QQ: The Best Card?

April 7th, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There are 220 cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, but what one did Duelists think was the best? Bonus question: Did they get one?

“Ring of Destruction. It destroys a monster AND makes burn damage. No.” – Bo Tang, Toronto, ON.

“Forbidden Lance. No.” Jesus Hernandez, Bell, CA

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. No, I did not.” – Jonathan Jesus Lopez, Bell, CA

“Gorz, and yes I was ucky enough.” – Jeff Jones, Shelby Township, MI

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. It would’ve been nice.” – Thomas Vo, Fairfax, VA

Creature Swap. Yes.” – David Rojo, Cypress, CA

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, and yes.” – Joe Frankino, Saint James, NY

“Ring of Destruction. No.” – Thavireak Thach, San Diego, CA

Dust Tornado. Yes.” – Rue Wycoco, Long Beach, CA

“I believe that Forbidden Lance is a very powerful card in the Battle Pack Sealed event. I believe this because the card can be used to get over a monster you need off the field such as Jinzo, Gorz, beat stick monsters, etc., and can be used to protect your monsters from powerful Spell/Trap Cards such as Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, Ring of Destruction, Raigeki, etc. No, I did not pull a Lance.” – Jonny Nagel, Denver, CO

Overall, Gorz was the most popular answer, but a lot of people favored Ring of Destruction. There are a ton of great picks, but one of the skills you need in Battle Packed Sealed is learning to play without the cards you normally think are best!