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QQ: Who Would You Want Guiding You Through Your Duels?

May 12th, 2013

QQ stands for Quick Questions! In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, the spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh guided Yugi through his Duels to bring him to victory. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Astral follows Yuma around to enable him to use Number cards and help him win his Duels. I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see whether they’d rather be guided in their Duels by Astral or by the spirit of the pharaoh. Check out their responses!

“The spirit of the Pharaoh. He beat Pegasus!” –Erik Goodwin

“The spirit of the Pharaoh, because his skills saved the world multiple times and he always draws the right card at the right time.” –Matthew Barros

“Astral. Just because.” –Chris Trammell

“The spirit of the Pharaoh because he’s the king!” –Kenneth Johnson

“The spirit of the Pharaoh. I’d topdeck like a pro, get flashbacks of me in ancient Egypt, get to play made up cards, AND I’d have cool hair.” –Chris Scott

“The spirit of the Pharaoh because he’s old and wise.” –Elvis Teran

“Astral because he’s ridiculous.” –Graham Bateman

“Astral because he’d tell me how to win.” –Matthew Gayman

“The Pharaoh. He’s a Pharaoh!” –Adam Possiel

“Astral, because I can actually play in my own body.” –Trystian Carbonard

“The Pharaoh, because he can go undefeated blind-folded. And he taught me the real heart of the cards.” –Thomas Matthew

“The Pharaoh, because then I can topdeck great cards like the T.V. show version of Card of Sanctity.” –Kenneth Cardez

“The spirit of the Pharaoh. He played the game since Ancient Egypt!” –Kevin Bermudez