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Round 10 Feature Match: James Fehring vs. Gabriel Robles

March 25th, 2013

We have two Texan Duelists to start off Day 2. James Fehring is here from Houston, and he’s packing Mermails today. Gabriel Robles brought Spellbooks from his hometown of El Paso. These Duelists each have two losses so far, so a win is needed to have a shot at the Top 32.

Duel 1

Robles started off with a hand of Temperance of Prophecy, Breakthrough Skill, 2 Wonder Wands, Spellbook of Secrets, and Spellbook of Power. He played Secrets to get Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and played that to add Spellbook of the Master to his hand. He played Master, revealing Power to copy Secrets, and added The Grand Spellbook Tower to his hand. Wonder Wand came next, and he drew The Grand Spellbook Tower and Spellbook of Power by sending Magician to the Graveyard. He Set Breakthrough Skill and activated Tower.

Fehring played Mermail Abysslinde and attacked directly, then Set 2.

Robles drew Breaker the Magical Warrior. When he tried to use his Tower, Fehring destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Breaker and gave it a Spell Counter, then used Spellbook of Power on it. He attacked, but Fehring had Mirror Force! Robles sighed and activated his second Tower.

Fehring Normal Summoned Deep Sea Diva and Robles negated it with Breakthrough Skill. Diva and Abysslinde attacked directly.

Robles drew Spellbook of Wisdom. He used Tower to return Spellbook of the Master to the bottom of his Deck and drew Tsukuyomi. Temperance and Spellbook of Power came next, and Temperance destroyed Abysslinde in battle. Abysslinde Special Summoned Mermail Abyssleed. In Main Phase 2, Robles Tributed Temperance for High Priestess of Prophecy. High Priestess destroyed Abyssleed by banishing Tower from the Graveyard. He Set Spellbook of Wisdom. (Robles realized in Main Phase 2 that he’d forgotten the extra effect of Spellbook of Power, but it was too late.)

Fehring played Heavy Storm, and Robles Chained Wisdom to make High Priestess immune to Spell Cards. When his Tower was destroyed, Robles Special Summoned Temperance from his Deck. Fehring continued by playing Atlantean Marksman and tuning it to Diva for Ally of Justice Catastor, destroying High Priestess. Soul Taker took out Temperance.

Robles drew Spellbook of Life. He played Tsukuyomi to destroy Catastor, then Wonder Wand traded in Tsukuyomi for another Spellbook of Life and Tragoedia.

Fehring passed.

Robles drew Spellbook Magician of Prophecy! He Summoned it, adding Spellbook of Secrets to his hand, which gave him Spellbook of Eternity, which gave him The Grand Spellbook Tower. He activated Spellbook of Life, revealing Tower and banishing Magician to bring back High Priestess. He activated Tower, then Magician and High Priestess attacked directly.

Fehring cleared the field with Dark Hole, then Set a back row card.

Robles drew  Wonder Wand. Tower returned Power to the Deck, and he drew Threatening Roar. He Set it and Wonder Wand.

Fehring Set another back row card.

Robles drew Effect Veiler. Tower returned Wisdom and he drew Threatening Roar. He played the Veiler and traded it with Wonder Wand to draw another Threatening Roar and Dark Hole. Fehring played Abyss-sphere to get Abysslinde, and in the End Phase it went down, bringing out Mermail Abysspike. It discarded Mermail Abyssgunde to add Marksman to his hand, and Abyssgunde revived Abysslinde.

Fehring played the Marksman next, and Robles used Threatening Roar.

Robles drew Breaker the Magical Warrior, then Tower returned Eternity to give him another Breaker. He played one and attacked into Mirror Force with it just like before! In Main Phase 2 he activated Dark Hole, and Abysslinde brought out Abysspike. That discarded Atlantean Dragoons, and Fehring added Abysslinde and Diva to his hand. Robles Set Threatening Roar.

Fehring Normal Summoned Diva and got Marksman from his Deck, and once more he was stymied by Threatening Roar. In Main Phase 2 he Synchro Summoned Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier and returned Marksman to his hand.

Robles drew Spellbook of Fate. Tower returned Life, giving him Effect Veiler. He played Spellbook of Life, banishing Breaker to revive High Priestess once again. Priestess banished The Grand Spellbook Tower to destroy Dewloren, and Robles added Breaker to the field. Breaker and High Priestess attacked, leaving Fehring with only 100 Life Points! Robles Set Spellbook of Fate to finish.

Fehring activated Mermail Abyssmegalo, discarding Marksman and another Abyssmegalo. Marksman targeted Threatening Roar, and Robles Chained it, then he played Effect Veiler on Abyssmegalo! Fehring Set his last card, a monster, and Robles used Spellbook of Fate in the End Phase to banish it! Fehring knew he wouldn’t make it to another turn and conceded before revealing what the face-down monster was!

Gabriel Robles uses a neverending stream of Spellbooks to overcome James Fehring’s Mermail army! Side Decking was quick, and the second game was underway shortly.

Gabriel Robles

Duel 2

Fehring began with a Set card to each zone.

Robles had 2 Temperance, Effect Veiler, Threatening Roar, Monster Reborn, and Dark Hole. He Set Temperance, Reborn, and Roar.

Fehring passed.

Robles drew The Grand Spellbook Tower. He Flip Summoned Temperance, then activated Tower. Now he could activate Temperance, and used it to bring High Priestess from his Deck. Robles passed without attacking.

Fehring used Dark Hole, and his Abysslinde Special Summoned Abysspike. It discarded Dragoons for its effect, and Fehring put Marksman and Abyssmegalo in his hand. He activated Abyssmegalo, discarding Marksman and Mermail Abyssleed. Marksman destroyed Monster Reborn, but Abyssmegalo was negated by Robles’s Effect Veiler. Fehring continued with Diva, getting Atlantean Heavy Infantry from his Deck. He tuned Diva to Abysspike for Dewloren, then used his extra Normal Summon for another Diva! That gave him Marksman. He activated Abyssmegalo to Tribute Marksman, and Robles Chained Threatening Roar. Dewloren returned Diva, Abyssmegalo, and Infantry to the hand before Fehring passed.

Robles drew Spellbook of Life and conceded with no options! Even if he played Dark Hole, Fehring had everything he needed in his hand, and Robles had no Spellbooks. We’re going to a third Duel!

James Fehring

Duel 3

Robles started off the final Duel with 2 Spellbook Magicians of Prophecy, Threatening Roar, Spellbook of Eternity, Spellbook of Life, and The Grand Spellbook Tower. Magician gave him Spellbook of Secrets, which gave him Spellbook of the Master. Master revealed Tower to copy Secrets, giving him Spellbook of Fate. He played Tower and Set Roar.

Fehring played Heavy Storm, and Robles Chained Roar. When Tower went down, it Special Summoned Temperance from the Deck. Fehring Set a monster.

Robles drew High Priestess. Spellbook Magician of Prophecy got him Spellbook of Secrets, Secrets got Spellbook of the Master, and Master copied Secrets to get Spellbook of Power. He Tributed Temperance to get High Priestess from his Deck, then stacked his Spellbook Magicians for Shine Elf. He played Spellbook of Power on Elf, and it destroyed Abysslinde in battle. Abysslinde brought out Abysspike, and Power gave Robles Spellbook of Wisdom. Abysspike wasn’t Summoned last, so it missed the timing to activate its effect. Priestess attacked and destroyed Abysspike. Robles Set Wisdom and Fate to finish.

Fehring revived Abysspike with Monster Reborn, and it discarded Marksman for its effect. He added Abyssgunde to his hand, and Marksman targeted Fate. Robles Chained it, banishing Tower, Secrets, and Master to banish Abysspike. Mystical Space Typhoon targeted Wisdom next, and Robles Chained it to make High Priestess immune to Spells. Fehring played his last card, Abyssmegalo, discarding Abyssmegalo and Abyssgunde. He added Abyss-sphere to his hand, then revived Abyssmegalo. Shine Elf decreased both Abyssmegalos by 500 ATK. Fehring stacked his Sea Serpents for Number 11: Big Eye then, swiping High Priestess and attacking Shine Elf with it. He Set the Abyss-sphere he’d added to his hand.

Robles drew Temperance. Spellbook of Eternity added Spellbook of Secrets to his hand, then he played Temperance to bring High Priestess from his Deck. He activated its effect to destroy Big Eye, banishing Spellbook of Power. He played Secrets next, adding Power to his hand. He played Power on Priestess and destroyed the other Priestess, and Power got him a Tower. He played it and passed. Before the turn could end, Fehring used Abyss-sphere to bring out Abysslinde, and in the End Phase it was destroyed to Special Summon Abyssleed.

Fehring sent Abyssleed to destroy High Priestess.

Robles drew Wonder Wand. With Tower, he recycled Spellbook of Eternity and drew Spellbook of Secrets. That got him Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, which in turn got Spellbook of Eternity. Wonder Wand traded the Magician for Breaker and Maxx “C”. Spellbook of Life revived High Priestess by banishing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and Priestess destroyed Abyssleed by banishing Spellbook of Fate. Priestess attacked, then Eternity gave Robles Fate once more. He Set it and passed.

Fehring had only two cards, and he know Robles had Spellbook of Fate with a loaded Graveyard. He Set a back row card, and Robles banished it with Fate – a Mind Crush.

Robles drew Dimensional Fissure. Tower shuffled a Spellbook back to give him another Breaker. When he Summoned it, Fehring conceded, his Life Points too low to take another assault!

Gabriel Robles is moving on with a great shot at making the Top 32 with Spellbooks!