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Round 3 Feature Match: Courtney Weatherly vs. Kevin Gordon

March 23rd, 2013

Courtney Weatherly is here from Oklahoma City, Kevin is from Houma, LA

Duel 1

Gordon began with Reborn Tengu and 2 back row cards.

Weatherly had a hand of 2 High Priestesses of Prophecy, Justice of Prophecy, Threatening Roar, Spellbook of Fate, and Tragoedia. She didn’t have much to work with, so she passed.

Gordon Normal Summoned Gene-Warped Warwolf. Warwolf attacked first, and Weatherly dropped her Tragoedia. In Main Phase 2, Gordon Xyz Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King and Set Fire Formation – Tenki from his Deck. He activated it and added Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear to his hand. He detached Tengu from Tiger King for its effect.

Weatherly drew Spellbook of Life. She Set Threatening Roar.

Gordon Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla and sent Tenki to the Graveyard for its effect, and Weatherly Chained Threatening Roar. He detached a material from Tiger King again, and Set a third back row card.

Weatherly drew another Justice of Prophecy. She Normal Summoned Justice, and Gordon cleared the field with Torrential Tribute!

He followed up with Bear next turn. It attacked directly and its effect Set Tenki from the Deck. In Main Phase 2 he activated it to get another Bear. He Set one more back row card.

Weatherly drew Breaker the Magical Warrior. It came down, but got locked down by Fiendish Chain.

Gordon had Bear destroy Breaker by sending Tenki to the Graveyard. Bear attacked directly, and Weatherly had only 2800 Life Points left. Bear’s effect got another Tenki, and in Main Phase 2 Gordon used it to get his third Bear into his hand. He filled his back row now, with Tenki and four face-downs.

Courtney Weatherly

Weatherly drew Spellbook of Fate. She revealed her three Spellbooks to activate High Priestess’s effect, and Gordon used Fiendish Chain on it when it hit the field. Weatherly continued by using her other High Priestess’s effect! It hit the field and she played Spellbook of Life next, banishing Justice, and Gordon negated that with Solemn Judgment. Now that she had a Spellbook in the Graveyard, she could use High Priestess’s effect. She banished Spellbook of Life to destroy Fiendish Chain. High Priestess attacked, but Gordon had Fire Formation – Tensen! Bear gained 1000 total ATK and destroyed High Priestess. In Main Phase 2, Weatherly Normal Summoned Justice of Prophecy. She used its effect to add Spellbook of Secrets and High Priestess to her hand.

Gordon used Bear’s effect to destroy High Priestess, then Normal Summoned another Bear. He attacked with both Bears, and Weatherly couldn’t stop him!

Kevin Gordon takes the first Duel, as Courtney Weatherly starts off with a few rough draw, getting her Spellbooks all too late. Can she make a comeback in the second Duel?

Duel 2

Weatherly began this time with Monster Reborn, Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Spellbook of Wisdom, Spellbook of Life, Spellbook of Fate, and Spellbook of Power. She Normal Summoned Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to add Spellbook of Secrets to her hand. She played Secrets, adding Spellbook of the Master to her hand. She played Master next, revealing Power copying Secrets. She added The Grand Spellbook Tower to her hand. She activated Tower and Set Fate.

Kevin Gordon

Gordon played Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Weatherly activated Fate. She banished Secrets and Master, but Gordon used Forbidden Lance on Rai-Oh. He played Fire Formation – Tensu next, and Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. Rai-Oh destroyed Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, then Bear attacked directly. Bear’s effect put Tenki face-down on the field, but it wouldn’t be useful while Rai-Oh was out. Gordon Set another back row card.

Weatherly drew Temperance of Prophecy. She used Tower in the Standby Phase to return Fate to the Deck and draw Breaker the Magical Warrior. She Normal Summoned Temperance and powered it up with Spellbook of Power. Temperance attacked Rai-Oh, and it went down! With Rai-Oh gone, Weatherly was free to use Spellbook of Power’s lingering effect to add Spellbook of Secrets to her hand. She used Temperance’s effect in Main Phase 2 to Special Summon High Priestess of Prophecy, then activated Spellbook of Secrets to get Spellbook of the Master. She played Master, revealing Wisdom and copying Secrets, and added Spellbook of Fate to her hand, but Gordon activated Mind Crush to make her discard it! High Priestess banished Spellbook of the Master to destroy Tensu, then she revived Thunder King Rai-Oh with Monster Reborn. She Set Spellbook of Wisdom before ending her turn.

(Weatherly could have Chained Spellbook of Fate after Mind Crush. She would have gotten to use Fate, AND Mind Crush would have failed, making Gordon discard a card instead. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, she hadn’t realized this was an option.)

Gordon activated Tenki, knowing he was unable to search due to Rai-Oh. He sent Tenki to the Graveyard for Bear’s effect so he could destroy High Priestess. He followed that with Rescue Rabbit! He banished it and Special Summoned 2 Gene-Warped Warwolves. He had a Warwolf take down Rai-Oh, then his other Warwolf and Bear attacked directly. Bear’s effect Set Tenki on the field, and he played it in Main Phase 2 to add Bear to his hand. Finally, he used all of his monsters to Xyz Summon Number 16: Shock Master, and used its effect on Spell Cards!

(Gordon shouldn’t have been able to activate the second Tenki. Luckily, in this case, it didn’t affect the Duel. He could have just played it next turn anyway.)

Weatherly drew Spellbook of Life. Tower returned Secrets to the Deck, and Weatherly drew Royal Decree. With her spells unavailable, she only had Breaker and Decree as options. She Set Decree, played Breaker, and destroyed Tenki.

Gordon blasted her with Heavy Storm! Weatherly Chained Spellbook of Wisdom on Breaker, naming Spell Cards. When Tower was destroyed, she had four Spellbooks in her Graveyard, so she used its effect to Special Summon Apprentice Magician in defense position. Gordon followed up with Thunder King Rai-Oh. He attacked Breaker with Shock Master. He chose not to attack Apprentice. In Main Phase 2 he used Shock Master, declaring Spell Cards again.

Weatherly drew Mystical Space Typhoon. She Set it and passed.

Gordon used Shock Master on monsters this time, and Shock Master attacked Apprentice. Rai-Oh attacked directly to end the Match!

Kevin Gordon is moving on, undefeated with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist!