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QQ: Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician?

March 23rd, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Everyone has a favorite classic monster, and for many Duelists, that monster is either the Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician. I asked the Duelists in attendance this weekend a very simple question: Blue-Eyes or Dark Magician?

“Blue-Eyes… 3000 ATK!!! That’s boss!” –Steven Hills

“Blue-Eyes for sure.” –Tyler Hashlock

“Blue-Eyes!” –Joseph Maddalena

Dark Magician.” –Kelvin Beel

“That mage.” –Alfredo Tiznado

Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” –Raymond Litman

Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” –Kyle Ferguson

Dark Magician.” –David Knauf

“Blue-Eyes.” –Alesandro Banda

Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” –Natasha Wawrzyriak

Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon both have their supporters, but it looks like Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the overwhelming favorite this weekend!