An International Event!

April 7th, 2013

YCS San Diego has drawn players from eight different countries across the globe, including competitors from as far as Japan, China, and Europe.  How does the field break down by nationality?  Check out the numbers!

United States: 1445

Mexico: 65

Canada: 8

Austria: 2

Japan: 2

Germany: 2

United Kingdom: 1

China: 1

It’s always a nice surprise when players travel so far to represent their countries in a YCS.  From Austria we have returning two-time Champion Peter Gross, the winner of the first Sealed YCS in Sheffield, England last year!  Japan is represented by Kei Kuwano, third place finisher at the World Championship!  China is represented by Yang Yang; and the United Kingdom by repeated YCS Top finisher Simon He.

Players from the US far outnumber those from other countries in this tournament, but with the level of talent and experience on display, this is anybody’s tournament to win!  We’ll continue following our international Duelists as Day 1 continues here in San Diego.