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Round 11: George Kyan versus Willian Fernandes

May 12th, 2013

It’s the final round of Swiss play! The results of this round will determine the standings for the Top 32. We’ve got a New York Duelist, George Kyan, versus a Florida Duelist, Willian Fernandes. Kyan is using Infernity today, a popular pick now that Lavalval Chain is here. Fernandes is packing Fire Fists, using three copies of Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Dragon, a ton of Fire Formation Continuous Traps, and Magic Planter to make use of them after they’ve done their job.

Duel 1

Kyan started with Reinforcement of the Army, adding Dark Grepher to his hand. He played it, throwing out his Summoner Monk to put Stygian Street Patrol in his Graveyard. He Set three cards to his back row, then used Street Patrol to Special Summon Infernity Archfiend from his hand. He added Infernity Launcher to his hand. He stacked Grepher and Archfiend for Lavalval Chain, and detached the Archfiend to send Infernity Necromancer to his Graveyard. He used Launcher to revive Archfiend and Necromancer, and added Infernity Barrier to his hand with Archfiend. He Set Barrier.

Fernandes started with Starlight Road, Gene-Warped Warwolf, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Fire Formation – Tensu, and Fiendish Chain. He Summoned Warwolf and lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole. Fernandes Set Tensu, Fiendish Chain, and Road.

Kyan Set the card he just drew into his back row. He activated his Lavalval Chain, Fernandes used Fiendish Chain, and Kyan Chained Infernity Break (So many chains…)! Kyan banished Infernity Launcher to destroy Fiendish Chain, and Lavalval Chain sent Infernity Archfiend to his Graveyard. Necromancer revived it, and Kyan searched out another Necromancer. He Normal Summoned that, then stacked his Archfiends for Diamond Dire Wolf! Dire Wolf used its effect on itself and Starlight Road. Necromancer revived Archfiend, which searched out Infernity Break. Kyan Set the Break, then stacked his Necromancers for Leviair the Sea Dragon. He used it to Special Summon his banished Stygian Street Patrol, and finally moved to his Battle Phase. Street Patrol, Archfiend, Leviair, and Lavalval Chain all attacked, reducing Fernandes to 1000 Life Points.

Fernandes drew another Bear. He played it, then activated Tensu. Kyan destroyed Tensu immediately with Infernity Break, and Fernandes conceded, knowing there was also still an Infernity Barrier to get through.

George Kyan

George Kyan quickly takes the first Duel thanks to the new combos Infernities gain with Lavalval Chain! “That was a nice opening.” Fernandes quipped, and Kyan smiled.

Duel 2

Fernandes started this time with Heavy Storm, Maxx “C”, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Dragon, Fire Formation – Tenki, and Fiendish Chain. He played Dragon and Tenki. That put Bear in his hand, and Fire Formation – Tenken face-down on the field. He Set Fiendish Chain.

Kyan used Upstart Goblin, increasing Fernandes’s Life Points for a new card. He Normal Summoned Archfiend, then played Instant Fusion! Fernandes Chained Maxx “C”. When Kyan Fusion Summoned Darkflare Dragon, Fernandes got another Dragon. Kyan stacked Darkflare and Archfiend for Lavalval Chain, giving Fernandes Solemn Judgment. Lavalval Chain sent Infernity Necromancer to the Graveyard, then Kyan Set three back row cards. He activated the last card in his hand, Infernity Launcher! He revived Archfiend and Necromancer, and Fernandes got Monster Reborn. Fernandes negated Archfiend with Fiendish Chain, and Kyan had no further moves.

Fernandes drew Solemn Warning. He tried to us Heavy Storm, but Kyan’s Infernity Barrier negated it. He Normal Summoned Bear next, and Kyan negated its Summon with Solemn Judgment! Fernandes pushed on, with Monster Reborn to revive Bear. Kyan used Infernity Break, and Fernandes protected it with Tenken. That triggered Dragon, and it Set Fire Formation – Tensen on the field. Fernandes Xyz Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King, which Set Tensu on the field. He activated it, then used Tiger King’s effect. With his extra Normal Summon, he played Dragon, sending Tensu and Tenki to the Graveyard to revive Bear. Bear destroyed Archfiend in battle, and Set Tenki on the field. Tiger King took out Necromancer, and Dragon destroyed Lavalval Chain. In Main Phase 2 he used Tenki, triggering Dragon. He searched out Gorilla, then Set Tensen on the field. He Set Solemn Judgment to finish.

Kyan, with no cards left, simply looked at his next draw and conceded!

Willian Fernandes

Willian Fernandes evens the score! Will he be able to win one more, or will Kyan’s Infernities overpower him?

Duel 3

Kyan started off with a Set monster and three back row cards.

Fernandes had Fiendish Chain, Rescue Rabbit, Bear, Tenki, Maxx “C”, and Monster Reborn. He activated Tenki to get a Bear, and Kyan used Drastic Drop Off, and Fernandes shot back with Monster Reborn to revive Bear! It used its effect with Tenki to destroy Kyan’s Street Patrol, then attacked directly. Its effect Set Tenki on the field, and Fernandes Set Fiendish Chain to finish.

Kyan Normal Summoned Infernity Necromancer. Next, he used Foolish Burial to put Infernity Archfiend in his Graveyard. He banished Street Patrol for its effect, and Fernandes Chained Maxx “C”. Street Patrol Special Summoned the Necromancer from Kyan’s hand, and Fernandes drew Tenken with Maxx “C”. Kyan passed.

Fernandes drew his second Rescue Rabbit. He played Tenki to search out Dragon. Bear used its effect with Tenki to destroy a Necromancer, then Fernandes played a Rabbit. Kyan banished Necromancer with Infernity Break to destroy the Rabbit, and Fernandes Set Tenken.

Kyan Normal Summoned Street Patrol. He used Necromancer’s effect, but Fernandes held it down with Fiendish Chain. Before the end of Main Phase 1, Fernandes played Tenken to keep his Bear safe from Street Patrol.

Fernandes drew Call of the Haunted. He used Tenken with Bear to destroy Necromancer, then played his second Rabbit! He banished it for two Gene-Warped Warwolves. A Warwolf destroyed Street Patrol, then the other Warwolf and Bear hit directly. Bear’s effect put Tensu face-down on the field. He played it in Main Phase 2, then stacked his Warwolves for Diamond Dire Wolf! He had it destroy itself and Kyan’s last card: Chain Whirlwind. With his extra Normal Summon, he played Dragon. He Xyz Summoned Tiger King, which Set Tenken.

Kyan drew and played Upstart Goblin, then Set a monster.

Fernandes drew Tenki! He played it for another Dragon. He Summoned it, then used Tenken. Thanks to Dragon’s effect, he was able to revive Bear, clear away Kyan’s Summoner Monk, and take the Match!

Willian Fernandes is your winner, with Fire Fists!