Quick Questions: What Will Win?!

November 19th, 2012

Abyss Rising really changed the field here this weekend: the metagame here at YCS Seattle is vastly different from what we saw a month ago at YCS Providence, so earlier on Saturday we decided to ask Duelists from all walks of life what they felt would win the Championship.  The top pick?!  You get one guess…

“I’m hoping Machina Gadgets wins, since it’s the Deck I brought to this event after topping with it at YCS Providence!” – Jonny Nagel – Denver, Colorado

“Madolches, ‘cuz they’re broken!”

– Andrew Foley – Bremerten, Washington

“Billy Brake’s Deck!  He stole my pen…”  – Austin Kulman – Bellevue, Washington

“Water – Mermail Atlanteans.  The hype.  Enough people were willing to commit to it, which means it has a statistical advantage.”  Amanda LaPalme – Rochester, Michigan

It’s a close call between Mermails or Agents.”  – Jackie Bernal – San Francisco, California

“Mermails, because of the broken plays.”  – Calvin Chow – Union City, California

“Mermails, because the deck has too many power cards and broken plays.”  – James Sookloris – San Francisco, California

“Wind-Ups.  There’s less Maxx “C” being played.”  – Wilson Tsang – San Francisco, California

“Wind-Ups.  They have good match-ups, and can Side Deck or even Main Deck Dimensional Fissure, which is an important card this weekend.”  – Alex Filott – Stockton, California

“Mermails is going to win this weekend because they’re overpowered at the moment.”  – Connor Brown – Mercer Island, Washington

“Wind-Ups!”  – Madison Applin – Snohomish, Washington

“Six Samurai, my best friend is running that and I hope he’ll win it all!”  – Harly Applin – Snohomish, Washington

“Dino Rabbit – It’s a good metagame call with Mermails seeing play.”  – Jay Huyno – Seattle, Washington

“Dino Rabbit.  It’s strong against the Graveyard-heavy Decks.”  – Kieran Caito – Seattle, Washington