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Round 2 Feature Match: Bo Tang vs. Joshua Montano

April 7th, 2013

For Round 2, we have Canadian Duelist Bo Tang! Bo is one of the most experienced Duelists in attendance here in San Diego. He’s up against Josh Montano, here from nearby Los Angeles. Josh had collected Yu-Gi-Oh! cards since he was young, but this is his very first tournament! Will Bo’s experience give him the edge with a limited card pool?

Duel 1

Montano began Round 2 with Pot of Greed! He drew two cards from his Deck, then Normal Summoned Chainsaw Insect.

Tang started with Soul Exchange, Card Trooper, Burden of the Mighty, Old Vindictive Magician, Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite, and Spell Shield Type-8. He played Trooper, sending Insect Knight, Card Guard, and Forbidden Chalice to the Graveyard to power it up to 1900. Burden came next, and Trooper crashed into Chainsaw Insect. Tang drew two cards, one from Trooper and one from the Insect: Tragoedia and Enemy Controller. He Set Spell Shield Type-8.

Montano Normal Summoned Fabled Ashenveil and Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia. Utopia has no levels, making it unaffected by Burden of the Mighty, so it dealt 2500 damage.

Tang drew Skull Archfiend of Lightning, and used Soul Exchange to Tribute Montano’s Utopia for it! Skull Archfiend hit the field, and Tang passed.

Montano targeted the archfiend with Tribute to the Doomed, discarding Ambitious Gofer. Tang rolled a dice for his Archfiend’s effect, and hit a 1! Tribute to the Doomed was negated and destroyed. Montano continued with Blizzard Dragon, and targeted Skull Archfiend. Tang rolled a 4, and Blizzard froze it until next turn. Montano Set one card to his back row.

Tang drew United We Stand, and paid 500 Life Points for Skull Archfiend of Lightning. He played Zephyros and attacked, destroying Blizzard Dragon with the assistance of Burden of the Mighty.

Montano Set a monster.

Tang drew Zombyra the Dark. He attacked Montano’s face-down monster… Cyber Jar! All monsters were destroyed, and each player revealed…

Cyber Jar does its thing

Tang added Mystical Space Typhoon, Magic Drain, Pot of Duality, Divine Wrath, and Half or Nothing to his hand. Montano added Ring of Destruction, Raiza the Storm Monarch, and Dark Dust Spirit to his hand. He put Vortex Trooper face-down, and Cloudian – Poison Cloud face-up.

In Main Phase 2 Tang Set Old Vindictive Magician, then played Pot of Duality. He revealed Chiron the Mage, Ambitious Gofer, and Battle Fader. He took Fader. Finally, he Set Magic Drain, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Divine Wrath.

Montano attacked with Poison Cloud, flipping up Tang’s Old Vindictive Magician, and the Magician destroyed Poison Cloud with its effect. Montano Set a card to his back row, then Tributed Vortex Trooper for Mobius the Frost Monarch, but Tang negated Mobius with Divine Wrath! He discarded Half or Nothing. At the end of the turn, Tang destroyed the newly Set Ring of Destruction with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Tang drew Grave Squirmer. He sent Old Vindictive Magician to attack directly, and Set Enemy Controller.

Montano played Pitch-Black Warwolf, and equipped it with Fighting Spirit. Warwolf took down Old Vindictive Magician, and Tang played Tragoedia.

Tang drew Archfiend Soldier. He used his Tragoedia, and discarded Zombyra to steal Warwolf! Tang Normal Summoned Archfiend Soldier, then equipped Tragoedia with United We Stand! Tang attacked with his three monsters to take the first Duel!

Josh Montano is having a great time either way

Bo Tang gets no monsters with Cyber Jar, but is still able to overcome Josh Montano’s field! Montano opted to go second in the next Duel.

Duel 2

Tang began with Liberty at Last!, Ego Boost, Blast Sphere, Card Guard, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Spell Shield Type-8. He played Card Guard, then Set Spell Shield and Ego Boost.

Montano played Tribute to the Doomed, discarding Witch of the Black Forest, but Tang used Spell Shield Type-8 to save it! Next, Montano played Ante! He anted up Freed the Matchless General, beating out Tang’s Liberty at Last! and dealing 1000 damage. Montano Set a back row card and a monster.

Tang drew Battle Fader, and Montano bounced away Card Guard with Compulsory Evacuation Device. Tang played it again, taking out Wind-Up Warrior. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Montano played Chainsaw Insect and tried to destroy Card Guard, but Tang’s Ego Boost turned the tide! Tang drew Pot of Duality with the Insect’s effect.

Next turn he drew United We Stand. Pot of Duality let him take Archfiend Soldier, putting back Zombyra the Dark and Magic Drain. He played the Archfiend next, powered it up with United We Stand, and sent his two fiends to drop Montano down to 2100. In Main Phase 2, he moved Card Guard’s Guard Counter to Archfiend Soldier.

Montano only could Set a monster.

Tang drew Enemy Controller. He Normal Summoned Blast Sphere, and his three monsters finished off the Match!


Bo Tang is moving on, still undefeated!