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Round 11 Feature Match: Raul Torres vs. Jesse Aguirre

March 25th, 2013

Raul is from Austin, Tx, Jesse is from Phoenix, AZ

We’re in the last round of Swiss play! These Duelists each have two losses, so they really need to take a win for a shot at being in the Top 32. Raul Torres is from right here in Austin, and he’s one of the few remaining Genex Mermail players. After the release of Abyssteus and Abyssleed, the Mermail Deck packing Genex Undine has declined in popularity, but a few Duelists are still sticking by it. Jesse Aguirre is from Phoenix, AZ, and he’s among the Mermail players who’ve skipped Undine altogether. He’s packing a secret card in his Extra Deck that he says has won him several Matches already in this tournament. Only one Duelist will move on with a shot at the Top 32, who will it be? Let’s find out!

Duel 1

Torres started off with a Set back row card.

Aguirre began the last Swiss round with a hand of 2 Deep Sea Divas, Atlantean Heavy Infantry, Mermail Abyssleed, Abyss-sphere, and Mermail Abyssgunde. He led off with Infantry, then used his extra Summon on Diva. He brought out Atlantean Marksman, and Torres had Torrential Tribute! Aguirre Set Abyss-sphere to finish.

Torres tried to attack with a Mermail Abysslinde, and Aguirre used Abyss-sphere for an Abysslinde of his own. Torres crashed his Abysslinde into Aguirre’s, and both Duelists got a new Mermail from the Deck. Aguirre chose Mermail Abysspike, and Torres chose Mermail Abyssmegalo. Abysspike missed its activation window, since it was Summoned at Chain Link 2 (Since Torres was the turn player, his Abysslinde went on the Chain first. Aguirre’s Abysslinde was Chain Link 2. Since it’s a “When… you can…” Trigger Effect, Abysspike’s Summon needs to be the last thing to happen in order to activate.). Abyssmegalo destroyed Abysspike.

Aguirre drew another Abysspike. He activated Abyssleed, discarding Diva, Abysspike, and Abyssgunde! Abyssgunde Special Summoned Abysslinde, and Abyssleed added Abyss-sphere back to Aguirre’s hand. He sent Abysslinde to attack Abyssmegalo, and Aguirre got Abyssmegalo. Abyssleed destroyed Torres’s  Abyssmegalo, then Aguirre’s Abyssmegalo attacked directly. He Set Abyss-sphere.

Torres played Heavy Storm, Aguirre Chained Abyss-sphere for Abysslinde, and when Abyss-sphere was destroyed, he got Mermail Abyssteus. But Torres had Dark Hole! When Torres activated Abyssmegalo next, Aguirre conceded, with no cards left to fight back!

Jesse Aguirre tries to make a risky Abyssleed play, but Raul Torres wiped him out with Heavy Storm and Dark Hole! Side Decking went quickly, and the second Duel was underway.

Jesse Aguirre

Duel 2

Aguirre went first this time, with a hand of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Abyss-sphere, Mystical Space Typhoon, Deep Sea Diva, Atlantean Marksman, and Mermail Abysslinde. He Set Abysslinde and Abyss-sphere.

Torres also Set a card to each zone. Before the turn’s end, Aguirre activated Abyss-sphere, but Torres Chained Mystical Space Typhoon from his hand.

Raul Torres

Aguirre drew Abyssmegalo. He flipped Abysslinde, then Set Mystical Space Typhoon. Before the End Phase, Torres played his own Abyss-sphere. He got Abysslinde, and it was destroyed in the End Phase, getting Abyssmegalo to the field. Aguirre visibly was regretting that he Set the Mystical Space Typhoon, now unable to Chain it to Abyss-sphere.

Torres Flip Summoned Marksman, then Tributed it with Abyssmegalo. Marksman destroyed Aguirre’s Typhoon. Torres played Diva next, bringing along Atlantean Heavy Infantry. Salvage put Marksman and Abysslinde back to his hand, and he Normal Summoned Marksman next. He tuned Diva to Infantry and Synchro Summoned Armory Arm! He equipped it to Abyssmegalo. It attacked and wiped out Abysslinde, which Special Summoned Mermail Abysspike. Aguirre discarded Marksman to add Mermail Abyssgunde to his hand with Abysspike’s effect. Abyssmegalo attacked a second time, destroying Abysspike, and Armory Arm dealt 1600 damage. Marksman attacked directly and brought out Atlantean Dragoons, but Aguirre’s Gorz the Emissary of Darkness prevented that from hitting directly. Dragoons destroyed the Emissary of Darkness Token.

Aguirre drew Torrential Tribute. He thought a moment. “Go hard or go home,” he said. He ran some numbers, then used Abyssmegalo, discarding Abyssgunde and Diva. Abyssmegalo added Abyss-squall to his hand, and Abyssgunde revived Abysslinde. He crashed Abysslinde into Atlantean Dragoons, and Special Summoned Abyssleed from his Deck. Gorz destroyed Marksman, and Abyssleed destroyed Dragoons. In Main Phase 2, he stacked his three monsters, and Xyz Summoned Number 7: Lucky Straight!

The Luckiest Straight of All

He rolled…  a 2 and a 3. He tried again, this time hitting 5 and 2! He sent every other card to the Graveyard! He activated it one more time, hitting 4 and 6, jumping to 4200 ATK! Aguirre Set Abyss-squall and Torrential Tribute.

Torres returned everything but Armory back to his Deck with Pot of Avarice, getting two new cards. He played Atlantean Heavy Infantry, then Deep Sea Diva. He Special Summoned Atlantean Marksman, and Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon, destroying everything. Aguirre Chained Abyss-squall, and Special Summoned three monsters, including Abysslinde. When it was destroyed, he got Abyssmegalo from his Deck. Torres destroyed it with Dark Hole.

Aguirre drew Abyssmegalo, and could do nothing.

Torres Normal Summoned Abysslinde and attacked directly, taking the Match!

Raul Torres overcomes a monstrous Lucky Straight, and is moving on with a chance at the Top 32!