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Round 6 Feature Match: Simon He versus Marquis Johnson

November 18th, 2012

Simon He has garnered alot of attention this year for quickly ascending through the ranks of top competitive players.  Traveling from Europe to compete at events like YCS Long Beach and YCS Providence, his record for making Top 32’s is impeccable.  Last time we saw him a month ago at Providence, you might remember that he was beating over Obelisk the Tormentor with a Master Hyperion strapped with Armory Arm in a Top 16 Feature Match He’s basically a walking highlight reel.


But that’s not why He’s getting a Feature Match today.  No.  No, not at all.  See, last night, Simon He and Canadian Duelist Sorosh Saberian Dueled to settle a bet.  What were the stakes, you ask?  Well, the winner didn’t get anything, but the loser had to Side Deck Dark Magician today in the YCS.  If that individual then got a Feature Match, they had to side in Dark Magician for Games 2 and 3, and they had to Summon it if possible. 


So yeah.  We made that Feature Match happen.


He’s opponent this round is Marquis Johnson, no stranger to the YCS circuit and no stranger to Feature Matches.  He’s playing the most feared Deck here this weekend – Mermails.  Was He up to the challenge?  Would we get to see Dark Magician?  And if He did draw it, would he have the guts to pull the trigger?  We were about to find out!


He opened the Match with a hand of Sangan; Maxx “C”; Chaos Sorcerer; Master Hyperion; Tragoedia; and Archlord Kristya.  He Set Sangan. 


Johndon passed.


He drew Spirit Reaper and Summoned it, then Flip Summoned Sangan.  He attacked with Reaper to force Johnson to discard Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, and Johnson Special Summoned Tragoedia.  “Water…” mused He, now knowing his match-up.  He slammed his Sangan into the 2400 ATK Tragoedia to trigger Sangan’s effect and Special Summon his own Tragoedia, getting The Agent of Mystery – Earth and boosting his Tragoedia to 3000 ATK!  He attacked Johnson’s Tragoedia for 600 Battle Damage, destroying it.  In Main Phase 2 he copied Sangan’s Level to reduce Tragoedia to Level 3, and overlaid it with Spirit Reaper to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines in Defense Position!  He ended with five cards in hand and Zenmaines on the field: a huge turn, brilliantly played.  Next turn he’d Summoned the Agent of Mystery.


Marquis was forced into action: he Summoned Deep Sea Diva, activated her effect, and ate Maxx “C” from He.  Marquis Special Summoned Atlantean Heavy Infantry from his Deck, and He drew Mystical Shine Ball.  Johnson overlaid for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and He drew Mystical Space Typhoon.  Johnson Set a Spell or Trap.



He drew Creature Swap and Normal Summoned The Agent of Mystery – Earth, getting The Agent of Creation – Venus from his Deck.  He had seven cards in hand and activated Swap, trying to trade his Agent of Mystery for Gachi Gachi!  Johnson tried to Chain Abyss-sphere, but He Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to shut it down, taking Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.  He turned Zenmaines to Attack Position and ran over Agent of Mystery. 


Marquis drew to 4 cards in hand with a bare field, against He’s six cards plus Gachi Gachi and Zenmaines.  He Set a monster.  “If this is not the wost hand I’ve drawn all day, I don’t know what is,” bemoaned Johnson.


He drew Dark Hole and Normal Summoned The Agent of Creation – Venus, using its effect twice to Special Summon two Mystical Shine Balls.  He overlaid them for Daigusto Phoenix. 




He Special Summoned Master Hyperion, then banished to destroy Johnson’s face-down monster: Mermail Abysslinde: still, Johnson quickly conceded.  “All you’d have to do is attack.”


What appears to be a terrible opening hand spells disaster for Marquis Johnson in Game 1, leading to a quick and methodical defeat after Simon He makes a beautiful Tragoedia-on-Tragoedia play!  He revealed the cards he was Side Decking in for Game 2: two copies of Soul Drain, and the obligatory Dark Magician!




Johnson opened with Deep Sea Diva, activating her effect, and He dropped Maxx “C” to draw Thunder King Rai-Oh.  Johnson Special Summoned Atlantean Heavy Infantry, then Set two cards to his back row.


He opened with Thunder King Rai-Oh; Honest; Mystical Space Typhoon; Tragoedia;  The Agent of Creation – Venus; and Creature Swap.  He Summoned The Agent of Creation to pay 1000 Life Points for two Mystical Shine Balls.  He Xyz Summoned Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, then paid another 500 Life Points to bring his third Shine Ball to the field from his Deck.  He attacked Heavy Infantry with Agent of Creation, destroying it, but when he attacked Diva with Shine Ball, Johnson responded with Spiritual Water Art – Aoi!  Johnson Tributed Diva to make He reveal his hand, and discarded He’s Honest.  Shine Ball made a direct attack for 900 Battle Damage. 



Johnson drew to four cards in hand with one card Set.  He Normal Summoned Atlantean Marksman and attacked over Shine Ball, destroying it.  He Special Summoned Atlantean Dragoons, then activated Abyss-sphere in Main Phase 2 to Special Summom Mermail Abysspike.  He overlaid it with Dragoons to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller, and he detached Dragoons to search out Mermail Abyssmegalo.


HE DREW DARK MAGICIAN!  He had enough monsters on the field to Tribute Summon it…!  But he Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh.  Johnson had no response.  He attacked Abyss Dweller with Thunder King, destroying the Dweller and battering Johnson down to 7000 Life Points.  When He attacked Atlantean Marksman, Johnson flipped Spiritual Water Art – Aoi, making He reveal his hand (and Dark Magician), and discarding his Creature Swap.  Agent of Creation made a direct attack.



Johnson Set a monster, going to just two cards in hand.  “Are you serious?”  He couldn’t believe that Johnson had searched out Mermail Abyssmegalo without a plan to put it to immediate use.


He drew Tour Guide from the Underworld.  He attacked with Agent of Creation, destroying Johnson’s Set Genex Controller, and then made a direct attack with Thunder King.  Johnson had 2700 Life Points left.


Johnson discarded Atlantean Dragoons and Atlantean Marksman for Mermail Abyssmegalo, but couldn’t use any of his search effects due to Thunder King’s effect!  He attacked over Thunder King and He’s heart visibly caught in his throat as he started to realize where this all might be headed.  He dropped Tragoedia and Johnson ended.


He drew Mind Control, and all of a sudden things escalated beyond his wildest dreams!  Johnson only had one backrow card, and He activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it – Johnson’s own Typhoon.  Mind Control let He take Abyssmegalo, and he Tributed Tragoedia and The Agent of Creation – Venus to Summon… THE DARK MAGICIAN!  Boosted by Gachi Gachi Gantetsu’s effect and swinging at an open field, He commanded Dark Magician to attack, winning the Duel and the Match!




What – THE – HELL!  Simon He takes a 2-0 victory, scoring the Match-winning blow with Dark Magician!  I can’t believe it.


Ladies and gentlemen, Simon He.