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Round 3 Feature Match: Brian Ahle Versus Joseph Herman

April 7th, 2013

This is local Duelist Joseph Herman’s fifth YCS!  A native of Los Angeles, Herman played in the 100th YCS at Long Beach one year ago.  His opponent this round is Brian Ahle, a veteran of the Dragon Duel circuit who’s now stepped up to the main event scene.  Who would win?  Let’s find out!

Herman opened up with a Set monster, and a Set Spell or Trap.

Ahle had Toon Gemini Elf; DUCKER Mobile Cannon; Snowman Eater; Nightmare Wheel; Exarion Universe; and Burden of the Mighty.  He Summoned Exarion but lost out to Torrential Tribute: Herman destroyed his own Level Eater.  Ahle Set Wheel.

Herman Summoned Krebons and attacked for a quick 1200 Battle Damage.

Ahle drew Inverse Universe and Set Snowman Eater.

Herman activated Soul Exchange, Tributing the Snowman to Summon Ambitious Gofer.  He turned Krebons to Defense Position, then attacked into Nightmare Wheel.  “Where’s a Synchro when you need one?”  Herman Set a card to his back row.

Ahle drew Metal Reflect Slime, and Herman took 500 damage for the Wheel.  Ahle Set DUCKER and and Slime.

Herman Set another monster.

Ahle drew Battle Fader and dished out another 500 damage.  He Flip Summoned DUCKER to get back his Exarion Universe, then Normal Summoned it.  He attacked Krebons with DUCKER.  Herman defended Krebons with its effect, then dropped Ahle to 5000 Life Points, flipping Magic Cylinder when Ahle attacked with Exarion.  “Go ahead.”

Herman flipped Harpie’s Feather Duster, destroying Nightmare Wheel and Metal Reflect Slime.  He then Tributed his Krebons, Gofer, and Set Wind-Up Soldier to Summon… Obelisk the Tormentor!


Herman had one card left in hand, while Ahle had four, with DUCKER and Exarion on the field.  Herman sent Obelisk to attack over Exarion, punching home 2200 Battle Damage and dropping Ahle to 2800 Life Points.

Ahle drew Ego Boost and tried to figure out how to get over Obelisk.  He had Inverse Universe, Battle Fader, Toon Gemini Elf, and Burden of the Mighty.  He Set Inverse Universe and changed DUCKER to Defense Position.

Herman Normal Summoned Naturia Strawberry and attacked, pressing through DUCKER.  “Attack for game?” he asked, pressing Obelisk forward, but Ahle Special Summoned Battle Fader!

Ahle drew Half or Nothing.  He thought for a while, then Normal Summoned Toon Gemini Elf.  He activated Burden of the Mighty and Set everything else to his back row.

Herman Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior and used its effect to destroy Burden of the Mighty.  He sent Obelisk to attack Toon Gemini Elf, and Ahle flipped Half or Nothing.  Herman chose to halve the ATK of his monsters instead of ending the Battle Phase, but that allowed Ahle to Chain Ego Boost!  After a brief consultation with Judges, it was determined that Ahle would have a chance to Chain Ego Boost, and Obelisk crashed into Toon Gemini Elf!  Obelisk hit the graveyard, and Herman had to discard his Hardened Armed Dragon, his last card from his hand!  Suddenly the tables had turned!  Herman attacked with Breaker to destroy Battle Fader, then overlaid Breaker and Strawberry for Number 39: Utopia.  He had nothing but Utopia left.

Ahle drew Damage Gate, with Toon Gemini Elf on the field and Inverse Universe still set.  The Duel stood at 2800 Life Points to 5300, with Herman still leading.  Ahle Set Gate.


Herman passed.

Ahle drew Cyber Dragon and passed.

Herman Set a Spell or Trap.

Ahle drew Yaksha and Summoned it, activating its effect to bounce away Herman’s backrow card.  He Xyz Summoned Gem-Knight Pearl and attacked Utopia, drawing out its negation effect.

Herman Set his backrow again, and Set a monster.

Ahle drew and Summoned Doomcaliber Knight, attacking with it… into Utopia.  “I lost my train of thought,” explained Ahle.  He ran his Gem Knight at Utopia, and Herman flipped Power Frame to negate the attack!  Utopia went to 2600 ATK.

Herman played Pot of Duality to reveal Skill Successor and two copies of Mask of Darkness from his Deck: he added Successor to his hand.

Ahle drew Metal Reflect Slime.  He attacked Herman’s Set Grave Protector with Gem-Knight Pearl, destroying it, and then Set the Slime.

Herman Set a monster.

Ahle drew Harpie’s Feather Duster and activated it, destroying Power Frame and Successor!  He activated Reflect Slime and Tributed it for Cyber Dragon, then attacked Utopia, first with Pearl, then Cyber Dragon, destroying Utopia.  Cyber Dragon attacked to destroy Grave Squirmer on the replay, which Herman used to destroy Pearl in turn.

Herman drew and passed.

Ahle drew Different Dimension Gate and attacked with Cyber Dragon, dropping Herman to 3200 Life Points.

Herman Set a monster and a backrow card.

Ahle drew Needle Ceiling and attacked again: Herman flipped Forbidden Lance to drop Cyber Dragon to 1300 Life Points, keeping his Shine Knight on the field when the Dragon flipped it over.  Ahle took 600 Battle Damage, then flipped Damage Gate to bring out Snowman Eater in Defense Position!  In Main Phase 2, he banished Snowman and Shine Knight with Different Dimension Gate, then Set his last card to his back row.

Herman activated Fiend’s Sanctuary to Special Summon a Metal Fiend Token, then Tributed it for Blowback Dragon!  He activated its effect, and flipped tails… another tails… and there was no need to attempt the third flip.  The effect failed.  Herman attacked with Blowback Dragon, and Ahle responded with Inverse Universe.  Herman misplayed, Chaining his Skill Successor to accomplish nothing, since the ATK and DEF numbers were still reversed by Inverse Universe as the Chain resolved.  Blowback slammed into Cyber Dragon and was destroyed.

Ahle drew Tour Guide from the Underworld and Summoned it, and Herman conceded as Ahle Special Summoned Gravity Orb from his Deck!


Brian Ahle takes an incredible back-and-forth competition in the first Duel, overcoming Obelisk the Tormentor with a combo of Half or Nothing and Ego Boost and then grinding out the win!  Joseph Herman is handicapped by forgetfulness: he had Level Eater in his Graveyard the entire game, and forgot to Special Summon it.

Herman opened the second Duel with a Set monster.

Ahle had Ego Boost; Caius the Shadow Monarch; Tour Guide from the Underworld; Metal Reflect Slime; Exarion Universe; and Yaksha.  A promising hand!  He Summoned Exarion and attacked, using its effect and taking 600 Battle Damage as Exarion bounced off Grave Protector.  Ahle Set Ego Boost and Reflect Slime.

Herman activated Bait Doll, forcing the activation of Metal Reflect Slime!  Bait Doll backfired, and Ahle Special Summoned the Slime!  A wasted card for Herman would make this Duel a little tougher.  He Set a second monster, digging in.

Ahle drew Cyber Dragon and Tributed Exarion for Caius the Shadow Monarch, banishing Herman’s face-down D.D. Assailant!  Caius attacked to destroy Grave Protector next.

[Caius and Slime]

Herman drew to five cards in hand, Setting a backrow and Summoning Krebons.

Ahle drew Beast King Barbaros.  He Normal Summoned Yaksha to bounce Herman’s back-row card, then attacked with Caius and Yaksha.  Herman paid Life Points to keep Krebons on the field.

Herman Set two cards to his back row, then Summoned Slate Warrior.

Ahle bounced a Set card with Yaksha again, then attacked Slate Warrior with Caius: Herman negated the attack with Power Frame, and Yaksha attacked Krebons again.  Herman paid to protect it.

[Krebons Slate Frame]

Herman Set a monster, then turned Krebons to Defense Position.  He Set a Spell or Trap again, and attacked with Slate Warrior into Caius.  Ahle flipped Ego Boost to win the battle!

Ahle drew Doomcaliber Knight and Summoned Yaksha, clearing the way yet again.  He continued to press on Krebons with Yaksha and Caius.  Herman dropped to 3000 Life Points.  Ahle returned Yaksha to his hand.

Herman drew to four cards in hand and Tributed his Set Level Eater for Vampire Lord!  He Special Summoned back Level Eater, and ran Vampire Lord over Caius, which was now sitting at 1900 ATK thaks to Slate Warrior’s effect: Caius was destroyed.  Herman called Spells with Vampire Lord’s ability and Ahle sent Different Dimension Gate from his Deck to his Graveyard.  Herman Set two cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Ahle drew Needle Ceiling!  It was live, since he controlled Metal Reflect Slime, while Herman had Level Eater, Vampire Lord, and Krebons!  He Summoned Yaksha to bounce a backrow card, then swung at Krebons: But Herman had Magic Cylinder!  Ahle dropped to 5400 Life Points and Set Needle Ceiling, taking back his Yaksha.

Herman Tributed all three of his monsters for Obelisk the Tormentor!  He Special Summoned Level Eater in Defense Positon, then swung over Metal Reflect Slime.  He Set one card to his back row.

Ahle Normal Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld, Special Summoning Cloudian – Poison Cloud from his Deck in Defense Position.  He activated Needle Ceiling to clear the field, destroying Obelisk!

Herman attacked with Hardened Armed Dragon next turn and Set a second backrow.

Abhle drew and activated Harpie’s Feather Duster, destroying Herman’s Torrential Tribute and Offerings to the Doomed.  He Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, Tributed it for Raiza the Storm Monarch, and spun away Hardened Armed Dragon!  He made a direct attack, and a turn later he won the Match with Raiza and Doomcaliber Knight!


Brian Ahle beats Obelisk the Tormentor not once but twice, earning himself a 2-0 victory!