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Round 1 Feature Match: DeMarcus Beal vs. Jeremy Hoang

March 23rd, 2013

DeMarcus Beal, from Atlanta, Georgia, is packing a Deck that’s getting a lot of talk online lately: The Hunder Family! He’s packing a ton of Thunder monsters like Watts, and ways to make use of the powerful Thunder Sea Horse. He’s also able to take advantage of the new Starliege Paladynamo, since his monsters are all LIGHT. His opponent is Jeremy Hoang from right here in Austin, and he’s playing in his very first YCS with a Fire King Deck! Let’s begin Round 1!

Duel 1

Beal started off the YCS with a hand of Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Tragoedia, Wattcobra, Macro Cosmos, and Mahunder. He Set Macro and Torrential Tribute and passed.

He activated Macro during Hoang’s Draw Phase. Hoang Set a card to his back row and Normal Summoned Cardcar D, using its effect to draw 2 cards.

Beal drew Vylon Prism. He played Wattcobra and attacked directly, dealing 1000 damage, and then added another Wattcobra to his hand with its effect.

Hoang Normal Summoned Flamvell Firedog, and it attacked Wattcobra. Beal played Tragoedia when he took the damage, and Firedog couldn’t use its effect due to Macro Cosmos. Hoang Set a second card to his back row.

Beal drew Solemn Judgment. Tragoedia attacked Firedog, and Hoang bounced Tragoedia away with Compulsory Evacuation Device. Beal Set Judgment and Mirror Force.

Hoang Set a card to his back row and attacked with Firedog into Mirror Force.

Beal drew Mind Control. He Normal Summoned Mahunder and used its effect to Normal Summon Vylon Prism. He started to enter his Battle Phase, but Hoang used Threatening Roar. Beal then Synchro Summoned Thought Ruler Archfiend! He passed with an imposing field.

Hoang activated Onslaught of the Fire Kings to Special Summon Fire King High Avatar Garunix!

2700 is the magic number

Hoang entered his Battle Phase, crashing Garunix into Thought Ruler Archfiend to banish both monsters. He Set another card to his back row and Normal Summoned another Firedog.

Beal drew Wattpheasant. He Normal Summoned Wattcobra and attacked directly, prompting Hoang to bounce it away with Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Hoang Set one back row card and attacked directly with Firedog. Beal dropped to 5200 and played his Tragoedia again. Hoang Set a third back row card.

Beal drew Monster Reborn. He Normal Summoned Wattcobra and attacked directly with Wattcobra, adding his third Wattcobra to his hand. In Main Phase 2 he stole Firedog with Mind Control and Xyz Summoned Maestroke the Symphony Djinn in defense position.

Hoang Set a monster.

Beal drew Pot of Duality. Maestroke went to attack position and attacked the Set card, but Hoang put it face-down with Book of Moon. Tragoedia attacked next, revealing Spirit Reaper. In Main Phase 2 Beal used Pot of Duality to reveal Wattgiraffe, Threatening Roar, and Thunder Sea Horse. He picked the Sea Horse, discarding it to add 2 more Sea Horses to his hand! That Tragoedia was only going to get bigger with all those Sea Horse effects going off!

Hoang could only Set a monster.

Beal drew Dark Hole. He Flip Summoned Maestroke and Normal Summoned Wattpheasant – the perfect answer to Spirit Reaper. He used a Sea Horse to add 2 copies of Pahunder to his hand. Wattpheasant attacked directly for 1000 damage, banishing Reaper. Maestroke attacked and destroyed Maxx “C”, and Tragoedia delt 3600 damage. Hoang had 1400 Life Points remaining. In the End Phase Reaper returned to play.

Hoang Normal Summoned his third Flamvell Firedog and destroyed Wattpheasant in battle. Too late he realized he’d lose if Tragoedia destroyed Firedog, so he played Dark Hole in Main Phase 2. Maestroke survived with its effect. Hoang Set a third back row card.

Beal drew Wattgiraffe. He Normal Summoned Pahunder and used its effect to also play Wattgiraffe, then Xyz Summoned a second Maestroke! His Djinns attacked directly, ending the first Duel!

DeMarcus Beal takes a dominating first Duel, shutting out Jeremy Hoang’s Deck with a crushing first turn Macro Cosmos! The Duelists moved to their Side Decks. Hopefully Hoang has a way keep his cards from being banished this time!

Jeremy Hoang

Duel 2

Hoang led off with one back row card, then played Prohibition declaring Macro Cosmos. He played Cardcar D and used its effect, ending his turn.

Beal’s hand consisted of2 Threatening Roars, Macro Cosmos, Dark Hole, Messenger of Peace, and Wattcobra. He Normal Summoned Wattcobra and attacked, using its effect to get another Wattcobra. He played Messenger next, and Set Roar.

DeMarcus Beal

Hoang Set a monster.

Beal drew another Macro Cosmos, but it was no good with Prohibition out! He Normal Summoned his second Wattcobra and attacked with both, adding Wattcobra and Wattgiraffe to his hand. In Main Phase 2 he stacked his Watts for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, and Hoang negated its Summon with Solemn Warning. Hoang only had 3000 Life Points remaining, while Beal had only lost 100 Life Points from Messenger so far.

Hoang Set a back row card and used One Day of Peace, giving Beal a Pahunder. Hoang Set another monster and passed.

Beal drew Heavy Storm. He Set it along with Dark Hole and passed. He was waiting for One Day of Peace to wear off.

Hoang used Pot of Duality to reveal Torrential Tribute, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, and Fire King Avatar Barong. He chose Torrential Tribute. Beal was probably pretty pleased to see Gorz wouldn’t mess with his Dark Hole + Heavy Storm combo! Hoang Set a back row card.

Beal drew Thunder Sea Horse. He activated Dark Hole, destroying 2 copies of Fire King Avatar Barong! But would Hoang survive long enough to use them? Next, Beal played Heavy Storm, destroying Prohibition, and 2 Torrential Tributes! Beal Normal Summoned Pahunder and Normal Summoned Wattgiraffe with Pahunder’s effect. Both attacked directly, then he Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy in defense position to finish off the rest of Hoang’s Life Points with its effect!

DeMarcus Beal is moving ahead with his awesome Thunder Deck!