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Round 2 Feature Match: Damien Cope vs. Brittney Martinez

March 23rd, 2013

Damien Cope is from Shreveport, LA, and he’s banking on Dino Rabbit to take him to the finals. His opponent is Brittney Martinez from Corpus Christi. This is her very first YCS, and she’s piloting a Blackwing Deck. With the newly unlimited status on Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow, she should have an edge when it comes to battles.

Duel 1

Cope began with Dark Hole,2  Sabersauruses, Kabazauls, Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Starlight Road. He Normal Summoned Sabersaurus and Set Road.

Martinez Normal Summoned Blackwing – Jin the Rain Shadow! It attacked and took out Sabersaurus with its effect, and Martinez Set a back row card.

Cope drew his third Sabersaurus – rough draws! He Normal Summoned Kabazauls and it attacked Jin, but Martinez won the battle using Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow!

Martinez Normal Summoned Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and attacked with both of her monsters, dropping Cope to 5300 Life Points. She Set a second back row card.

Cope drew Mirror Force. He tried to clear the field with Dark Hole, but Martinez had Starlight Road! She Special Summoned a Stardust Dragon to bolster her field. When Cope tried to follow up with Tour Guide, Martinez negated it with Solemn Warning! Cope could only Set Mirror Force.

Damien Cope

Martinez attacked with all her monsters, and Cope had merely 400 Life Points.

Cope drew Pot of Duality next turn, revealing Macro Cosmos, Torrential Tribute, and Kabazauls. He chose Macro. He played Sabersaurus next, and Set Macro.

In Martinez’s Draw Phase, Cope flipped Macro. Jin the Rain Shadow attacked Sabersaurus. When Cope played Mirror Force, Stardust Dragon negated it, sealing the first Duel in Martinez’s favor!

Brittney Martinez takes Duel number one using a surprising Jin the Rain Shadow to take down Damien Cope’s dinosaurs!

Duel 2

Cope started began the second Duel with Sabersaurus, Forbidden Lance, Pot of Duality, Bottomless Trap Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Kabazauls. He played Pot of Duality first, choosing Rescue Rabbit instead of Forbidden Lance or another Pot of Duality. Next, he… Normal Summoned the Rabbit? He’d intended to use its effect, but forgot that he couldn’t Special Summon after Pot of Duality! “Misplay!” he laughed, as he put his head in his hands. “Misplay!!!” his friends jeered from the sidelines. He Set Bottomless Trap Hole and Forbidden Lance. Maybe, just maybe, he could protect the Rabbit for a turn.

Brittney Martinez

But it wasn’t meant to be, as Martinez had Heavy Storm! She followed that up with Shura, destroying Rabbit in battle. Shura’s effect brought Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind to the field, which attacked directly.

Cope drew another Sabersaurus. He Normal Summoned it and attacked Gale, but lost the battle thanks to Kalut. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Gale and Shura attacked directly, and Martinez passed. Cope had only 1300 Life Points left.

Cope drew Heavy Storm. He Normal Summoned Kabazauls and attacked Gale, but Martinez had another Kalut to clinch the win!

Brittney Martinez is victorious with Blackwings! She gave all the credit for her Deck to her husband, who built it. It was his idea to use Jin the Rain Shadow, since he too is a Dino Rabbit player. He knew it could help take out a surprising number of monsters, especially when backed by a Kalut. Cool stuff!