Round 4 Top Tables Update!

April 7th, 2013

With two Rounds remaining in Swiss Constructed competition today, it’s a great time to look at the players – and the decks! – at the top tables.  Remember, as players earn more points for winning their Matches, they’re seated at lower and lower table numbers: undefeateds groups together at the single-digit tables, while less successful competitors are seated further up.  Taking a peek at the top ten tables is always a good way to see what strategies are doing the best right now.  Take a look!

Table 1:

Frazier Smith with Dino Rabbit


Steven Ma with Frog Monarch

Table 2:

Robert Anthony Vasquez with Mermail


Antonio Gonzalez with Dino Rabbit

Table 3:

Jonny Nagel with Mermail


Thomas Vo with Dino Rabbit

Table 4:

Michael Steinman with Dino Rabbit


Artem Bender with Mermail

Table 5:

Billy Brake with Mermail


Oran Mesica with Dino Rabbit

Table 6:

Kagetora Nishihara with Dino Rabbit


Kento Toshikawa with Prophecies

Table 7:

Mauricio Pavon Anzaldo with Karakuri


Angel Ascencio with Mermail

Table 8:

Norberto Leon with Mermail


Anthony Eckroth with Mermail

Table 9:

Vincent Paglia with Mermail


Scott Snyder with Dino Rabbit

Table 10:

Austyn Ruoff with Forg Monarch


Julio Rodas with Mermail

There’s nary a Fire Fist Duelist in sight, but plenty of Dino Rabbit and Mermail Decks!  Frog Monarchs, Karakuri, and Prophecy strategies are doing pretty well too, so we’ll be on the lookout for those in Round 5.  Mermails still seem to be the Deck to beat, occupying almost half the seats at the top ten tables, but that could still change by the time we cut to the Top 32.