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Round 7 Feature Match: Anthony Eckroth vs. Estevan Munoz

April 7th, 2013

Estevan Munoz is from Fresno, CA. He’s up against Anthony Eckroth, here from Salt Lake City, UT. Both Duelists are undefeated, but only one can stay that way!

Duel 1

Eckroth started off with Naturia Strawberry and backed it up with three face-down cards.

Munoz had Fabled Ashenveil, Premature Burial, Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, Jinzo, Big Shield Gardna, and Greenkappa. He Set Greenkappa.

“Am I gonna get Greenkappa’d?” Eckroth asked as he attacked, and he did! He lost Solemn Judgment and Inverse Universe. He Set a monster.

Munoz drew Fiendish Chain. He Set Tanngrisnir, then Set Fiendish Chain, losing it to Eckroth’s Dust Tornado.

Eckroth attacked Tanngrisnir, and Munoz got two Nordic Beast Tokens.

Munoz drew Shield Crush and used it to destroy Grave Protector. He Tributed a token for Jinzo and destroyed Strawberry.

Eckroth shot back, taking down Jinzo with Injection Fairy Lily!

Munoz drew Power Frame. He Set it along with Big Shield Gardna.

Eckroth Normal Summoned Card Guard and moved its Guard Counter to Injection Fairy Lily. Lily destroyed the last token, then Card Guard bounced off Big Shield Gardna.

Munoz drew Mad Dog of Darkness, and sent it to destroy Card Guard.

Eckroth played Card Trooper, sending Dark Bribe, Dark Ruler Ha Des, and Tribute to the Doomed to the Graveyard for its effect. He crashed Trooper into Mad Dog of Darkness, drew a free card, then Set a back row card.

Munoz drew and Set Nightmare Wheel.

Eckroth Normal Summoned another Card Guard! He put a second Guard Counter on Injection Fairy Lily. Card Guard attacked Gardna, forcing it into attack position, but Lily’s attack was blocked by Nightmare Wheel.

Munoz drew Mysterious Guard, and dealt 500 damage with Nightmare Wheel. He Set Mysterious Guard, and Gardna went back to defense position.


Eckroth played Blue Thunder T-45. It attacked and destroyed Mysterious Guard. Guard’s effect returned Blue Thunder to top of the Deck, and Injection Fairy Lily went back to Eckroth’s hand. Blue Thunder’s effect still gave Eckroth a Thunder Option Token in defense position.

Munoz drew Snowman Eater and Set it.

Eckroth played Blue Thunder T-45 again, and it attacked into Snowman Eater, and Eckroth negated its effect with Forbidden Chalice.

Munoz drew The Tricky. He Tributed Snowman Eater for it and took down Blue Thunder T-45.

Eckroth discarded his Injection Fairy Lily for Tribute to the Doomed, destroying The Tricky. He Set a monster.

Munoz drew Forbidden Lance. He played out Fabled Ashenveil to destroy Eckroth’s token, and Set Lance.

Eckroth played Wind-Up Soldier and used its effect, but lost it in battle due to Munoz’s Lance.

Munoz drew Compulsory Evacuation Device. He Set it and passed.

Eckroth passed.

Munoz drew Night Assailant and Set it.

Eckroth Flip Summoned Snowman Eater to destroy Ashenveil, then Normal Summoned Archfiend Soldier. He sent the Archfiend to attack Night Assailant, and both monsters were destroyed.

Munoz drew Kunai with Chain. He played Premature Burial on Jinzo, but it went face-down thanks to Eckroth’s Book of Moon. Munoz Set Kunai.

R7FMatch-P2Eckroth used Pot of Duality, revealing D.D. Assailant, Liberty at Last!, and Shadow Spell. He took Shadow Spell. Snowman Eater went to defense position, and Card Guard attacked Jinzo, but Munoz returned it to his hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device. In Main Phase 2 Eckroth Xyz Summoned Gem-Knight Pearl.

Munoz drew Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and Set it.

Eckroth destroyed it next turn, and Munoz got an Ancient Gear Knight, Eckroth Set a monster and a back row card.

Munoz drew Scapegoat in his Draw Phase. He played out Ancient Gear Knight and passed.

Eckroth looked at his Deck… five cards left. “I’ll risk it,” he said, and activated Pot of Greed! He Tributed his Snowman Eater for Jinzo, then Flip Summoned D.D. Assailant. Jinzo destroyed Ancient Gear Knight, Pearl hit Big Shield Gardna, forcing it into attack position, and Assailant finally took it down.

Munoz drew Call of the Haunted. He Set it and Scapegoat.

Eckroth attacked, and was stymied by Scapegoat. He destroyed three of the Sheep Tokens.

Drew Cyber Valley and played it out, hoping to stall out the last two cards in Eckroth’s Deck.

But Eckroth wouldn’t be running out anytime soon, because he had Bait Doll! He destroyed Power Frame, and Bait Doll went back to the Deck. He destroyed the last Sheep Token, then attacked Cyber Valley. Munoz banished it to end the Battle Phase and draw Toon Gemini Elf. Eckroth Set a monster.

Munoz drew Raiza the Storm Monarch and conceded with no way around Jinzo!

Anthony Eckroth takes the win in a grueling first Duel! The Duelists moved to their Side Decks and soon were back in the action.

Duel 2

This time, Munoz had Call of the Haunted, Forbidden Lance, Mad Dog of Darkness, Fissure, Raiza the Storm Monarch, and Shield Crush.

Eckroth played Card Trooper, losing…

Solemn Judgment


Gorz the Emissary of Darkness


and Card Guard!


Ouch. He crashed Trooper into Mad Dog for a free draw, then Set a back row card.

Munoz drew Greenkappa. He tried to use Call of the Haunted, but Eckroth put a stop to it with Dust Tornado. Munoz Set Greenkappa.

Eckroth destroyed it next turn with Naturia Strawberry. Greenkappa must destroy two cards, but there was only one, so it did nothing. Eckroth Set a back row card.

Munoz drew Fabled Ashenveil. Fissure took out Strawberry and Ashenveil hit directly.

Eckroth played out D.D. Assailant. Assailant attacked Ashenveil, and Munoz used Ashenveil’s effect, discarding Shield Crush. Both monsters were banished.

Munoz drew and Summoned Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, attacking directly.

Eckroth Set a monster and a second back row card.

Munoz drew Nightmare Wheel. He Tributed Tanngrisnir for Raiza, returning Eckroth’s Set monster to the top of the Deck. Munoz Set Nightmare Wheel after attacking with Raiza.

Eckroth Set a monster.

Munoz drew and Set Scapegoat, and Raiza destroyed Grave Protector.

Eckroth used Bait Doll, but only revealed Scapegoat. He Set a monster.

Munoz drew Premature Burial and took down Eckroth’s Archfiend Soldier with Raiza.

Eckroth Set a monster.

Munoz drew Fiendish Chain. Raiza destroyed Insect Knight.

Eckroth Normal Summoned Wind-Up Soldier and Set a card to the back row.

Munoz drew Big Shield Gardna. He Set it, Fiendish Chain, and Premature Burial. He passed without attacking.

Eckroth Tributed Wind-Up Soldier for Jinzo and attacked into Big Shield Gardna.

Munoz drew Gaap the Divine Soldier. He Tributed Big Shield Gardna for it, then revived Mad Dog of Darkness with Premature Burial. He attacked Jinzo with Raiza, and won the battle with Forbidden Lance. Eckroth wasn’t out yet, because when Jinzo went down, he used Liberty at Last! to return Gaap and Mad Dog to the Deck!

Eckroth Set a monster and a third back row card.

Munoz drew and played Exiled Force, and Eckroth negated it immediately with Forbidden Chalice. Munoz activated its effect anyway, but he had mistakenly thought Chalice worked like Skill Drain does (Skill Drain only cares about where the monster is at the time you resolve its effect. Chalice is concerned with where the monster actually activates its effects.).

Eckroth used Pot of Duality, adding a new pot to his hand… Pot of Greed! He played that next for two more cards. He played Tribute to the Doomed, discarding Bait Doll to destroy Raiza, then Flip Summoned Card Guard. It attacked, but was blocked by Nightmare Wheel.

Munoz drew and Set Power Frame. Eckroth took 500 damage from Nightmare Wheel.

Eckroth Set a monster.

Munoz drew Pot of Greed! He dealt 500 more damage with Nightmare Wheel, and Pot got Call of the Haunted and Mad Dog of Darkness. He Set both.

Eckroth played Zombyra the Dark. Zombyra attacked and was held back by Fiendish Chain. With both of his monsters locked down, Eckroth used them to Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl.

Munoz drew Ashenveil. He Summoned it and passed.

Eckroth destroyed  it with Snowman Eater, then Tributed that for Dark Ruler Ha Des! Ha Des destroyed Mad Dog.

Munoz drew Mysterious Guard. He played Call of the Haunted to try getting Exiled Force, but Eckroth negated it with Dark Bribe. Munoz drew Jinzo with Bribe’s effect.

Eckroth played Archfiend Soldier, and Munoz blocked with Scapegoat. One token survived.

Munoz drew Night Assailant and Set it.

Eckroth Normal Summoned Injection Fairy Lily. Lily destroyed the last Sheep Token, Ha Des destroyed Night Assailant, then Archfiend Soldier and Pearl finished the Match!

Anthony Eckroth overcomes Estevan Munoz!