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QQ: What are you Side Decking?

February 17th, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Often times, you’ll find that individual choices in your Main and Side Decks are what decide Matches. Now we ask: What are YOU Side Decking to get an edge on the competition?

Magic Drain” – Michael Vilca

Macro Cosmos, Mind Crush” – Jonathan Modlin

Chain Disappearance” – Gustav Leon

Overworked” – Christian Bravo

Banisher of the Radiance” – Derrick Hill

Overworked!” – Will van Derenter

Tsukuyomi for the Agent matchup” – Andrew Mills

Breakthrough Skill” – Michael North

Spiritual Water Art – Aoi and Mind Crush. Hand manipulation.” – Michael Klasel

Dimensional Fissure” – Jeremy Lozano

Deck Devastation Virus” – Joseph Linch

Macro Cosmos, Prohibition, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon” – Jerry Rodriguez

Overall we saw a lot of Duelists mention Overworked, because it can wipe out a field of Fire Fists powered up by a Fire Formation, and can also be used against Inzektors. Numerous banishing cards like Macro Cosmos were also quite popular for the way they shut down Mermails and other strategies that need their Graveyard.