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Round 7 Feature Match: Miguel Chavez vs. Steven Veit-Quiles

February 17th, 2013

Miguel Chavez is here from Tallahassee, and he brought along his Wind-Up Deck. His opponent this round is Steven Veit-Quiles from Orlando, piloting a Fire Fist Deck.

Duel 1

Chavez started off with Wind-Up Rabbit and 2 back row cards.

Veit-Quiles had Heavy Storm, Bottomless Trap Hole, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Dragon, Solemn Warning, and Starlight Road. He played Storm to destroy Torrential Tribute and Heavy Storm. He Summoned Bear and attacked, and Chavez banished Rabbit. Bear hit directly instead and Set Tenki from the Deck. In Main Phase 2 he activated it and got another Bear. He Set Warning, Road, and Bottomless Trap Hole.

Chavez returned his Rabbit to play, then Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat. He activated his Wind-Up Shark from his hand. He activated Rabbit to banish Rat, then made Shark Level 3. He Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole. He Set a back row.

Veit-Quiles drew Monster Reborn. He Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Dragon and attacked directly with it, then Bear attacked into Dimensional Prison. Veit-Quiles Set Monster Reborn.

Chavez returned Rat to play and used it to bring Rabbit back to the field. Rabbit banished Rat again, and he Normal Summoned a new Rat, losing it to Veit-Quiles’s Solemn Warning. Chavez Set a back row card.

Veit-Quiles drew Tensu. He Summoned Bear and lost it to Warning, but just brought it back with Monster Reborn! When he started his attacks, Chavez conceded, unable to overcome the massive advantage Veit-Quiles had!

Steven Veit-Quiles takes a speedy first Duel! The Duelists moved to their Side Decks and we were quickly beginning the second Duel.

Steven Veit-Quiles

Duel 2

Chavez Set a monster with 2 back row cards.

Veit-Quiles had Rescue Rabbit, Torrential Tribute, Dimensional Prison, Heavy Storm, and 2 Gladiator Beast Andal. He played Heavy Storm, and Chavez negated it with Solemn Judgment. Veit-Quiles continued with Rescue Rabbit bringing 2 Gene-Warped Warwolves to the field and he stacked them for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King. Tiger King Set Tenki from his Deck, and Veit-Quiles activated it to add Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear to his hand. Veit-Quiles Set Prison and Torrential Tribute and passed without attacking. In the End Phase, Chavez flipped up his Royal Decree!

Chavez Flip Summoned Wind-Up Magician and Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit. Rabbit banished itself to trigger Magician’s effect, which Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark. Then Chavez Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaister! Zenmaister attacked Tiger King and took it down!

Veit-Quiles drew Bottomless Trap Hole. He Normal Summoned Bear and used it to send Tenki to the Graveyard and blow away Zenmaister. It attacked and Set Fire Formation – Tensu from his Deck. He played in in Main Phase 2 to Normal Summon Andal and Xyz Summon Tiger King, which gave him Tenki. He played that for another Bear and passed.

Chavez returned his Rabbit to play, then Normal Summoned Rat. Rat brought back Magician, then Chavez stacked Rat and Rabbit for Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. Chavez detached Rabbit from Zenmaity to Special Summon Rat from the Deck, and Magician Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark. Rat revived Shark, then both Sharks became Level 5. Chavez Xyz Summoned Tiras, Keeper of Genesis, then entered his Battle Phase. Tiras destroyed Tiger King, then Tiras’s effect blew away Dimensional Prison. Chavez Set a back row card.

Veit-Quiles drew Monster Reborn. He had 7600 to Chavez’s 2400, but he was in a bind with Tiras and Decree on the field. He Normal Summoned Bear and used it to send Tenki to the Graveyard and destroy Zenmaity. He Normal Summoned a second time thanks to Tenu, this time playing Andal. He stacked Andal and Bear for Tiger King, getting Tenki, which he used to get another Bear. He used Tiger King’s effect to negate Chavez’s monsters, then revived Bear with Monster Reborn. Bear pitched Tenki to destroy Tiras and Veit-Quiles passed, but after doing so much in his turn, he’d forgotten to attack! “I deserve to lose!” he exclaimed as he realized his mistake moments too late.

Chavez took advantage of the situation as he Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and stacked it with his Magician for Diamond Dire Wolf. He detached Magician to have Diamond Dire Wolf destroy Tiger King and his own Wind-Up Rat. Dire Wolf attacked Bear and Chavez passed.

Veit-Quiles drew Solemn Judgment. He used Bear’s effect to destroy Dire Wolf and attacked directly, getting Tensu. He activated it in Main Phase 2, then Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Chavez Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and destroyed Bear in battle, then Set a back row card.

Veit-Quiles drew his third Gladiator Beast Andal! It powered over Rai-Oh thanks to Tensu’s ATK boost, and Veit-Quiles Set his Solemn Judgment.

Chavez revived Wind-Up Rat with Monster Reborn! He Normal Summoned Wind-Up Magician, then had Rat bring back another Magician, and the first one Special Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit. Rabbit banished Rat, and the second Magician Special Summoned a new Rat. Chavez stacked his Magicians for Photon Papilloperative, and it turned Rat to attack position. Rat brought back Rabbit, which banished Rat. Chavez stacked his pair of Rabbits for Levairx, and it brought Rat to the field again. Rat revived Rabbit and he Xyz Summoned Number 20: Giga-Brilliant! He used its effect to power up his monsters, and entered his Battle Phase. Leviair took out Andal, and Papilloperative and Giga-Brilliant attacked directly.

Veit-Quiles drew Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla! He played it and had it send his Tensu to the Graveyard to FINALLY destroy Decree and get his traps online, but Chavez simply flipped another Decree! With only 700 Life Points, Veit-Quiles conceded immediately.

Miguel Chavez ties it up by capitalizing on Veit-Quiles’s mistake, and we’ve got a third Duel to play! Side Decking was quick, as time in the round was running low.

Miguel Chavez

Duel 3

Veit-Quiles began the final Duel with a hand of Bottomless Trap Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon, Dark Hole, Rivalry of Warlords, Tenki, and Gorilla. He played Gorilla and Set his traps.

Chavez Normal Summoned Sangan and crashed it into Gorilla. Gorilla Set Tenki on the field and Sangan put Wind-Up Shark into Chavez’s hand. It seemed like a desperate move to let Veit-Quiles activate Gorilla’s effect like that, but Chavez had a plan: he activated Heavy Storm in Main Phase 2! He finished with a card in his back row.

Veit-Quiles drew his own Heavy Storm. He played Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away Solemn Warning, then used Tenki to put Bear into his hand. Bear attacked first, and it Set Tenki on the field. Gorilla attacked directly, dropping Chavez to 4000 Life Points. In Main Phase 2 Veit-Quiles Xyz Summoned Tiger King and its effect Set Fire Formation – Tensen.

Chavez Normal Summoned Magician and Special Summoned Shark. Magician brought another Magician to the field. Shark became Level 5 and the new Magician brought out another Shark. That Shark also became Level 5. Using his whole field, Chavez Xyz Summoned both Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and Maestroke the Symphony Djinn! Maestroke flipped Tiger King face-down, and Tiras finished it off in battle. Maestroke attacked directly, then Tiras destroyed the face-down Tenki.

Veit-Quiles drew Gorilla. He played Dark Hole, and Maestroke detached a material, while Tiras just ignored it. Gorilla came down next, and it pitched Tenki to destroy Chavez’s Dimensional Prison. He played Tensen next, boosting his Gorilla to let it take down Maestroke in battle. Gorilla got Tensu from the Deck and Set it. Veit-Quiles flipped it in Main Phase 2, then Set his Heavy Storm.

Chavez Normal Summoned Rat and brought Shark back, turning it to Level 3. He Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaines and crashed it into Gorilla. Zenmaines stuck around by detaching a material. Tiras attacked next, destroying Gorilla. Tiras and Zenmaines destroyed Heavy Storm and Tensen, respectively.

Veit-Quiles drew Solemn Judgment and Set it.

Chavez played Pot of Avarice! He put five of his monsters back to the Deck, including his Maestroke and Sharks. Mystical Space Typhoon on Solemn Judgment followed by Tour Guide From the Underworld forced Veit-Quiles to offer the handshake!

Miguel Chavez is victorious with Wind-Ups!