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Day 2 Dragon Duel Round 2: William Mowell versus Mitchell Kent

November 19th, 2012

Two of our YCS First-Timers are up against each other! We spoke to William yesterday, and we got to know that he plays a Crystal Beast Deck. Mitchell playing a sweet Ninja Chaos Dragon Deck. Let’s see things went down!

Mitchell began with Tragoedia, 2 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Card Trooper, Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation, and Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo. He Normal Summoned Lyla and Set his Ninjitsu Art. In the End Phase, Lyla sent Tragoedia, Darkflare Dragon, and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to the Graveyard.

William Normal Summoned Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat! He activated Blustering Winds next, boosting Amethyst Cat’s ATK and DEF by 1000. He had Amethyst Cat attack Lyla, dealing 500 damage, then Set four cards to his back row.

Mitchell drew Lightpulsar Dragon. He Normal Summoned Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo, putting Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation in his hand. He He Set it, then activated his other copy, sending Hanzo and Amethyst Cat to the Graveyard to Special Summon Lightpulsar Dragon! William responded to that with Compulsory Evacuation Device, returning it to the hand. Mitchell pushed back by banishing Ryko, Lyla, Hanzo, and Tragoedia to Special Summon both of his Lightpulsar Dragons! He stacked both Dragons to Xyz Summon Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and it Special Summoned Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his Deck. Red-Eyes brought Lightpulsar back to the field, then he used Atum to Xyz Summon Gaia Dragoon, the Thunder Charger! Lightpulsar and Gaia Dragoon attacked directly, but Gaia Dragoon’s attack was negated by Poseidon Wave.

William Mowell

William played Miniaturize, lowering the ATK of Gaia Dragoon by 1000.

Mitchell drew his third Lightpulsar Dragon. He Normal Summoned Card Trooper, sending Sangan, Effect Veiler, and Solar Recharge to the Graveyard to give it 1500 more ATK. Next, he revived Darkflare Dragon with Red-Eyes. When Mitchell attacked with all his monsters, William couldn’t stop it!

Mitchell Kent takes the first match thanks to his Chaos Dragons rush!

Duel 2

William began with Amethyst Cat again, then played Swords of Revealing Light.

Mitchell had Sangan, Solar Recharge, Monster Reborn, Lightpulsar Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, and Effect Veiler. He Set Sangan.

William Set a monster, then attacked directly with Amethyst Cat for 600 damage.

Mitchell drew Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. He Tributed Sangan for Lightpulsar Dragon, adding Tour Guide From the Underworld to his hand.

William Summoned Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, then Flip Summoned Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle. He stacked all three of his monsters for Number 34: Terror-Byte! He Set a back row and passed.

Mitchell Kent

Mitchell drew Darkflare Dragon. He Normal Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld and Special Summoned Night Assailant from his Deck. He stacked the Fiends to Xyz Summon Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, then detached Assailant for its effect.

William passed.

Mitchell drew Solar Recharge. He detached Tour Guide from Leviathan Dragon to put it up to 3000 ATK, then it attacked Terror-Byte, but William responded with Butterflyoke! Leviathan Dragon turned to defense position and was equipped with Butterflyoke.

William passed.

Mitchell drew Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation. He Set it, but realized too late he could do something better than just ending his turn. He decided to go for it anyway, and Normal Summoned Effect Veiler. He tuned it to Lightpulsar Dragon to Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon to destroy all cards on the field! He followed up with Monster Reborn, reviving Lightpulsar Dragon. He banished Effect Veiler and Tour Guide to Special Summon Darkflare Dragon, then his two space dragons attacked directly! William had 3100 remaining, but Mitchell was sitting strong on 7400 Life Points.

William Set a monster.

Mitchell drew Mystical Space Typhoon. Darkflare destroyed Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth, which became a Continuous Spell Card. Lightpulsar Dragon attacked directly.

William drew, and played Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins! Now that he had a Field Spell, he banished Stardust Dragon from his Extra Deck to Special Summon Malefic Stardust Dragon! It attacked Darkflare Dragon.

Mitchell drew Eclipse Wyvern. He played Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Amber Mammoth. He Normal Summoned Eclipse Wyvern, then sent Lightpulsar Dragon to collide with Malefic Stardust Dragon. Lightpulsar Dragon revived Darkflare Dragon, and his dragons finished William off!

Mitchell Kent is victorious with Chaos Dragons!