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Sunday Dragon Duel Feature Match Round 3: Matthew Wilkinson versus Aaron Garrison

November 19th, 2012

We’ve got another of our YCS First-Timers with us, Aaron Garrison. We wanted to take a look at the “Omni-HERO” Deck he told us about earlier. He’s in for a tough battle though, because his opponent is former Dragon WCQ Winner, Seattle’s own Matthew Wilkinson! Matthew is playing a HERO Deck of his own today.

Matthew played Thunder King Rai-Oh and a back row card.

Aaron had Elemental HERO Bubbleman, Elemental HERO Wildheart, Elemental HERO Voltic, Super Polymerization, Parallel World Fusion, and Mirror Force. He Set Mirror Force and Wildheart.

Matthew Normal Summoned Cardcar D and Tributed it for its effect.

Aaron drew Elemental HERO Neos Alius. He Normal Summoned it, then Flip Summoned Wildheart. Neos Alius collided with Rai-Oh, then Wildheart hit directly.

Matthew played his own Neos Alius. Aaron played Mirror Force on its attack, but Matthew used Gemini Spark to take out Wildheart! Monster Reborn brought back Thunder King Rai-Oh and Matthew Set a back row.

Aaron drew another Parallel World Fusion. He Normal Summoned Voltic, then played Super Polymerization. He discarded a Parallel World Fusion and fused Voltic with Rai-Oh for Elemental HERO The Shining, but Matthew had Torrential Tribute.

Matthew played another Neos Alius and attacked directly. He Set a back row.

Aaron drew Elemental HERO Prisma. He Normal Summoned it, and Matthew responded with Hero Blast! He got Neos Alius back and destroyed Prisma. Aaron Set Parallel World Fusion and Special Summoned Bubbleman in defense position.

Matthew destroyed it next turn and passed.

Aaron drew Fusion Gate and passed.

Matthew attacked directly with Neos Alius.

Aaron drew Dimensional Prison.

Matthew’s Neos Alius attacked, and when Aaron played Dimensional Prison, Matthew responded with Gemini Spark to destroy Parallel World Fusion. He Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh in Main Phase 2.

Aaron drew Super Polymerization.

“I think you have Gorz… but I don’t think you’d play Gorz in there… I’m so confused…” Matthew lamented. He played Neos Alius and attacked with both, then Set a back row card. Aaron had only 400 Life Points remaining.

Aaron drew Honest. He Normal Summoned it, then played Super Polymerization! He discarded Fusion Gate and fused Honest with Neos Alius, and Matthew had another Torrential Tribute! (Aaron could have held onto his Honest here. Instead of using it for to fuse, he could have fused both of his opponent’s monsters together, and when Matthew played Torrential, Aaron could have still defended with Honest afterward.)

Matthew activated E – Emergency Call to get Stratos, and it was all over when Stratos hit directly!

Duel 2

Aaron started off the next Duel with E – Emergency Call, Super Polymerization, Dark Bribe, Bubbleman, Wildheart, and Neos Alius. He played Neos Alius and Set Bribe.

Matthew destroyed Bribe with Mystical Space Typhoon, then activated E – Emergency Call! “If you had negated that, I probably would have lost,” he said. He got Stratos, Normal Summoned it, and got Neos Alius. He played Pot of Duality next, revealing Super Polymerization, Bottomless Trap Hole, and another Duality. He took Super Polymerization, then Set 2 back row.

Aaron drew Bottomless Trap Hole. He played Wildheart, then Set E – Emergency Call, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Super Polymerization. He Special Summoned Bubbleman and stacked it with Wildheart for Heroic Champion – Excalibur! He detached its materials, but when it attacked Matthew activated Compulsory Evacuation Device! Neos Alius still attacked to take down Stratos.

Matthew flipped up his Set Heavy Storm! He followed up with Neos Alius, then activated Miracle Fusion! He banished Stratos from his Graveyard and Neos Alius from his field for Elemental HERO The Shining, then attacked Aaron’s Neos Alius. He Set a back row.

Aaron had no cards whatsoever, and he drew Bubbleman! He Special Summoned it, and its effect let him draw Elemental HERO Ocean and Mirror Force! He played Ocean and Xyz Summoned Excalibur again, but Matthew used Solemn Warning. He Set Mirror Force.

Matthew attacked with The Shining into Aaron’s Mirror Force. Its effect put Neos Alius and Stratos back into Matthew hand, and he played Stratos in Main Phase 2. That got him another Neos Alius and he Set a back row.

Aaron drew and Set Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Matthew attacked with Stratos. The score was 5900 to 4900, Matthew leading. He Set another back row.

Aaron drew Heavy Storm and passed.

Matthew played a Neos Alius. Stratos attacked, then Neos Alius. Still in the Battle Phase, he played Super Polymerization to Fusion Summon The Shining! He was planning to win right here, but when it attacked, Aaron used Compulsory Evacuation Device!

Aaron drew Voltic. Aaron played Heavy Storm and Matthew Chained Hero Blast to get back Neos Alius. He lost Solemn Warning to Storm. Aaron Set Voltic and passed.

Neos Alius took down Voltic next turn, and Matthew Set one card to his back row.

Aaron drew Super Polymerization and Set it, but had nothing to discard! Next turn, Matthew’s Neos Alius attacked directly to end the Match!

Matthew Wilkinson takes the win in this HERO mirror match!