, he drew Cardcar D. During his Standby Phase, Metaion returned to his Deck. Torres Summoned Cardcar D, and Figueroa thought a while before returning it to the hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device! Torres new he had no chance now, and offered the handshake!

Anthony Figueroa manages to come out ahead in a grueling first Duel!

Rafael Torres

Duel 2

As the Duelists were finishing shuffling… “New rule. You can now only Summon monsters with 1600 or more ATK.” That’s going to mess with Figueroa’s Gadgets, as well as most of Torres’s monsters!

Torres began with Giant Germ, Metaion, Zoma the Spirit, Marshmallon, and 2 Dark Bribes. He Set both Bribes and Zoma, then Set Marshmallon. He was still allowed to Set his Marshmallon under Pegasus’s new rule, just not Summon it.

Figueroa played Thunder King Rai-Oh. It attacked into Marshmallon, and he took 1000 damage. He Set a back row card.

Torres drew and Set Magic Cylinder .

Figueroa Normal Summoned Gearframe. He couldn’t use its effect due to Rai-Oh.

“I appreciate everyone’s cooperation, but I have one more rule change for you. If you had a card destroyed this turn, you can destroy a card of your opponent’s.” This rule didn’t apply to our current Duelists, but shouts could be heard from the others as they got payback on their opponents!

Figueroa continued, and Xyz Summoned Photon Papilloperative. Its effect forced Marshmallon into attack position. When Papilloperative attacked, Torres redirected the damage with Magic Cylinder .

Torres drew Secret Barrel. He Set it, then Set Giant Germ. He switched Marshmallon back to defense position.

Figueroa Normal Summoned Yellow Gadget . It added Green Gadget to his hand. He discarded it along with Fortress to Special Summon the Fortress, then had Papilloperative force Marshmallon into attack position again. Yellow Gadget, Papilloperative, and Fortress all attacked Marshmallon! Figueroa Set a second back row card.

Torres drew Tour Guide From the Underworld. He turned Marshmallon to defense position once more, then Summoned Tour Guide. It Special Summoned Dark Mimic LV3 in defense position. He stacked Dark Mimic and Tour Guide to Xyz Summon Number 17: Leviathan Dragon! Figueroa responded with Torrential Tribute, and Torres negated it with Dark Bribe! Torres chose to activate Secret Barrel at this point, ready to take the win, but Pegasus had other plans…

“Destroy all monsters with 1500 or more ATK.”

Leviathan Dragon, Fortress, and Papilloperative were all destroyed, and Secret Barrel only dealt 1000 damage! Most players would be glad to see their opponent lose all their monsters, but Torres had planned to push for the win with Secret Barrel and now had to change everything! He could only Set Giant Germ.

Figueroa played Heavy Storm, and Torres protected his Zoma with Dark Bribe. Figueroa continued by Normal Summoning Red Gadget, adding Yellow Gadget  to his hand. He stacked Yellow and Red for Evigishki Merrowgeist!  Merrowgeist attacked Giant Germ and returned it to the Deck instead of sending it to the Graveyard!

Torres drew Volcanic Queen. He Tributed Merrowgeist to give Figueroa Volcanic Queen, then passed.

Figueroa destroyed Zoma with Mystical Space Typhoon. He Normal Summoned Yellow Gadget and added Green Gadget to his hand. He used Volcanic Queen’s effect to send off Dimensional Prison and deal 1000 damage to Torres. Then, he discarded Machina Cannon to revive Fortress. In the End Phase he Tributed Yellow Gadget  to keep himself from taking damage from Volcanic Queen.

Torres drew Lava Golem! He Tributed Volcanic Queen and Fortress and gave Figueroa Lava Golem!

Figueroa took 1000 damage in his Standby Phase. He Normal Summoned Green Gadget. It gave him Red Gadget, then he Set a back row card as time was called! Torres had only 1200, while Figueroa had 2900.

Torres drew Magic Cylinder! He Set it.

Figueroa took another 1000 damage from Lava Golem. Torres had to deal over 700 damage by the end of his next turn if he wanted to win! Figueroa Tributed Lava Golem and Green Gadget to Set a monster!

Torres drew Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. In the Standby Phase, Figueroa activated Macro Cosmos. Torres turned Marshmallon to attack position, then Normal Summoned Fossil Dyna. He entered his Battle Phase and had Dyna attack Figueroa’s face-down Gorz the Emissary of Darkness to take himself out in style!

Anthony Figueroa finishes undefeated in the Ultimate Pegasus Challenge!