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Quick Questions – Will Prophecy Make It?!

November 18th, 2012

Next up, we wanted to know whether or not Duelists believed that the Prophecy monsters would make it to the Top 32 this weekend!  The Prophecy archetype gets an all-new search monster to search out High Priestess of Prophecy, Justice of Prophecy; new Spellbook Spell Cards; and a new Field Spell, The Grand Spellbook Tower.  Bretween Justice and Grand Spellbook Tower, a Prophecy Duelist can stack up alot of free cards over just a few turns, and then outmaneuver the opponent with strong removal effects and the crushing power of High Priestess!



So, what percentage of our Duelists thought Prophecy would make it?!



A whopping 85% of the Duelists we spoke with thought that the Prophecy theme would make the Top 32!  That’s an overwhelming majority, and may be surprising to alot of folks at home.  What do you think?  Do you agree with the consensus?