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Quick Questions: Your Favorites From Abyss Rising!?

November 19th, 2012

This weekend was all about Abyss Rising, so we approached a wide array of Duelists to ask them to name their favorite cards from the new set. The answers were pleasantly all over the place, so check ’em out!


What are your favorite cards from Abyss Rising?


“I like Abyss Dweller.  I feel that card will see alot of play, being a Rank 4 monster version of Soul Drain versus the Mermail Deck.  I also like Gagaga Cowboy.  It becomes a beater that can stop 3000 ATK monsters, and sometimes that extra 800 burn damage can finish games.”  – Jonny Nagel – Denver, Colorado


“All the Madolches!”  – Andrew Foley – Bremerten, Washington


“Ape Magician!  It’s Jerry’s favorite card!” – Austin Kulman – Bellevue, Washington


“I love Bahamut Shark.  I feel it’ll only get better with new sets, and it’s something to hold onto.  Also?  It’s shiny.”  Amanda LaPalme – Rochester, Michigan


Nimble Angler and Mermail Abyssmegalo.  Both those cards combine to make for a fun, competitive deck.”  – Jackie Bernal – San Francisco, California


Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, because it makes your opponent discard two cards.”  – Calvin Chow – Union City, California


Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, because he’s a great boss monster.  Mermail Abyssmegalo because he makes Mermails and Atlanteans what they are.”  – James Sookloris – San Francisco, California


“Memory of an Adversary: it removes Xyz Monsters, and it takes Thunder King Rai-Oh out of the picture.”  – Wilson Tsang – San Francisco, California


“Slushy!  It makes Lancer Frogs broken.”  – Alex Filott – Stockton, California


“From the cards I got, One-Shot Wand probably.  It works well with my Deck!”  – Madison Applin – Snohomish, Washington


Mermail Abyssgunde; she’s cute!”  – Harly Applin – Snohomish, Washington


Attack The Moon! So broken!”   – Jay Huyno – Seattle, Washington


Gagaga Cowboy.  He’s a cowboy!”  Kieran Caito – Seattle, Washington