To The Victor Go The Spoils!

April 6th, 2013

As today’s competitors work to build their Sealed Decks, we thought we’d take a peek at the Bounty Duelists for this weekend!  Bounty Duelists are hand-picked by the tournament staff: with every win they rack up, they build a stack of booster packs.  But if you beat a bounty Duelist, you get all the packs they’ve collected so far!  So who’s in the hot seat this weekend?  Check it out!


Some of those names may be familiar to long-time Duel fans!

-Austrian Peter Gross is a two-time YCS winner, whose biggest claim to fame was his win at YCS Sheffield last September… the first Battle Pack Sealed YCS ever.

-Bo Tang represented Canada in the 2012 World Championships, and is a frequent Top 32 competitor here at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series.

-Competitor Yang Yang traveled all the way from China to play in this historic event!

-Paul Cooper is widely recognized for his role as a competitive innovator, renowned for his Empty Jar shenanigans and his recent tops with Hieratics!

-Joe Frankino is a former YCS Head Judge, and a vaunted member of the Judging community!  Also?  Just a really nice guy.  He’s taking a break from Judging this weekend to play in the main event.

-Daniel Laube is one of several cosplayers here this weekend, and his Yugi costume got him a Bounty Duelist lanyard!

Keep an eye out for the red lanyard that marks our showcased Bounty Duelists, because we’re going to be following their progress through the weekend.  Best of luck to everyone who faces off against them, because with nineteen rounds of competition this weekend, those bounty prizes could get pretty enormous!