Top Tables Update: Round 5

March 23rd, 2013

Check out who’s at the top 10 tables in Round 5!

Table 1: Andrew Bishop (Mermails) vs. Michael Horton (Fire Fist)

Table 2: Kevin Ward (Hieratics) vs. Matthew Wright (Geargia Machina)

Table 3: Steffon Bizzell (Mermails) vs. Jesse Aguirre (Mermail)

Table 4: John Hubbard (Mermails) vs. Pasquale Crociata (Lancer Frogs)

Table 5: Grant Kelly (Mermails) vs. Raul Calderon (Mermails)

Table 6: Stephen Thorn (Wind-Ups) vs. Gabriel Robles (Prophecy)

Table 7: Robert Scarpelli (Mermails) vs. Anthony Vo (Dino Rabbit)

Table 8: Tyree Tinsley (Wind-Ups) vs. Daniel Nunnally (Herald of Perfection)

Table 9: Ankit Shah (Mermails) vs. David Elliot (Wind-Ups)

Table 10: Robert Wagner-Krankel (Fire Fists) vs. Zachary Rodriguez (Mermails)