YCS First-Timers

February 16th, 2013

YCS events aren’t just for seasoned players. For many, today marks their first foray into dueling on a premier level! We sat down with a few first-timers to get their thoughts.

Devan C. is 12 years old, and is from here in Miami. He’s participating in the Dragon Duel event today, using his Wind-Up Deck packing a powerful surprise – Number 53: Heart-eartH and Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon! Devan has been watching Yu-Gi-Oh! on TV since he was only 4 years old, and started playing when he was 6. “I’m so excited because this is my first YCS, and I’m ready to have a blast!” he said. He’s made a lot of new friends playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and usually plays with them at his local store. Here he is with his new favorite card, which he just got from a pack mere moments ago: Lightning Chidori!


Billy M. is 13 and also from Miami. He’s playing in the main event with his Mermail Deck. He first got interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME by watching the TV show. He began collecting cards and playing at school, then a couple years ago he built a Deck to play in a local tournament. He’s made a lot of friends by playing, including fellow first-timer Devan. Here’s Billy with his favorite card, Elemental HERO Stratos!


Sebastian C. is 20 years old and another Miami citizen. He’s brought a Chaos Dragon Deck packing all the usual suspects, as well as Judgment Dragon! He first got into the game by watching the anime, then getting a Starter Deck: Pegasus when he was 10. He stopped playing after middle school, but when he was 17 he wanted to try it out again. He went to a local tournament and said he lost very badly, but he’s made many powerful friends and is learning how to combat all the current top strategies. While his favorite old school card is Dark Magician, he opted to showcase his favorite cards in his Deck, including Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning!


Good luck to our first timers and all of the Duelists in attendance today!