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Sunday Dragon Duel Final: Matthew Wilkinson versus Marion Smith IV

November 19th, 2012

This is the final battle for our Sunday Dragon Duel! Matthew Wilkinson is fresh off a Feature Match win last round, and looking for more. His opponent is yesterday’s Dragon Duel winner, Marion Smith IV! Marion has switched Decks from yesterday, now playing a Chaos Dragon Deck. Will Matthew’s experience give him the edge, or can Marion take a back-to-back victory at his first YCS? Let’s find out!

Matthew began the final round with Reinforcement of the Army, Dimensional Prison, Miracle Fusion, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Elemental HERO Stratos, and Photon Thrasher. He played Stratos and Marion used Effect Veiler on it. He Set Prison.

Marion played Charge of the Light Brigade, sending Dark Hole, Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to the Graveyard to add Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to his hand. He Normal Summoned it and destroyed Prison with its effect, then banished Tour Guide and Veiler to Special Summon Darkflare Dragon. Its effect let him send Lightpulsar Dragon from his hand and Eclipse Wyvern from his Deck to the Graveyard, banishing Matthew’s Dimensional Prison. Eclipse Wyvern banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from Marion’s Deck. Finally, Darkflare took out Stratos in battle. In the End Phase, Lyla sent Darkflare Dragon, Allure of Darkness, and Tour Guide to the Graveyard.

Matthew drew Bottomless Trap Hole. He perused his Extra Deck before he Special Summoned Photon Thrasher. He played Reinforcement of the Army next, adding Neos Alius to his hand. He Normal Summoned that and stacked his monsters for Heroic Champion – Excalibur, detaching its materials. He played Miracle Fusion next, banishing Stratos and Neos Alius for Elemental HERO The Shining! Excalibur took down Darkflare, and The Shining destroyed Lyla.

Marion played Lyla and it fell into Matthew’s Bottomless Trap Hole. Next he showed that his Graveyard had three DARKs, and Special Summoned Dark Armed Dragon! It banished Tour Guide to destroy Excalibur. He banished Eclipse and Darkflare for Lightpulsar Dragon, adding the banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to his hand with Eclipse, then banished Lightpulsar Dragon to Special Summon it. It revived the other Lightpulsar Dragon from the Graveyard, and finally Dark Armed Dragon destroyed The Shining to clear the way for all of Marion’s direct attacks!

Marion Smith IV takes the first Duel with the awesome power of Dark Armed Dragon and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon! The Duelists moved to their Side Decks, and were quickly underway again.

Marion Smith IV, looking for another win

Duel 2

Matthew started with Monster Reborn, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Torrential Tribute, Mystical Space Typhoon, Hero Blast, and Photon Thrasher. He Set Torrential Tribute and Mystical Space Typhoon.

Marion played Solar Recharge, discarding Lyla and sending Heavy Storm and Charge of the Light Brigade to the Graveyard! Not exactly what you want to lose… Unfazed, he played another Recharge, discarding Lyla and sending Lightpulsar Dragon and Mystical Space Typhoon to the Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Lyla and Matthew responded with Torrential Tribute. Marion Set two back row, losing Dimensional Prison in the End Phase to Matthew’s Mystical Space Typhoon.

Matthew drew Solemn Warning. He swiped Lightpulsar Dragon with Monster Reborn and attacked directly, then Normal Summoned Pachycephalo. He backed it up with Solemn Warning. (Waiting to play Pachycephalo was a great move on Matthew’s part. If Marion did have Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Matthew could get rid of it for good by Setting Pachycephalo, rather than just delaying Gorz if he had Normal Summoned it.)

Matthew Wilkinson knows what's up

Marion played Dark Hole to wipe the board, but had no followup.

Matthew drew Elemental HERO Stratos! He Special Summoned Thrasher and attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 he played Stratos and added Neos Alius to his hand, then stacked Thrasher and Stratos for Number 39: Utopia.

Marion played Card Trooper, and Matthew wasn’t about to let him fill his Graveyard – he negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.

Matthew drew Reinforcement of the Army next turn! He Summoned Neos Alius. It attacked directly, then Utopia was bounced away by Compulsory Evacuation Device. Matthew was still on a healthy 6000 Life Points, but Marion had only 1500.

Marion Set a monster and destroyed Neos Alius with Soul Taker.

Matthew drew Dimensional Prison. Reinforcement of the Army gave him Neos Alius, and he played it to destroy Marion’s Set Sangan in battle. Sangan searched out Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Matthew Set Dimensional Prison and Hero Blast.

Marion played Tour Guide next turn, but when it brought out another Guide, Matthew destroyed one with Hero Blast! He added Neos Alius back to his hand. Marion continued by banishing Sangan and Lyla to Special Summon Darkflare Dragon. He used its effect, discarding Lightpulsar Dragon and sending Eclipse Wyvern to the Graveyard to banish Matthew’s Stratos, then Eclipse banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from the Deck. He banished Eclipse and Tour Guide next to Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer! Eclipse put REDMD into his hand. He banished Darkflare Dragon to Special Summon REDMD and it revived Lightpulsar Dragon. Sorcerer banished Neos Alius., then Tour Guide attacked directly, followed by Lightpulsar Dragon. Red-Eyes tried to attack but was banished by Dimensional Prison.

Matthew drew Book of Moon. He Normal Summoned Neos Alius to run over Tour Guide, then Set Book.

Marion banished Neos Alius with Sorcerer, and Matthew blocked Lightpulsar Dragon’s attack with Book of Moon.

Matthew drew and Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Marion flipped up Lightpulsar Dragon only for it to fall in the Bottomless Trap Hole. He Set a monster and attacked directly with Chaos Sorcerer.

Matthew drew his last card: Solemn Warning! He didn’t have enough Life Points to last another turn, and offered his opponent the handshake!

Marion Smith IV wins both Dragon Duel tournaments at his very first YCS!