Round 1 Round-Up!

April 7th, 2013

Some of Dueling’s greatest players have decided to try their hand at Sealed Play. For Round 1, we took a look at a few of them.

At Table 429, Adrian Murillo defeats Theerasak Poonsombat (2-1)

Murillo was able to keep the former National Champion off balance in the first Duel, using cards like Torrential Tribute and Raigeki, never letting Poonsombat get going. Murillo repeatedly destroyed Poonsombat’s defenses using Drillroid. When Poonsombat tried to take it out using Darkworld Shackles, Murillo saved it with Compulsory Evacuation Device! Drillroid continued to attack and finish the Duel.Murillo

Unfortunately, Murillo took a Game Loss in the second Duel for drawing too many cards. ALWAYS be careful of what you’re doing in a Duel! Nobody likes Game Losses. Not even Dark Ruler Ha Des.

PoonsombatLuckily for Murillo, he was able to make a comeback in the third Duel. Once again he hammered in the damage with Drillroid, this time backed with Mad Dog of Darkness. After a couple direct attacks, he used Ring of Destruction to quickly finish the Match!

At Table 85, Daniel LaMartina defeats Aaron Furman (2-0)

Daniel LaMartina represented the United States in the World Championship in 2010. He faced off against Duelist Aaron Furman for Round 1.FurmanThe first Duel went both ways for a while. Furman had attacked directly with two monsters, and LaMartina did nothing about it. That led Furman to play a third monster, as well as United We Stand, but LaMartina had Mirror Force the whole time!  Furman just couldn’t recover from losing so many cards at once.

LaMartinaThe second Duel was fairly straightforward. The finishing blow was dealt by Alector, Sovereign of Birds after it negated Furman’s last ditch Cyber Valley, then hit it for 2400 damage!

At Table 567, Joe Frankino defeats Felipe Ramirez (2-1)

Joe Frankino normally is known for his great judging skills – he even was Head Judge at last year’s YCS Toronto. He does, however, have a ton of experience in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed events! He put that experience to work against Felipe Ramirez in the first round in a great Match.

RamirezThe first Duel was a back and forth affair, with Frankino drawing very few monsters. He was able to stall for a bit using Blast Sphere and Hedge Guard, and finally got out Jinzo! It only lasted a few turns though, before Ramirez took it out with Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. Frankino couldn’t make a comeback.

Frankino had control all of Duel 2, starting with Breaker the Magical Warrior. Ramirez tried taking it down with Goblin Elite Attack Force, but Frankino saved Breaker with Hedge Guard. He added Dark Resonator and The Calculator to his field, and quickly won from there.

FrankinoThe third Duel was going both ways right up to the end. Ramirez was low on Life Points, but had Mobius the Frost Monarch and a Dark Resonator. Frankino played Breaker with United We Stand to take out Mobius, then destroyed Resonator with Tribute to the Doomed. Ramirez Set Windstorm of Etaqua and Autonomous Action Unit. He really needed Windstorm to give himself an extra turn, but Breaker destroyed it next turn (Ramirez could Chain it, but Breaker simply can go back into attack position). Breaker attacked, forcing Ramirez to use his last defense, Battle Fader. Ramirez went all out next turn, Tributing Fader for Power Giant, then stealing The Calculator with Autonomous Action Unit. When he attacked, Frankino ended it all with Magic Cylinder!