Please Pass The Kuribohs…

April 6th, 2013

We’ve featured plenty of fan-made Yu-Gi-Oh! tributes over the years, ranging from amazing cosplays to hand-crafted replicas of relics and artifacts from card art.  But you know what we’ve never had?

Yugi-themed food.

…Until now!

Konami’s own Judge Manager Julia Hedberg dropped by the reporting booth this morning to gift us with an attractive bento of themed treats she made, which were quickly dubbed “Kuribodeiros.”  A traditional South American candy, the Brigadeiro is a confection made of butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk, rolled in granulated chocolate.  The Kuribodeiro is a Brigadeiro, with soulful Kuriboh eyes and little green paws…


In the words of event reporter Tyler Berger: “Mmmm, I can taste them absorbing all the damage for my turn already!”  What do Kuribohs taste like?  Chocolatey and sweet, with a gooey center.  Just in case you’d ever wondered.

If San Diego wasn’t a certified Yugi-party before, it certainly is now!