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Round 1 Feature Match: Titto Maret versus Sokchea Peov

May 11th, 2013

Peov is from Lowell, Mass. Cedar Grove, NJ

Welcome to YCS Meadowlands! We’re starting today off with a Feature Match, showcasing some favorites from Hidden Arsenal packs. Titto Maret is from Cedar Grove, NJ, and is using a Laval Deck. He’s up against Sokchea Peov, from Lowell, MA, who is using Evilswarms. Evilswarm Ophion could be a thorn in Maret’s side for this matchup, but Lavals are known for their speed. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Maret began the YCS with a hand of 2 Flamvell Firedogs, Breakthrough Skill, 2 Mystical Space Typhoons, and Laval Magma Cannoneer. He Set Breakthrough Skill.

Peov Normal Summoned Evilswarm Thunderbird and attacked directly for the first damage of the Duel. He Set a card to his back row.

Maret drew Laval Volcano Handmaiden. He played Typhoon to destroy Peov’s Reinforcement of the Army, then Normal Summoned a Firedog. It destroyed Thunderbird, and Firedog Special Summoned Laval Lakeside Lady from Maret’s Deck. Lakeside Lady attacked directly as well. In Main Phase 2, Maret Synchro Summoned Laval Stennon! When it was Synchro Summoned, he sent Handmaiden from his hand to the Graveyard. Handmaiden’s effect sent another Handmaiden, which sent another Handmaiden, which sent a Magma Cannoneer.

Peov Special Summoned Evilswarm Mandragora from his hand, then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope. He Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy and attacked, but Maret won the battle with Breakthrough Skill to negate Cowboy! Peov Set a back row card. (Normally, it wouldn’t work out like this. Gagaga Cowboy’s effect actually an Ignition Effect, which must be activated ahead of time during the Main Phase – not the Battle Phase. If Peov had done so, Maret would have had to use Breakthrough Skill earlier, and Peov could have kept his Cowboy. Not that it mattered after the next turn.)

Maret drew Rekindling! He destroyed Peov’s Fiendish Chain with Mystical Space Typhoon, then Rekindling Special Summoned Magma Cannoneer, Firedog, and 2 Handmaidens. He used Magma Cannoneer to send his in-hand Magma Cannoneer to the Graveyard, dealing 500 damage. Next, he Synchro Summoned T.G. Hyper Librarian and Lavalval Dragon. Librarian’s effect gave him a free Gold Sarcophagus. Dragon, Librarian, and Stennon attacked directly to finish the Duel right here!

Synchros still live!

Titto Maret takes a quick first Duel, using Rekindling on only his third turn! The Duelists moved to their Side Decks. Maret probably had a plan for Evilswarms, though Peov most likely hadn’t prepared specifically for Lavals. We’ll find out right now, as the second Duel begins.

Duel 2

Peov Normal Summoned Evilswarm Castor, then used it to Normal Summon Evilswarm Mandragora. He Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Ophion, and used its effect to add Infestation Pandemic to his hand. He Set four cards to his back row.

Sokchea Peov

Maret had Laval Lakeside Lady, Mystical Space Typhoon, Royal Decree, 2 Molten Conduction Fields, and Laval Volcano Handmaiden. He played Molten Conduction Field, Peov Chained Macro Cosmos, Maret Chained Mystical Space Typhoon, and Peov Chained Solemn Judgment! Macro remained on the field, and Maret’s Molten Conduction Field banished Laval Magma Cannoneer and Laval Forest Sprite from his Deck. Maret Set Decree, Molten Conduction Field, and Lakeside Lady.

Peov sent Ophion to attack, and Maret activated Royal Decree. With Macro negated now, Lakeside Lady hit the Graveyard. Peov Set a back row card.

Maret drew Pot of Duality. He played Molten Conduction Field again, and this time it successfully sent Magma Cannoneer and Handmaiden to the Graveyard. Handmaiden sent a second Handmaiden, and that sent another Lakeside Lady. Pot of Duality revealed Molten Conduction Field, Cardcar D, and Metaion, the Timelord. Hechose Metaion, and Summoned it. Metaion attacked Ophion, sending it back to the Extra Deck.

Peov passed.

Maret drew Cardcar D, and Metaion returned itself to the Deck. Maret played Cardcar D, using it to get Breakthrough Skill and Battle Fader.

Peov passed.

Maret drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set Handmaiden.

Peov played Thunderbird, destroyed Handmaiden in battle. That let Maret send Laval Cannon to the Graveyard.

Maret drew Gold Sarcophagus. He used it to banish Rekindling from his Deck, and passed.

Titto Maret

Peov  attacked with Thunderbird. Other than the earlier Solemn Judgment payment, that was the first change in Life Points for either player.

Maret drew Metaion, the Timelord again. He passed.

Thunderbird attacked once again, and Peov had no other moves.

Maret drew another Breakthrough Skill, and added Rekindling to his hand. He played it, and Special Summoned Magma Cannoneer, Lakeside Lady, and all 3 of his Handmaidens. He used Magma Cannoneer and Handmaiden to Synchro Summon T.G. Hyper Librarian, then… Normal Summoned Battle Fader! Handmaiden and Fader gave him Formula Synchron. Maret drew Cardcar D and Royal Decree with Formula and Librarian’s effects. Next, he tuned Lakeside Lady to Librarian for Stardust Dragon, then tuned Formula Synchron to Stardust Dragon for Shooting Star Dragon!

Hey, we haven't seen you in a while...

Shooting Star attacked Thunderbird, and Peov played Infestation Pandemic . That let him use Thunderbird’s effect, banishing it to save itself from battle. Shooting Star attacked directly instead. Maret Set Breakthrough Skill and Mystical Space Typhoon. In the End Phase, the remaining Handmaiden was banished due to Rekindling’s lingering effect.

Peov tuned Thunderbird to defense position, then Set a monster.

Maret drew another Metaion. He played Cardcar D, and drew Battle Fader and One Day of Peace with it.

Peov Flip Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope, then Normal Summoned Mandragora. He stacked his three monsters for Evilswarm Ouroboros! Peov sent Shooting Star away with Ouroboros’s effect, then attacked, and Maret used Battle Fader. Peov Set a back row card.

Maret drew Laval Cannon. He played it, and its effect Special Summoned the Laval Forest Sprite he’d banished earlier. He tuned them together for Lavalval Dragun. Forest Sprite’s effect increased Dragun’s ATK by 1600, and it attacked Ouroboros to end the Match!

Titto Maret is victorious with Lavals!