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Round 2 Feature Match: Amanda LaPalme Versus Kyle Carlson

November 17th, 2012

Kyle Carlson traveled here this weekend from his home in Portland Oregon, armed with a Malefic Skill Drain strategy that could cause major problems for a number of top Decks here this weekend!  His opponent is Michigan’s Amanda LaPalme, who’s competing in this tournament with a Prophecy Deck that emphasizes trap-based hand control.  An early Skill Drain could cause her some problems, but if she can use her control effects early she could disrupt Carlson’s stronger monsters.  Longer Duels would probably favor LaPalme – Carlson would want to hit hard and fast.


Carlson got this Match started with three Set cards to his back row, and activated Malefic World.


LaPalme’s hand was The Grand Spellbook Tower; two Spellbook Magician of Prophecy; Justice of Prophecy; Monster Reborn; and High Priestess of Prophecy.  She Summoned Spellbook Magician, but Carlson Chained Skill Drain to negate its effect!  LaPalme activated Grand Spellbook Tower; Carlson negated it with Dark Bribe; and LaPalme drew Spellbook of Secrets.  She activated it to get another Grand Spellbook Tower, activating it to eliminate Malefic World.  Spellbook Magician attacked into Carlson’s Scrap Iron Scarecrow.


Carlson Normal Summoned Beast King Barbaros to attack over Spellbook Magician.


LaPalme drew Dark Hole, and used Spellbook Tower to return Secrets to her Deck, drawing another High Priestess.  That Skill Drain was really slowing her down.  She activated Dark Hole, then Special Summoned back Beast King Barbaros with Monster Reborn, again attacking to reveal Scrap Iron Scarecrow.


Carlson activated Necrovalley, destroying Spellbook Tower.  He Set one Spell or Trap.


LaPalme drew another Spellbook of Secrets.  That got her Spellbook of Wisdom, and she Normal Summoned Justice of Prophecy to banish it in the End Phase, getting Spellbook of Secrets and another High Priestess with its effect!  She now had three Priestesses and two Spellbooks in hand.  “This is either going to be amazing or horrible.”  She needed a third Spellbook to get going.



Carlson passed.


LaPalmse drew Pot of Duality, revealing Tour Guide from the Underworld; Spellbook of Secrets; and Spellbook of Power!  She took Secrets, her third Book, and got another Wisdom!  She Set Spellbook Magician.


Carlson passed again, and LaPalme drew Mind Crush.  She revealed Wisdom, Secrets, Wisdom, and Special Summoned High Priestess of Prophecy.  She wanted to play through that Skill Drain with Wisdom to use High Priestess’ effect, but she was locked down under Necrovalley.  “I don’t want to run into Mirror Force…” she mused. She took a moment to search through her Extra Deck, before attacking with High Priestess…into Scrap Iron Scarecrow.  Then with Barbaros… Into another Scrap Iron Scarecrow!  In Main Phase 2 LaPalme Special Summoned her remaining two Priestesses, then Set everything but Secrets. 



Carlson activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card, then Special Summoned Malefic Cyber End Dragon to attack over a Priestess!  He Set one more card to his back row.


LaPalme drew Temperance of Prophecy and Xyz Summoned Number 11: Big Eye.  She detached to activate its effect, and then forced the effect through with Spellbook of Wisdom to take control of Malefic Cyber End Dragon.  She still couldn’t get through the Scrap Iron Scarecrows.




Another Upstart Goblin got Carlson another card, and activated Heavy Storm!  LaPalme Chained Wisdom to protect Big Eye from Spells, and Carlson Chained Forbidden Dress, reducing Barbaros’ ATK.  LaPalme lost Mind Crush, while Carlson destroyed his Skill Drain, Necrovalley, and two Scarecrows.  He had two cards left in hand: he Set one to his ack row.


LaPalme drew Pot of Duality and Flip Summoned Spellbook Magician: Carlson shut it down with Forbidden Chalice.  LaPalme activated Spellbook of Secrets to search out Spellbook of Life, and attacked with Spellbook Magician for 900 Life Points.  Big Eye and Barbaros made direct attacks to drop Carlson to 500 Life Points and LaPalme played Duality in Main Phase 2 to reveal Mind Crush, Tour Guide, and another Spellbook Magician.  She took the latter and Normal Summoned it, getting Spellbook of Power. 


Carlson got The Seal of Orichalcos from his Deck with Terraforming, and activated it to Special Summon his last card – Malefic Stardust Dragon!  It hit the field with 3000 ATK, and attacked over Big Eye.  LaPalme drew Tour Guide from the Underworld next turn: she Special Summoned high Priestess of Prophecy with Spellbook of Life; blew away Malefic Stardust with Priestess’ effect; and attacked to finish the Duel!


Kyle Carlson locks down the early game with a killer Skill Drain, but Amanda LaPalme fights through it with four Special Summons of High Priestess of Prophecy to take the first Duel!  Play swiftly moved to Duel 2.


Carlson Set a Field Spell Card, then Normal Summoned Beast King Barbaros and Set three cards to his back row.


LaPalme had a hand of two Justice of Prophecy; Pot of Duality; High Priestess of Prophecy; Spellbook of Secrets; and Spiritual Water Art – Aoi.  She played Secrets to fetch Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and Duality revealed Soul Taker, Breaker the Magical Warrior, and another Secrets from the top of her Deck.  She added Breaker to her hand and Summoned Justice.  She Set Water Art, then banished Justice in the End Phase to get another Secrets and another High Priestess from her Deck.  With the Water Art Set she could play around a possible Skill Drain next turn by Tributing Spellbook Magician to get it off the field: smart.


Carlson made a direct attack with Barbaros, then activated Forbidden Chalice to boost Barbaros’ ATK to 3400. 


LaPalme drew Mind Crush, making that Water Art even sweeter since it would reveal her opponent’s hand.  She Summoned Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, activated its effect, and sure enough when Kyle Chained Skill Drain, LaPalme Chained Water Art.  But Crlson Chained Dark Bribe to protect his hand, unwittingly warding off Mind Crush!  LaPalme drew another Secrets off Dark Bribe, then searched her deck for Spellbook of Wisdom with Spellbook Magician’s effect.  Secrets got her a second Wisdom, and she revealed two Wisdom and Secrets to Special Summon one High Priestess, then another High Priestess! 



She banished Secrets to destroy Skill Drain with a High Priestess, forcing the effect through with Wisdom.  She banished another Secrets to target Carlson’s face-down Forbidden Lance for destruction, which he Chained, but LaPalme overlaid her Priestess’ to take control of Barbaros with Number 11: Big Eye.  She attacked with Barbaros, then Set Mind Crush.



Carlson drew to two cards and Set one to his back row.


LaPalme drew another Soul Taker and Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior, destroying Carlson’s Set Skill Drain.  Spellbook of Secrets got her Spellbook of Power, and she activated it to boost Breaker’s ATK.  Breaker and Big Eye made direct attacks to finish the Duel, and the Match!


Amanda LaPalme triumphs over Malefic Skill Drain, chalking up a win for Prophecy!