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Top 16 Feature Match: Alexander Chavira vs. Galo Orbea

March 25th, 2013

Rockwell, TX and Ecuador

Alexander Chavira is a Monarch Duelist Rockwell, TX, Duelist. He’s using a Frog Monarch Deck, a bit different than the ones we’ve seen lately. He’s playing less Frogs than normal, and no Sea Lancers. His opponent is Galo Orbea from Ecuador, a YCS Champion! Can Galo take a second win, or will Chavira make an upset?

Duel 1

Orbea started this Top 16 Duel with a Set spell or trap.

Chavira opened with 2 Raiza the Storm Monarch, Swap Frog, Treeborn Frog, Foolish Burial, and Tragoedia. He Normal Summoned Swap, sending a Treeborn Frog to the Graveyard. Swap Frog attacked directly, then returned to the hand in Main Phase 2.

Orbea added a second card to his back row.

Chavira drew Ronintoadin. He brought Treeborn back in the Standby Phase, then Tributed it for Raiza. He spun a Set card to the top Orbea’s Deck. He discarded Ronintoadin for Swap Frog’s Special Summon, and sent another Swap to the Graveyard. Swap and Raiza both attacked, dropping Orbea to 3600 Life Points. Swap Frog returned Raiza to the hand, then Ronintoadin banished a Swap to revive itself. Chavira stacked his amphibians for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu in defense position.

Orbea played Deep Sea Diva, and brought Atlantean Marksman along with it. He tuned them together for Ally of Justice Catastor! It attacked, and it took off both Xyz Materials from Gachi Gachi Gantetsu with a combination of its effect and battle.

Chavira drew Battle Fader. He revived Treeborn again, and Tributed it for Raiza, but Orbea negated the Summon with Solemn Judgment.

Orbea played Mermail Abysspike, sending Atlantean Heavy Infantry to the Graveyard to activate its effect. He searched out Mermail Abysslinde, then destroyed Gachi Gachi with Infantry. He didn’t attack.

Chavira drew another Raiza. He revived Treeborn and once again Tributed it for Raiza, bouncing away Catastor. Raiza destroyed Abysspike in battle, leaving Orbea with 1000 Life Points.

Orbea played Abysslinde and crashed it into Raiza, dropping to only 100 Life Points! He Special Summoned Mermail Abyssleed from his Deck to destroy Raiza, and Chavira Special Summoned the Tragoedia in his hand when he took Battle Damage. Tragoedia would have 3000 ATK next turn, so in Main Phase 2, Orbea played Dark Hole.

Chavira drew Caius the Shadow Monarch! He brought back Treeborn and attacked with it to try taking the win, but Orbea had Abyss-sphere! He Special Summoned Abysslinde in defense position. In Main Phase 2, Chavira Tribute Summoned Caius and had it banish itself, dealing 1000 damage to win the Duel!

Alexander Chavira controls the Duel the whole way through, and Galo Orbea is unable to get anything going! Orbea will be going first in the second Duel. The Duelists shook hands, and the second Duel begun.

Duel 2

Orbea began with two cards in his back row.

Chavira had Effect Veiler, 2 Enemy Controllers, Treeborn, Caius, and Pot of Duality. He played Duality, choosing Vanity’s Fiend instead of Battle Fader or Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set Treeborn. Before the End Phase, Orbea used Abyss-sphere to get Mermail Abysslinde from the Deck. Chavira then decided he wanted to Set an Enemy Controller. In the End Phase, Abysslinde was destroyed, bringing Mermail Abysspike to the field. Orbea discarded Atlantean Dragoons for its effect, then he added Atlantean Marksman and Deep Sea Diva to his hand.

Orbea continued on his own turn by discarding Marksman and Mermail Abyssgunde for Mermail Abyssmegalo. Marksman targeted Chavira’s Treeborn, Abyssgunde targeted Abysslinde, and Abyssmegalo activated. Chavira Chained Enemy Controller, Tributing Treeborn to target Abyssmegalo, and Orbea used Solemn Judgment! Controller was negated, Orbea added Abyss-squall to his hand, then Special Summoned Abysslinde from his Graveyard. Orbea tried to let Abyssmegalo attack twice this turn by Tributing Abysspike, and Chavira negated Abyssmegalo with Effect Veiler. Orbea pressed further with Deep Sea Diva, bringing Marksman to the field. Finally, the Battle Phase! Marksman attacked first, bringing Dragoons to the field. Diva, Abysslinde, Dragoons, and Abyssmegalo all hit directly, reducing Chavira’s Life Points to 700! Orbea stacked Abysslinde and Marksman for Wind-Up Zenmaines, then tuned Diva to Dragoons for Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier. He Set two back row cards.

Chavira drew Soul Exchange! He returned Treeborn to the field, then Tributed it with Enemy Controller to steal Abyssmegalo. Still in the Standby Phase, he returned Treeborn once again. Abyssmegalo destroyed Dewloren, then Chavira Tributed Abyssmegalo for Vanity’s Fiend.

Orbea cleared the field with Dark Hole! He saved his Zenmaines with by detaching an Xyz Material, and it attacked directly to end the Duel!

Galo Orbea evens the score, and we’re going to a third Duel! The winner here is moving on to the Top 8.

Duel 3

Chavira began this time with Soul Exchange, Vanity’s Fiend, Caius, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Swap Frog, and Battle Fader. He played his Frog first, sending Treeborn to the Graveyard before returning Swap Frog to his hand.

Orbea played Atlantean Marksman, but Chavira blocked its attack with Battle Fader. Orbea Set two back row cards.

Chavira drew Monster Reborn. He returned Treeborn to his field. He Tributed it for Vanity’s Fiend, only to lose it to Bottomless Trap Hole. Chavira thought a moment, and passed.

Orbea added a second Marksman to his field! One of them took out Fader, and the second struck directly. Its effect brought Atlantean Dragoons to the field, but when it attacked, Chavira played his Gorz! He Special Summoned it along with an 1800 ATK/DEF Emissary of Darkness Token. Still during the Battle Phase, Orbea played Abyss-sphere to bring out Mermail Abysslinde. He sent that to attack Gorz, and it Special Summoned Mermail Abyssleed from his Deck. He traded Abyssleed with Gorz in battle, then Set a card to his back row.

Chavira drew Treeborn, and the time limit in the round was called. After this turn, there would be three additional turns. Chavira brought back the Treeborn in his Graveyard and Tributed it for Caius the Shadow Monarch. It banished Dragoons, but was in turn banished by Bottomless Trap Hole. Chavira turned his Emissary of Darkness Token to attack position, then discarded Treeborn to Special Summon Swap Frog. He sent Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He banished a Treeborn to bring Ronintoadin to the field, then played Monster Reborn to revive Gorz! Gorz destroyed a Marksman, the Emissary of Darkness Token took out the other, then Ronintoadin and Swap hit directly. In Main Phase 2, he used Swap Frog’s effect to return Gorz to his hand, then Xyz Summoned Gachi Gachi Gantetsu in defense position. The score stood at 4800 to 4000, with Chavira leading.

Orbea Normal Summoned Abysslinde, then played Monster Reborn on Abyssleed! Abyssleed stripped Gachi Gachi of an Xyz Material, then Abysslinde collided into Chavira’s token. Its effect brought out Abyssmegalo, which destroyed the token with its attack. In Main Phase 2, Orbea stacked his mermonsters for Mermail Abyssgaios!

Chavira drew Effect Veiler. He brought Treeborn back, and used Soul Exchange to Tribute Abyssgaios and Treeborn for Gorz! He banished Treeborn to bring out Ronintoadin in defense position.

Orbea’s turn was the last one in End of Match procedures. He tried playing Diva, but Chavira’s Effect Veiler meant he was the victor!

Alexander Chavira is moving to the Top 8 with Frog Monarchs!