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Top 32 Feature Match: Joseph Giorlando Versus Norberto Leon

November 18th, 2012

Dino Rabbit’s been one of the top Decks in this tournament. A hot prospect heading into the weekend, many Duelists favored it for its advantages in the Mermail match-up. With the ability to negate key effects and make tremendous use of Macro Cosmos, it’s proven to be one of the most successful Decks here this weekend. This Match pits veteran Duelist and repeated YCS Top 32 player Joseph Giorlando, against YCS newcomer Norberto Leon. With Giorlando packing Dino Rabbit and Leon piloting Mermails, this might be an easy path to the Top 16 for Giorlando.

Leon opened the Match with a hand of Pot of Avarice; Soul Taker; Mermail Abysslinde; Starlight Road; Mirror Force; and Solemn Warning.  He Set Abysslinde and all three Trap Cards quickly, telegraphing the Starlight Road.

Giorlando Set three cards himself, all to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Leon drew Abyss-sphere and Flip Summoned Mermail Abysslinde, attacking for 1500 Battle Damage.

Giorlando Summoned Jurrac Guaiba and attacked into Mirror Force, giving a nod of surprise and bemusement.  “He has Traps…”  Guaiba was destroyed.

Leon drew and tried to Summon Genex Undine, but Giorlando negated the attempt with Solemn Warning.  He took another 1500 Battle Damage from Abysslinde, dropping to 3000 Life Points.  Leon Set Abyss-sphere.

Giorlando Set a fourth back row card and a monster.

Leon drew for his turn, and Giorlando flipped Macro Cosmos.  Leon Chained Solemn Warning to negate it!  Giorlando grudgingly nodded his head and swept Cosmos to the Graveyard.


Leon Normal Summoned Atlantean Dragoons, attacking into Book of Moon.  He attacked with Abysslinde next, bouncing harmlessly off Giorlando’s face-down Kabazauls.  Leon destroyed it in Main Phase 2 with Soul Taker.

Giorlando drew to two cards in hand with two cards Set in his back row.  Leon had one card in hand; two cards face-down in his Spell and Trap Card Zone; the face-down Dragoons, and the face-up Abysslinde.  He was effectively up two cards, or would be after his next Draw Phase if Giorlando couldn’t get some action going.  He had 4000 Life Points to Leon’s 6000, and looked frustrated as he dropped Dark Hole, thinking he was going to feed Leon an Abysslinde effect.  When Leon flipped Starlight Road, Giorlando had to Solemn Judgment it, leaving Leon to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo.  Giorlando destoyed it with Soul Taker.

Leon ripped Genex Undine, Summoned it, and when Giorlando responded by flipping his Mystical Space Typhoon only to walk into Leon’s Chained Abyss-sphere, he conceded knowing it was all over.

What looks like a bit of a rough draw for Jo Giorlando leads to an early-game clubbing from Mermail Abysslinde, of all things.  A series of unfavorable card exchanges makes victory academic for Norberto Leon, who was now just one win away from the Top 16!  Giorlando’s Dino Rabbit deck – which we now know goes so far as to Main Deck Macro Cosmos – should have a big advantage in this match-up.  But that first Duel was a disaster; could Giorlando pull it out?

Giorlando passed his first turn.

Leon had a hand of Gozen Match; Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord; Genex Controller; Torrential Tribute; Soul Taker; and Atlantean Marksman.


Leon got in there with Atlantean Marksman, scoring a direct shot for 1400 Battle Damage and then Special Summon Atlantean Dragoons with Marksman’s ability for another 1800 Battle Damage!  No Gorz the Emissary of Darkness or Tragoedia from Giorlando!  Leon Set Torrential and Gozen Match.

Giorlando Summoned Jurrac Guaiba and attacked fearlessly, destroying Marksman to Special Summon a second Guaiba from his Deck!  He overlaid them to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka, and Set four cards to his back row.

Leon drew Solemn Warning and blew away Dolkka with Soul Taker – or at least he tried.  Giorlando Chained Forbidden Lance to keep his Dolkka on the field.  Leon turned Dragoons to Defense Position and Set a Spell or Trap.

Giorlando drew to three cards in hand, with three cards Set in his back row and Dolkka on the field.  Leon had three cards Set in his back row; the seemingly-doomed Dragons; and two cards in hand.  Giorlando Summoned Spirit Reaper; Leon flipped Torrential Tribute; and Giorlando flipped Starlight Road!  Leon Chained the Warning he’d drawn last turn, and the field was cleared!  Giorlando pressed on, bringing back Reaper with Monster Reborn to make Leon discard his Genex Controller.

Leon drew Atlantean Heavy Infantry and Set it.  He only had two WATER monsters in his Graveyard.

Giorlando Summoned Sangan and ran it into Heavy Infantry, dropping to 4200 Life Points.


Leon drew and Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Giorlando Summoned Sabersaurus and Leon flipped Gozen Match, forcing Giorlando to pick between his Sabersaurus and his Sangan and Reaper: he ditched the DARKs, using Sangan’s effect to fetch Rescue Rabbit.  Sabersaurus ran over Heavy Infantry and Giorlando Set another Spell or Trap.

Leon drew and Set a second Mystical Space Typhoon.  Rough beat.

Giorlando hit him for 1900 with Sabersaurus.

Leon drew Mermail Abysslinde and Set it.

Giorlando went to enter his Battle Phase, and Leon flipped a Typhoon to destroy Giorlando’s Set Torrential Tribute, keeping things in Main Phase 1.  Giorlando Summoned Rescue Rabbit, and attacked with Sabersaurus: Leon flipped another Typhoon, this time destroying Giorlando’s Solemn Warning!  “Yes!”  Abysslinde was destroyed, and Leon got to Special Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo from his Deck, narrowly dodging the Warning.  Giorlando had two cards in hand; one card Set; and a field of Rabbit and Sabersaurus.  Leon had Abyssmegalo; Gozen Match; and one card in hand.  Giorlando banished Rabbit to Special Summon two more Sabersauruses, Xyz Summoning Gagaga Cowboy in Defense Position and burning Leon down to 2700 Life Points.


Leon drew Genex Undine!  He Summoned it, kicking Atlantean Marksman to his Graveyard to get Genex Controller.  Giorlando Chained the Marksman’s target, Forbidden Lance, to reduce Mermail Abyssmegalo’s ATK but Leon could finally Special Summon Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord!  It cost Giorlando his remaining two cards: Dark Hole and another Rescue Rabbit!  Giorlando shrugged with a smile and hunkered down to watch his own ruin.  Leon Tributed Undine for Abyssmegalo’s effect and took out the Cowboy in battle.

Giorlando drew to one card in hand, with Sabersaurus on the field.  He had 4200 Life Points left, so if he couldn’t pull something big here it was over.  He ran some numbers… What was his last card?  He turned Sabersaurus to Defense Position and Set a monster.

Leon drew Mirror Force.  He attacked Sabersaurus with Mermail Abyssmegalo, then swung with Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord on Giorlando’s  face-down Tour Guide from the Underworld.  Giorlando conceded moments later!


Joseph Giorlando has all the match-up advantages in the world, taking Macro Cosmos Dino Rabbits against Mermails, but the cards just don’t fall in his favor!  Tight play from Norberto Leon keeps him one step ahead for almost the entire Match, and Leon’s headed to the Top 16!