Round 5 Top Table Update:

November 18th, 2012

We are heading into Round 5 here at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, so it’s a great time to see what Decks are at the top tables!  As win records build, the most successful Duelists are sorted towards the lowest table numbers, so these Duelists are all undefeated or 3-1 at this time.  Check out the spread!


Table 1

Peter Munoz with Geargia


Adam Belohradsky with Agents


Table 2

Anthony Song with Mermails


Gabriel Gonzalez with Wind-Ups


Table 3

Joseph Ellis Maddalena with Mermails


Kyle Singer with Dino Rabbit


Table 4

Alexander Thomas with Madolche


Tyler Peck with Wind-Ups


Table 5

Jonathan Edwards with Wind-Ups


Cody Muniz with Wind-Ups


Table 6

Dylan King with Dino Rabbits


Francesco Guzzo with Dark World


Table 7

Mitchell Nguyen with Wind-Ups


Manav Dawar with Dino Rabbit


Table 8

Wilson Tsang with Wind-Ups


Jonathon Ritzau with Wind-Ups


Table 9

Matthew Skewes with Karakuri Geargia


Simon He with Agents


Table 10

Christopher Hentz with Wind-Ups


Dominque Eskridge with Dino Rabbit


With a whopping eight Wind-Up Duelists at the top ten tables, it’s a bigger showing for the clockwork wonders than most competitors anticipated.  The second most-successful Deck – at least from this limited sampling – is Dino Rabbit, with four representatives out of the twenty we looked at.  Dino Rabbit was a hot ticket heading into the weekend: a proven, consistent strategy, it has a great match-up with Mermails, making it a top prospect for this tournament. 


Mermails themselves tied with Agents – a deck that saw a big resurgence at Providence – and Geargias, with two representatives each.  Madolche and Dark World were each played by one rogue Duelist each.


The shape of the top tables this early in the tournament are often very different from the Top 32 in Day 2, but for now, this looks like a huge showing for Wind-Ups.  Will the competitive favorite continue to dominate here in Seattle?  Only time will tell.