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QQ: What Type of Deck Box Do You Use?

February 18th, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Different Duelists sport all types of different Deck Boxes for their Decks. I surveyed this weekend’s field of Duelists here in Miami to see which type of Deck Box is most popular among them. Check out their answers!

“Single Deck Box because it’s simple.” –Javier Saldivar

“Double Deck Box, so my cards aren’t packed inside and crushed together.” –Justin Dominguez

“Double Deck Box.” –Zack Medlin

“Double because it’s easier to fit stuff.” –Yang Clien

“Metal Ultra Pro!! Because the Extra Deck is super accessible!!” –Joseph Linch

“Double Deck Box because it fits more cards.” –Adrian Saldivar

“Single because I don’t need that much space.” –Bobby Brake

“Single. It gets the job done. I can color code Decks, etc.” –Jerry Rodriguez

“Double Deck Box because there’s more room for tokens, Side Deck, etc.” –Andrew Mills

“Single. It carries the Deck I use for the tournament without using too much space.” –Antonio Russell

While some Duelists prefer using a more compact Single Deck Box, others prefer the extra space provided by a Double Deck Box. Use whichever Deck Box you’re most comfortable with using.