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Quick Questions: What Did You Side Deck For?

November 19th, 2012

With Abyss Rising making such an impact on the field this weekend, alot of Duelists had differing opinions on what the biggest threats were in this tournament. We now know that Agents, Wind-Ups, Dino Rabbit, and Mermails took the most spots in the Top 16, though it was Inzektors that won it all. That said, we hit the tournament floor Saturday to ask competitors what they were running, and what they were siding for this weekend! Here’s what they had to say…


“I’m playing Machina Gadgets.  Mermail is a very consistent Deck, and with the support of Atlanteans they’re very difficult to keep a field against, so I’m Side Decking against those.  I’m siding two Magic Drain for HERO, Dark World, and Prophecy.  I feel if I disrupt their Spell Cards it’s hard for those Decks to keep their consistency.”  – Jonny Nagel – Denver, Colorado


“Chaos Dragons, ‘cuz they beat everything except Madolches and Madolches are just too good.  I should side more Madolche hate!  Bad move on my part.”  – Andrew Foley – Bremerten, Washington


“I played Prophecies.  I focus on common or weaker match-ups.  Soul Drain is definitely something a lot of decks fear, and fits snugly into my Side Deck.  The added cards like Dark Bribe, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, and Breaker the Magical Warrior help ensure field control.  And the deck’s main concern is control, since it has excellent recovery ability but fears aggressive pushes.”  Amanda LaPalme – Rochester, Michigan


“I’m playing Agents, teched with Super Nimble Mega Hamster.  My Side Deck is very trap dependent, and is built to hurt Mermails and Macro Rabbit.”  – Jackie Bernal – San Francisco, California


“Agents.  I Side Decked Soul Drain to beat Dark World and Mermails.” – Calvin Chow – Union City, California


“I’m playing Dino Rabbit, and I Side Decked cards for Mermais, Agents, and Dark World.”  – James Sookloris – San Francisco, California


“Wind-Ups.  I’m playing it Trap-heavy and Main Decking Dimensional Fissure.  It helps with Number 16: Shock Master and kills strong, popular Decks.  Thunder King helps a lot as well.”  – Alex Filott – Stockton, California


“I’m playing regular old Gravekeepers.  I run Macro Cosmos for Mermails; Cyber Dragons and Nobleman of Crossout for Geargia; and the rest of my Side Deck is generic stuff like Mystical Space Typhoons and Gozen Match.”  – Harly Applin – Snohomish, Washington


“I’m playing Wind-Up, and I’m siding against Mermails.”   – Jay Huyno – Seattle, Washington


“I’m running Karakuri Geargia.  I side in alot of Graveyard hate.”  Kieran Caito – Seattle, Washington