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Quick Questions – Will Mermails Make It?!

November 18th, 2012

The Mermail monsters are just making their debut in Abyss Rising, but they were already the most feared and hyped Deck coming into this weekend.  With incredible consistency and terrifying combos, Mermails are explosive and specialize in wiping the opponent’s cards off the field.  Combined with Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, your opponent’s cards aren’t safe no matter where they try to hide them! 


So, how may Duelists believed that Mermails would make the Top 32 here at YCS Seattle?!



A stunning 92% of competitors interviewed believed that Mermails would make it to at least the Top 32!  They’re the crowd-favorite and a strong pick to win in the opinions of many, but can such a new strategy really claim top honors in its first outing?  Alot of Duelists are treating the Top 32 status of Mermails as a fact, but even Geargias needed a couple warm-ups before they were ready to capture the gold.  Could Mermails be even more successful?  Check back tomorrow when we find out if the 92%  turn out to be correct!