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Round 4 Constructed Feature Match: Billy Brake Versus Oran Mesica

April 7th, 2013

Two more Rounds of Swiss competition remain in this tournament, and both of these Duelists are undefeated!  Billy Brake has won two YCS tournaments in his Dueling career, while Oran Mesica is going for his first here this weekend.  While Brake is running the Atlantean Mermail Deck he innovated himself at YCS Miami, Mesica is playing Dino Rabbit with Macro Cosmos, one of the Mermail strategy’s Achilles’ heels.  This could be a tough one for Brake.

Brake opened with a hand of Effect Veiler; Pot of Avarice; Heavy Storm; Mermail Abysslinde; Abyss-squall; and Atlantean Dragoons.  He Set Abysslinde.

Mesica Set a monster, then Set four cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Brake drew Mermail Abyssteus, and Mesica activated Macro Cosmos!  That could make Brake’s life far more difficult, depriving him of key Atlantean and Mermail effects: “This is a worst-case scenario, almost,” mused Brake.  He activated Heavy Storm, having no choice but to try: “Road?”  Mesica nodded and flipped Starlight Road, Special Summoning Stardust Dragon.  Brake Summoned Atlantean Dragoons and attacked Mesica’s face-down: it was Kabazauls, and it was banished.  Brake Set two cards to his back row.

Mesica attacked Brake’s Set Mermail Abysslinde to banish it.

Brake ripped Mystical Space Typhoon!  He activated it, trying to destroy Macro Cosmos, and he succeeded!… But Mesica had another copy!  He flipped it face up, leaving Brake to Summon Effect Veiler and Tune to Dragoons for Ally of Justice Catastor

Mesica Summoned Kabazauls and traded his Stardust Dragon against Ally of Justice Catastor, atacking and Tributing it off.  Kabazauls made a direct attack.

Brake drew Mermail Abyssleed and passed.

Mesica Summoned Jurrac Guaiba, made two direct attacks, and made Evolzar Laggia.  Brake drew Mermail Abysspike a turn later and passed.

Oran Mesica takes the first Duel, dominating the game with Macro Cosmos and then protecting his lock with Starlight Road and another Macro!  Not much Brake could do against that.  Brake dove for his Side Deck.

Brake got things started with a hand of Mermail Abyssteus; Abyss-sphere; Heavy Storm; two Atlantean Marksman; and Jinzo!  He Set ‘sphere.

Mesica destroyed it with Night Beam!  He Summoned Banisher of the Radiance and attacked for 1600 Battle Damage, then Set two cards to his back row.

Brake drew Enemy Controller.  He destroyed Fiendish Chain and Mind Crush with Heavy Storm, then Summoned Atlantean Marksman.  He ran over Banisher of the Radiance thanks to Enemy Controller, then pitched Marksman to Special Summon Mermail Abyssteus and get Mermail Abysslinde.

Marksman Teus

Mesica Summoned Cardcar D and used it to draw two cards.  He ended with an empty field.

Brake drew Monster Reborn and started running numbers!  He Special Summoned back a Marksman with Reborn, then attacked with Abyssteus and both Marksmen.  That Special Summoned two Dragoons from his Deck, giving him just enough damage to finish the Duel! 


This Match would proceed to one more Duel!  A win here would guarantee the victor a spot in the Top 32, but the loser would have to scrabble for a win in the next Round just to have a shot.  Neither competitor wanted to be in that position, and Mesica would have the advantage of a possible Rabbit set-up before Brake could make a move.

Mesica Set three cards to his back row.

Brake had Mermail Abysspike; Atlantean Dragoons; Mystical Space Typhoon; Dust Tornado; Dark Hole; and Soul Exchange.  Mesica flipped up Macro Cosmos!  Brake Set Typhoon, Dust Tornado, and Soul Exchange.

Mesica Summoned Sabersaurus and scored a direct attack, dropping Brake to 6100 Life Points.

Brake drew Deep Sea Diva.  He flipped Dust Tornado to target Macro Cosmos, but Mesica Chained a second copy.  Brake blew it away with Typhoon, then Summoned Mermail Abysspike to pitch Atlantean Dragoons, getting Mermail Abyssmegalo and Atlantean Marksman from his Deck.  He pitched Marksman and Diva to Special Summon Abyssmegalo, but Mesica Chained his Set Fiendish Chain to stop Megalo from searching or attacking! “Euhhh… Go ahead.”

Mesica Summoned Jurrac Guaiba to attack over Mermail Abysspike, Special Summoning another copy from his Deck.  He had two cards left in hand, and he overlaid a Guaiba with Sabersaurus to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka.  He Set one card to his back row.

Brake drew Enemy Controller, holding Dark Hole with Abyssmegalo on the table.  He Set Controller, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon in his End Phase.  This was looking like a decisive win in the making for Mesica. 

Mesica drew Forbidden Lance, and used it to attack over Abyssmegalo with Guaiba! He Special Summoned his third copy, then made a direct attack with Dolkka.  He stacked his Guaibas for Evolzar Laggia.

Brake drew Abyss-sphere.  He activated Dark Hole to draw out Laggia’s negation, then Set ‘sphere. 

Mesica attacked with Dolkka, and Brake Special Summoned Mermail Abyssmegalo to ward it off.  Mesica Set a Spell or Trap.  Brake was down to topdecking and ripped a useless Mermail Abyssteus, immediately offering the handshake.


Oran Mesica takes a 2-1 victory over Billy Brake, clinching his place in the Top 32!