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Top 8 Feature Match: Alfredo Tiznado vs. Geo Navarro

March 25th, 2013

Al Tiznado is from Loredo, TX, and is the last remaining Fire Fist Duelist in competition. He’s facing off with Geo Navarro, from Dallas, TX. Geo is the last remaining Dino Rabbit Duelist. Only one Deck and one Duelist can move on to the semifinals!

Duel 1

Tiznado began with Gene-Warped Warwolf and three cards in his back row.

Navarro started with 2 Kabazauls, Rescue Rabbit, Jurrac Guaiba, Fiendish Chain, and Bottomless Trap Hole. He started with the Rabbit, and it brought 2 Sabersauruses to the field. Tiznado played Torrential Tribute, then Forbidden Lance to keep his Gene-Warped Warwolf on the field! Navarro Set Chain and Bottomless.

Tiznado attacked directly and Set another back row card.

Navarro drew Sabersaurus. With three fourths of his hand Normal Monsters, he simply passed.

Tiznado played Reborn Tengu. He followed up with Fire Formation – Tensu, then attacked directly with Tengu and Warwolf.

Navarro drew Macro Cosmos. He played Sabersaurus, Set Macro, and lost it in the End Phase to Tiznado’s Mystical Space Typhoon.

Gene-Warped Warwolf took down Sabersaurus next turn, and Tengu left Navarro at only 100 Life Points! Tiznado Set a back row card.

Navarro drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set Kabazauls and Typhoon.

Tiznado played Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, and it was banished by Bottomless Trap Hole. Warwolf destroyed Kabazauls, but Tengu’s attack was halted by Fiendish Chain. In Main Phase 2, Tiznado Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy to fire off 800 damage and finish the Duel!

Al Tiznado lays on the beatdown, while Geo Navarro draws a ton of Normal Monsters! Navarro will be going first this time, a huge advantage when your Deck is capable of playing Evolzar Laggia.

Geo Navarro

Duel 2

This time, Navarro had Tour Guide From the Underworld, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Mirror Force, Mystical Space Typhoon, Macro Cosmos, and Soul Taker. He played Rai-Oh and Set both of his traps.

Tiznado destroyed Rai-Oh right off with Dark Hole. That allowed him to play Pot of Duality, choosing Bottomless Trap Hole instead of 2 Torrential Tributes. He Summoned Gene-Warped Warwolf and dealt 2000 damage, then backed it with three face-down spells or traps.

Navarro drew another Mystical Space Typhoon. He played his Tour Guide and brought a second Guide to the field. He stacked the Fiends for Wind-Up Zenmaines in defense position, then Set a Typhoon.

Tiznado passed.

Navarro drew Torrential Tribute and Set it.

Tiznado added a fourth card to his back row.

Navarro drew Forbidden Lance. He passed.

Tiznado passed.

Navarro drew Macro Cosmos. He played Soul Taker to destroy Warwolf, and Tiznado saved it with Forbidden Lance. Navarro turned Zenmaines to attack position, destroying Warwolf in battle instead.

Tiznado Set a monster, then Set a fourth and fifth card to his back row!

Navarro drew Starlight Road. He attacked the Set monster: Snowman Eater. It took an Xyz Material from Zenmaines, and Zenmaines. He Set Road, and when Zenmaines tried to destroy Snowman Eater in the End Phase, Tiznado played Fiendish Chain, but Navarro destroyed Chain with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Tiznado played Fire Formation – Tenki and added Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear to his hand. He Summoned it, and Navarro used Torrential Tribute, but Tiznado used Solemn Judgment! At the resolution of the Chain, Navarro played Macro Cosmos to prevent Bear from using its effect. Bear attacked Zenmaines and Navarro detached an Xyz Material from it. Bear’s effect Set Tenki on the field. In the End Phase, Zenmaines destroyed Bear.

Navarro drew Snowman Eater. He attacked directly with Zenmaines. Tiznado used Mirror Force, and Navarro saved Zenmaines with Forbidden Lance.

Tiznado flipped his Tenki, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon. He followed that up with Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Special Summoned another Guide from his Deck. He stacked them for his own Zenmaines! Zenmaines attacked Zenmaines, and Navarro’s was destroyed. Tiznado’s stuck around, then destroyed Starlight Road in the End Phase.

Navarro drew Kabazauls. He Set it.

Zenmaines attacked, but Kabazauls survived with its 1500 DEF.

Navarro drew Dimensional Prison and Set it.

Tiznado added a fourth face-down back row card. Zenmaines went to defense position.

Navarro drew Rescue Rabbit. He passed.

Tiznado passed.

Navarro drew and played Kabazauls, losing it to Bottomless Trap Hole.

Tiznado Set a back row card.

Navarro drew another Snowman Eater and Set it.

Tiznado played Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, then used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Macro Cosmos. Bear’s effect traded Tenki for Snowman Eater, then Bear attacked into Mirror Force.

Navarro drew Forbidden Lance. He Normal Summoned his Rabbit. When Tiznado used his Torrential Tribute, Navarro saved Rabbit with Lance, but its effect got negated by Solemn Warning! Zenmaines destroyed Dimensional Prison in the End Phase.

Zenmaines attacked directly.

Navarro drew Dust Tornado. He Set it, then Set Snowman Eater.

Zenmaines attacked and lost to Snowman Eater.

Navarro drew and Set Solemn Judgment.

Tiznado Set a monster.

Navarro drew Sabersaurus, but lost it to Tiznado’s Snowman Eater!

Al Tiznado

Tiznado tried to play Tenki, but it was destroyed by Dust Tornado.

Navarro drew and Set Soul Taker.

Tiznado played Monster Reborn, bringing Gene-Warped Warwolf back to the field! It destroyed Snowman Eater.

Navarro drew Thunder King Rai-Oh and Summoned it. He tried to destroy Warwolf with Soul Taker, Tiznado used Forbidden Lance, and Navarro negated it with Solemn Judgment!

Tiznado played his own Rai-Oh and passed.

Navarro drew Sabersaurus. Rai-Oh attacked into Dimensional Prison, and Navarro only had Sabersaurus as his last card. He Summoned it.

Tiznado played Gene-Warped Warwolf to destroy Sabersaurus, and Rai-Oh dropped Navarro to 150 Life Points! In Main Phase 2, Tiznado Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy to deal the last damage once again!

Al Tiznado is moving on to the Semifinals with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist!